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sky123hi guys...just setup an edubuntu server and saw it had schooltool on it...i was wondering whether there is a good how to set it up or trouble figuring out what might even be the default login or pass.. for administration...can someone help out??09:04
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ignasjinty: ayt?13:23
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jintyignas: yeah, but very busy at the moment13:41
ignasjinty: tell me when you'll be available13:53
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jintyignas: I've got some space now. Sorry, but we're doing a very delicate migration at work.15:28
jintyso what can i do you for?15:28
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ignasjinty: how are you building tarballs ?15:34
ignas'ClientForm' is an invalid distribution component: all components must either be a Python package or provide a SETUP.cfg file15:34
ignasi am getting this error :/15:34
jintyyou are using ?15:35
ignaswhile doing this:15:35
ignasPYTHONPATH=/home/ignas/src/schooltool/Zope3/src/ ./ schooltool-lyceum 0.15:35
ignasnot 0.15:35
ignaswell release-asssistant is not giving me the error15:35
jintyits' zpkg15:35
ignasso I did the step: zpkg -v 0.1 -C releases/SchoolTool.cfg manually15:36
jintyyou are building from the zope trunk?15:36
ignasi guess15:36
jintyin which case you are hit by the change of clientform from a .py file to ClientForm/__init__.py15:36
jintyhmm, ok, let me try building a nightly tarball15:37
jinty(btw, feel free to commit your release-assistent config)15:38
povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 6443:15:41
povbot/svn/commits: Add lyceum branch as a collection.15:41
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jintyignas: seems to be working for me15:54
ignaszpkg --version15:55
ignaszpkg 0.115:55
ignasthe dapper one15:55
jintysvn info ~/src/zpkgtools/15:56
jintyRevision: 6700015:56
jintythey made some changes after 1.0 that they convieniently forgot to release15:56
jintythe package is of the last released version, but doesn't get you very far with Zope.15:57
jintyI've actually asked for the removal of zpkg from debian.15:57
ignassvn info url for the zpkgtools thingie please ;)15:57
ignasthank you16:00
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* th1a shuffles some papers around...16:29
th1aHi ignas, jfroche.16:30
th1aHi jinty.16:30
jintyhey th1a16:30
jfrocheth1a Ignas jinty hello16:30
jfrocheth1a happy to see you16:30
th1aHave I been gone?16:31
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th1aI did forget to log back in over the weekend.16:31
jfrocheno no16:31
jfrochei am happy to see you cause i v news16:31
jfrochesince this morning16:31
th1aAh, excellent.16:31
jfrocheuhm not that excellent in fact16:32
jfrochei was supposed today to bring my server16:32
th1aNo excellent.16:32
ignasjfroche: what does "i v" mean ?16:32
jfrochei have16:32
jfrochei got an email this morning16:32
jfrochein fact Denis wrote it yestarday at 3am local time...16:33
th1aThe Lithuanians will intimidate you with their command of English grammar.16:33
jfrochesaying that i can't go in the school until i get the official authorisation16:33
th1aHm.  OK.16:33
jfrochei am really unhappy about this16:33
jfrochecause i began to met teacher16:33
th1aIt isn't that surprising.16:34
jfrocheand they were entousiastic to see my working for them for a new tool16:34
jfrocheand now the headmaster of the school is afraid to get into trouble16:34
jfrochebut i dont do anything bad16:34
th1aIt happens.16:34
th1aYes, I understand.16:34
jfrocheso i try to reach Nicolas16:34
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jfrochecause i would like to see with his school if i ll get the same problems16:35
jfrochebut he seems to not be available for the moment16:35
jfrocheat least until tomorrow16:35
th1aI got an email from Denis yesterday, which I'll respond to shortly.16:35
jfrocheso Denis and Nicolas proposition is that i work on one of Denis server16:36
jfrocheinstall a schooltool there16:36
jfrocheand begin to play with it16:36
th1aLa Futaie seemed more independent.16:36
th1aThere are plenty of bugs to fix, etc.16:36
th1aWhere are we in the bug migration?16:36
jfrocheneed to output xml yet16:37
jfrocheworking on it today16:37
jfrochesomething about Denis and Nicolas (and i prefer you not to repeat that to them, it's my feeling)16:37
th1aThis isn't exactly a private forum.16:37
jfrochei tell my feeling16:38
jfrochei v the feeling that sometimes there is a bit of competition16:38
th1a... ?16:41
algaiv = initialization vector?16:42
th1aCompetitiveness between the two of them?16:43
mgedminalga: intra-venal, more likely16:43
th1aOh, ok.  Moved that off channel.16:44
th1aGetting back on track...16:44
th1aSo when should the bugs be migrated?16:45
jfrochetomorrow i ll v the xml output to present to James Henstridge16:46
jfrocheneed to get his feedback on it16:46
jfrochethen i ll work with the Plone dev instance16:46
th1aOK.  Once you make the initial changes you feel are necessary on that, we should have a chat specifically about
th1aThe first priorities are just bringing everything up to date and making the front page translatable.16:48
jfrochell make the modif on the dev and as soon as you think its ok for these two i set it back to the main instance16:50
