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povbot/svn/commits: * jfroche committed revision 6436:03:09
povbot/svn/commits: first import of a small module that will do the Roundup export to Malone03:09
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th1ahi jfroche17:15
ignasth1a: i got a couple of questions about the agreement for lyceum ...17:16
ignas"A database to track school-wide, standardized and external assessment data." - what exactly is this ? what is the standardized and external assessment data ?17:17
th1aSorry, that was a bit tricky to describe.17:18
th1aThat's simply if there are exams that occur outside the scope of a section or course.17:18
th1aIf the state requires an exam, for example.17:18
th1aThis may not be an issue for them.17:18
jfrochehello hello17:18
th1ajfroche: Hi.17:19
ignasth1a: so that means a way to track national exams and similar stuff17:19
th1aignas: It is a simple database.17:19
th1aignas: Yes.17:19
ignas"Calendaring/scheduling/resource management, based on the existing and SchoolTool Calendaring functionality."17:20
th1aYou could do it on a spreadsheet.17:20
th1a(tracking national exams, etc)17:20
ignaswell, i would like to see how are they doing that now17:20
th1aI guess there shouldn't be an "and" between existing and SchoolTool.17:21
ignasexisting "SchoolTool Calendaring" functionality - this term was not defined in the agreement, i don't think they know whole schoolbell -> schooltool calendaring story17:21
th1aWell, I suppose the reference to existing functionality could be struck.17:22
th1aIt is implied everywhere else that we're using SchoolTool; making it explicit in one particular place isn't really helpful.17:22
ignasbut why the distinction between existing and ST cal ?17:23
ignasi mean aren't these two the same ?17:23
th1aThat "and" is just a typo.17:24
ignasoh, i see17:24
th1aIt should be "existing SchoolTool functionality."17:24
ignasmakes it a lot clearer17:24
th1aSorry about that.17:24
ignasjfroche: th1a is yours now ;)17:25
jfrochethanks :)17:25
ignasi will talk to lyceum tomorow17:25
jfrochewent to Vauban today17:25
jfrochei am by Denis for the moment17:25
jfrochewas interesting17:25
jfrochev a meeting with the secretary17:25
jfrochetook doc about their actual system17:26
th1aHow did it look to you?17:26
jfrochenot that big17:27
jfrochebut haven't looked closer neither, we just spoke about it17:27
th1aIs it web-based?17:27
jfrocheso i ll encode new points with this secretary17:28
jfrochein the new version yes17:28
jfrochebut don't think they have it yet17:28
jfrochewe looked at a place in the school were i could setup17:28
jfrochemy stuff17:28
jfrochewith a connection17:28
jfrochei meet the teacher who is working on school computers tomorrow morning17:29
jfrochehe might help me to setup17:29
jfrochedon't have yet the authorisation to import the data17:30
jfrochebut can have a look at them and see how they use it17:30
jfroche(i also copied with Denis few promotional pages they recieve from the society which has created the actual system)17:30
th1aOK.  Importing real data doesn't need to be a bottleneck.  You can fake it for a while.17:31
jfrochethats my plan, not being blocked by administrative17:31
th1aBuild up trust.17:31
jfrochethe school master is ok with this17:31
jfrochepeople are welcoming and Denis did a good job explaining them what i was about to do and why17:32
th1aSomeone at the door... brb...17:32
th1aOK, back.  We're having a new bathroom put in and I had to discuss the plans with the contractor.17:44
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th1ajfroche: I'm back.17:51
th1aHaving someone like Denis to introduce you is key.17:51
jfrocheignas: thanks a lot for the reviewing !18:10
ignasnot a problem, just that i am not very skilled at it :/18:11
jfrocheno it's really interesting for me18:11
ignaswhere did you get the idea of using setters getters for every attribute ?18:11
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jfrochev 2 leave, see you soon18:15
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dwelshjinty:  you there?18:21
dwelshth1a:  there?18:31
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jstraw*resets kill timer on this nick*18:31
jintydwelsh: now, yes18:35
dwelshyou took a stab at CanDo05 pkg. on dapper?18:36
dwelshwe're testing now...18:37
jstrawI'm running a dist-upgrade on it18:37
dwelshwill let you know18:37
dwelshmay be worth a little more time... but not a lot18:37
jintyok, please send specific errors if there are any18:40
jstrawwill do18:40
th1adwelsh: Out of the shower.18:40
jstrawhe just stepped out... he was going to ask if you could let me edit the cando documentation18:40
th1aGive you permission on the site, you mean?18:41
jstrawI can grab him if need be18:41
jstrawhe stepped across into a classroom to introduce cando to some unsuspecting victims ^^18:42
th1aNot necessary.  Are you jstraw on Plone?18:42
jstrawI'm going to edit the install documentation for cando-0618:43
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th1ajstraw: OK, you should be added.18:46
jstrawthank yo18:46
jstrawjinty: where do you want the traceback?18:57
jstrawemail? some irc pastebot?18:58
jinty ?18:58
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jintyjstraw: ok, i'll go hunting this later tonight.19:13
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