IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2006-10-28

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VladDracis it possible to automatically authenticate when requesting a schoolbell ical? I.e. with some sort of __ac_username construct?14:48
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Hubblejust read today of your great project19:53
Hubblei'm a 11-grade-student from germany and would like to use your tool on a gentoo-laptop19:53
Hubbleare there any ebuilds avaible?19:53
ignasprobably not20:17
Hubblewell, I just build it from the source 5mins ago20:21
Hubblebut yet it isn't wokring... problem of my pc; at the moment, it doesn't reply to ping localhost20:22
ignasyou should look at your /etc/hosts20:24
ignasmine has a line localhost.localdomain localhost in it20:25
ignasthat makes localhost resolve to
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Hubblehow can i create a new user-account in20:35
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