th1aOK.  We'll need to have a longer chat about what else needs to be done.  I don't feel certain enough about it to just email out a long list of things.16:51
jfrochell use the bugtracker for this no ?16:51
th1aThat seems fine.16:52
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th1aOK, so for jfroche the goals are still:16:53
th1a*) hopefully get a final answer from Vauban;16:53
th1a*) migrate bugs;16:53
th1a*) update
jfrocheDenis on the phone16:54
th1aSay "hi" for me.16:54
th1aOK, ignas, what have you been up to?16:55
ignasi showed the contract to Skūpas16:55
ignasand he should show it to the principal today or tomorow16:56
ignas(the translation)16:56
ignastalked to Skūpas about getting schooltool used by more teacher16:56
ignasand now i have a list of features that would be very nice to have before showing schooltool to others16:57
ignaswith items like "hide parts that are not useful"16:57
th1aAh, that's good.16:57
ignasand similar16:57
th1aCan you send me a copy of that list?16:57
ignashis idea is to show schooltool as maximally useful while being as not scary as possible16:57
th1aThat's sound reasoning.16:57
ignasi can try that, i don't have an English version16:58
ignasbut I can work on one16:58
ignashe wants ability to edit timetable events as if they were real very much16:58
th1aOh, crap.16:59
ignasas that would allow teachers to use these events for something16:59
ignasand i think that making them autogenerated might have been a mistake ...16:59
ignasautogenerated all the time i mean16:59
th1aSo we should just start over ;-)16:59
ignaswell, i'll think some way to do what is needed17:00
* mgedmin wants to quote that out of context17:00
mgedmin"schooltool III: the ruby-on-rails remake"17:00
th1aActually, I'm up for brutal refactorings at this point, if they make things simpler.17:00
th1aWhat do you mean by autogenerated in this case?17:01
ignaswell, they are not persistent17:02
ignasevery time someone asks for his timetable for this week17:02
ignasthe timetable is generated by using section/school-timetable/term data17:02
th1aI guess we should look specifically at the use cases he's interested in.17:05
ignasi know17:05
ignasi have a couple of alternative solutions17:05
ignasone more thing was the sort order for all the lists that are displaying Students17:06
th1aBecause it is really a entirely different way of modeling the problem.17:06
ignasand he wants to have a way of filtering students by group17:07
ignasin membership editing views17:07
ignastwo students with same name and surname became a real problem now17:07
ignasnot just a hypothetical one ;)17:07
ignasthe way demographics made sorting issue more difficult than it should have been17:08
th1aHm... perhaps I'm responsible for that.17:09
th1aWhat about it is problematic?17:09
ignaswell we can sort by top level attributes like title through TAL17:09
ignasbut name and surname are Person.nameinfo.name17:10
ignasas we still have title and all lists are displaying title (and title duplicates the information stored in name and surname attributes)17:10
ignasit get's kind of nasty :/17:10
ignasmaybe we should have allowed faassen to more heavily modify Person class17:11
ignasas both demographics and current person do not live nicely together17:11
th1aignas & jfroche:  One goal of the reorganization here is that I want it to be clear that you two are now responsible for SchoolTool, code-wise.17:12
th1aSo I want you to feel empowered to fix things that need to be fixed.17:12
th1aWithout going on long unnecessary refactorings, that is ;-)17:13
ignasi have this small motivational fact - everything that will get done wrong will be haunting me for at least a year ;) so i will surely fix everything that get's in my way of working efficiently17:13
th1aYes, indeed.17:13
th1aWhat's the status of the UI contract?17:14
ignasmoving very slowly at the moment, vidasp was not in the office Friday and today so i don't know the exact status :/17:15
th1aI'd like to resolve that soon.17:17
th1aI think a translation of your list of ideas from Skūpas would be helpful.17:17
ignasi'll try to come up with a "calendar" estimate as soon as i'll meet with vidas17:18
ignasand will translate the list when I'll put all the tasks into one place17:18
th1ajinty:  I assume you're getting these new warnings from the server?17:20
th1aIs that something new?17:20
jintyth1a: yeah, I've installed it on my other servers to know earlier about problems. Should have let you known. anyway I'll quiten it down over the next few days.17:21
th1aNo problem.17:22
jintyIt's better than me trying to remember to read the logs regularly17:22
th1aAnything else on anyone's mind?17:22
th1aI started working on a SchoolTool component to do some of the assessments here, but thus far it is still mostly boilerplate.17:23
ignaswell, i am very happy with the teacher lyceum gave me ;)17:23
ignasbeing a bit of a programmer, he know how to use issue trackers, and has some very good ideas17:24
th1aignas:  That's good.17:25
th1aOK then.  Everyone have a great week!17:26
* th1a bangs the bag of gravel.17:26
ignasjinty: how does one test/install the tarball?17:26
jintyignas: there should be rules in the config for doing that17:27
jintythe nightly tarball is fully tested on build17:27
ignaswhat about installation into a custom location17:28
ignasi would like to use release-assistant to have reproducible deployment environment17:29
ignaspossibly even automated17:29
