IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2006-11-03

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jfrochejinty: the new plone website is in /var/local/zope/instance287-prod12:41
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jfrochehave no right to change rewrite rules so i ll send you a mail when i am ready12:42
jintyjfroche: ok, cool12:42
jintyI'll also set up initscripts, log rotation, automatic packing (please make a user zodbpacker) and backups12:43
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jfrochell send all info by email12:45
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th1ajinty:  I suppose I should make the content changes before we put the new site online.17:13
jintyth1a: I havn't got an e-mail from jfroche yet. But I'll check with you before I make the site live.17:32
th1ajinty: OK.17:49
sili_wrong window.18:36
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dwelshsrichter: stephan, u here?19:19
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srichterdwelsh: yep19:23
dwelshwe need you to resend your invoice from the Arlington Sprint19:36
dwelshshe's waiting for it19:36
dwelshproblem was, she never got the first one19:36
dwelshdid you send to her originally"19:37
srichterI dunno19:37
dwelshOK.  well, getting invoice to her will unstick process19:37
dwelshthe money is there19:37
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srichterdwelsh: sent19:39
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