ignasso i could just build a tarball on my computer and run some magic script that would backup the old version, and deploy the new one17:30
ignason the server17:30
jintyignas: I would use release-assistent to build the tarball in a specific location.17:34
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jintythen use a different script to unpack the tarball in the right location taking care of the backups and such17:35
ignasthat was the idea17:35
jintythe schooltool-nightly nightly collection installs the tarball directly onto the ftp site17:36
jintylook at the targetdir config parameter17:36
jintyit will refuse to overwrite an already existing tarball, so you might need overwrite true17:37
jintythe targetdir command could be extended to be a url. for example scp://productionserver/tarball-archive/17:38
ignashmm, well, as i need a backup anyway i think having a simple path will be enough17:41
ignasjinty: it seems that zc packages are not packaged in the tarball18:19
jintynope, there are debian packages for those18:31
jintylook in the repository on the schooltool ftp18:31
jintyignas: I wrote some messages to -dev a while back showing where they were18:37
ignasjinty: ouch, the packages in there are for edgy18:48
jintyignas: you need them for dapper?18:49
ignasis there a way to make zpkg pack zc packages too?18:49
ignasyes the server running lyceum instance is running dapper18:49
jintyhmm, dapper was before the great python transition and new policy. no luck18:50
ignasi would probably like packaging zc stuff myself18:50
ignasas lyceums schooltool is kind of a bleeding edge18:50
jintyI would install the raw eggs into the python path of the user running schooltool18:50
ignasmakes sense18:51
jintyor you could make pre-transition packages, but that's probably more work18:51
ignashow does one make pre-transition packages? (i want to have deployment environment as close to the development environment as possible)18:52
Lumieremorning all...18:55
jintyignas: I think we don't really want to get into that now, but you could download most pre-transition simple python module packages and use them.18:55
ignasi see18:55
ignasi guess eggs in pythonpath is the easiest way then ...18:56
ignasjinty: thanks for your help and support18:56
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jintyignas: thanks, good to see my work being used actually19:04
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sky123_hi guys...Im looking at schooltool as strong contender to be used for a school. How far is the "grading" component and also the integration with cando??22:31
Lumiereright now cando is almost over-integrated... cando is running on a branch of schooltool... so I am guessing there are some improvements to schooltool that aren't in cando 200622:39
Lumiereif you install the cando-06 package (by directions from
Lumiereyou do get what seems to be a working schooltool install22:39
th1aBasically, the developer working on the core gradebook component for SchoolTool left us at a crucial time this spring,22:40
th1aand it hasn't been completed.22:40
Lumierehi tom ^^22:40
th1aHi Lumiere.22:40
th1aSo you can do competency tracking, but not a regular gradebook, unfortunately.22:40
LumiereI'm about to go test the latest svn cando 0622:41
Lumiereso we can say that the package is ready to push22:41
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Lumiereum... is something up with the schooltool svn?23:28
LumiereI'm trying to check out the schooltool branch connected to cando... and it's frozen at tests/test_pdfcal.py23:29
Lumiere(or is there a huge file I am waiting for?)23:29
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Lumiereth1a, jinty?23:36
th1aYour checkout crapped out?23:36
Lumierecando itself was fine23:37
th1aDid you try to start it over again?23:37
Lumierefailed in the same place23:37
Lumiereor near the same place23:38
Lumierefirst time after test_overlay23:38
Lumieresecond time after test_pdfcal23:38
th1aI don't think it is a NEW problem.23:39
Lumiereso I should just keep trying?23:39
LumiereI also can't ctrl-c it23:40
LumiereI have to stop make with ctrl-z and kill it manually23:40
th1aIt takes a while to back out.  For better or worse, it usually works eventually.  The weird thing is that I never have this problem up here in Providence.23:41
Lumierekilling it manually failed23:41
Lumieremmm defunct processes now -_-23:41
th1aWe'll move it nearer to you soon.23:41
Lumierewhere is it atm?23:42
th1aIt is still in Lithuania.23:42
Lumierethat's a long hop23:42
Lumiereany chance of getting a mirror?23:43
th1aWe've been meaning to just move the whole thing to the server.23:44
Lumierefroze on test_skin this time23:44
Lumiereit's almost like I hit a range of bits23:45
Lumiereand it says "he's had enough"23:45
Lumiereand cuts me off QoS style23:45
th1aI don't think that's actually what's happening.23:46
Lumiereyea... just feels that way23:46
th1aOK, I need to go get some food... good luck.23:51
Lumierewhat is really interesting is23:53
Lumierecando checkout works fine23:53
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jintyLumiere: I'm here now23:54
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jintyth1a: I'll probably be able to move the repository sometime next month23:55
Lumierejust on the repository stuff23:55
LumiereI can get cando to checkout23:55
Lumierebut not the schooltool branch23:56

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