IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2006-10-16

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Javier_Electricois there anybody outhere?05:34
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ashikhi everybody08:25
ashikneed some help08:25
ashikhow to get a checkout of the schooltool repository?08:40
toxygensvn up08:41
toxygenwill update your current version to svn08:42
ashikthank you08:42
ashikwell nothing happened there,08:45
ashikonly "At revision 6427" message occurred08:45
ashikwhat next sir?08:47
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toxygenyou have up to date version :)08:49
ashiki think that command is only for updating the svn08:51
ashikAnd I need to checkout the repository08:51
ashikso how to do this?08:51
ashikfor check out we need a source target. what is the source location then08:55
toxygensvn checkout
ashikthis is the same location i checked out during installation08:56
toxygenthen i can't help you sir08:56
ashikI mean to say that I have already installed schooltool. I did it by same command you mentioned above. But for that we do not need to check out at location ~/src/schooltool09:00
ashiknow I am looking for translating schooltool09:02
ashikand i need your help09:02
ashikok another question?09:02
ashikI need to translate schooltool in Nepali.09:03
ashikFor that we use unicode value09:04
ashikWhere do I need this unicode value?09:04
ashikmsgmerge: internationalized messages should not contain the `\r' escape sequence09:34
ashikwhat this message mean?09:34
toxygenwish I could help you10:03
toxygenmaybe you need to wait for some developers to wake up10:03
toxygenif you wait few hours...10:03
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ashikok sir10:09
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povbot/svn/commits: * vidas committed revision 6428:13:47
povbot/svn/commits: Security policy fix: instructors can see groups they teach to.13:47
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ignasth1a: ayt ?18:02
ignasjfroche: hi18:22
jfrochehello ignas18:23
ignasjfroche: do you have the xml format ?18:23
th1aignas: Hi.18:23
jfrochejust got it this afternoon18:23
jfrochewill be able to work on this tomorrow18:23
ignasth1a: what about IRC meeting wasn't it transfered to mondays ?18:23
ignasjfroche: can you just send it to me ?18:23
ignasand find out the numbers of issues you need ?18:23
th1aI didn't think we'd actually agreed on that.18:24
th1aBut I'd like to do it.18:24
th1aDoes it work for you and jfroche?18:24
jfrocheignas: i can forward you the mail18:24
jfrochebut i really would like to continue the job on it18:24
jfrocheare you working on it ?18:24
ignasas vidas modified the index view of the roundup instance to do the job18:24
ignaswell it is much faster to do it on roundup side18:24
jfrochemonday are good for me as well18:25
ignasnot with an indermediate Zope3 applicatrion18:25
jfrocheright i dropped it18:25
th1aOK, so next week we switch to Monday 1330.18:25
jfrochei just fetch the info from python18:25
th1ajfroche is just itching for some Zope 3 hacking!18:25
th1aHe can't stop himself!18:25
th1aDon't worry, we've got plenty more where that came from.18:26
ignashe should do more reading of schooltool code first ;)18:26
ignasbtw, what are we going to do with all the user information18:28
th1aignas:  Where should jfroche park his coding on the Plone site?18:28
ignashe can just put it in schooltool repository18:29
jfrochemail about xml forwarded18:29
ignasapparently it won't make the migration to bzr any more difficult as one can just filter the svn dump file to skip all the irrelevant things18:29
jfrocheth1a: what about tomorrow evening or wednesday evening to work on the issue to keep on roundup ?18:30
th1aLet's do tomorrow (evening your time).18:30
jfrocheok same time tomorrow18:31
th1aWell, after the meeting.18:31
jfrocheperfect for me18:31
jfrocheignas: do you go want me to go on or stop with the xml ?18:31
ignashow much time will it take for you to finish the export ?18:31
jfrochejust fetching the info in pure python18:32
jfrochereally hacky18:32
jfrochebut it's working18:32
jfrochejust have to write it to xml18:32
jfrochebut at the same time i v to work on the website18:32
jfrocheso if you have time18:32
ignasany ideas of what to do with users then?18:33
ignaswe can all go and create users in launchpad for ourselves18:33
* jinty notes that a migration to bzr will break all build scripts as well as zpkg18:33
ignasand map our roundup users with our launchpad users18:33
jfrocheJames spoke about it in the mail18:34
th1ajinty: There is no rush to bzr, if it is going to break many things.18:34
jfrocheignas: an email address for each user related to the imported bugs18:34
jfroche(reporter, assignee, comenter, subscriber).  If the email address is18:34
jfrochealready registered with Launchpad, then the bug will be associated18:34
jfrochewith the existing person.  If the email address isn't registered then18:34
jfrochea new person is created (they will receive no email from that account18:34
jfrocheuntil they activate it though).  Having a display name would be useful18:34
ignasjust saw that18:35
jintyth1a: Just whover pushes the move should be prepared to fix those things as well18:35
ignasjinty: i see18:35
th1ajinty:  It is really just something to do to potentially make Mark happy, so not worth breaking things.18:36
jintybecause I don't have time right now, and in theory we would like to release in the near future.18:36
ignassvn is becomming a bit difficult for me to handle when i have an new-UI snapshot, lyceum-devel snapshot, lyceum-deployed snapshot, and schooltool-trunk18:36
ignasso it is not just for mark, i think bzr might help a bit for me myself18:37
th1aOr, perhaps to make ignas happier.18:37
jintywe should move the trunk to using eggs first18:37
th1aAnyway, I'm trying not to make these kind of decisions anymore, especially for vague political reasons.18:37
* jinty adopts a new slogan "first eggs, then bzr"18:38
ignasjinty: why so ?18:38
jintybecause eggs replace zpkg and zpkg doesn't work with bzr18:38
jintyit saves a whole lot of work18:39
jintythe release scripts can be adapted more easily I think18:39
ignasit will make me have egg_count*4 different branches/repositories not just 4 different branches/repositories, but i can wait for eggs18:40
* ignas sincerely hates eggs though18:40
jintybut the whole thing should just happen after the next release.18:40
th1aI hate being half-egged.18:40
jintywe've gotta wait for zope mainline on that one.18:40
th1a100% eggs hopefully will be nice (yeah, waiting for Zope...).18:41
jinty(me should draw a dependency tree of things that need to happen)18:41
ignasjinty: what if i would switch to bzr after the release, but before eggs ? or do the egg/bzr thing at the same time (we will need a new layout for the repository if we will be using eggs won't we?)18:42
jintyer, I don't think we need a new repository layout unless we decide to do the schooltool as a namespace package thing.18:43
ignasdidn't think about schooltool as 1 egg way18:44
jintywe can do the eggs/bzr thing at the same time, not an issue. but it will break our ability to release until we can fix the release scripts.18:44
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jintyit's much simpler and easier to manage as one egg18:44
Lumieremorning all18:44
jintyDo we really need a schooltool namespace package?18:45
ignasjinty: you mean ?18:45
th1aIt might be a long time before there is a SchoolTool release.18:45
jintywell, zope is doing it becasue it wants each package as a separate project so that they can be managed and released independently.18:46
jintyI don't think schooltool is big enough or has enough developers to need that kind of scalability yet.18:46
ignasjinty: when are we planing our next 2 releases ?18:47
jintyignas: I can release at any time if the nightly tarballs are building, just waiting for the word from th1a18:48
ignasoh, i see18:48
ignasas we will probably have 3 different ways to "release" schooltool, on for you, one for lyceum, and whatever jfroche will be using18:49
th1aWell, I guess we do have to make some decision about edgy, which I've been avoiding thinking about.18:49
th1anot edgy.18:50
jintyignas: you could use the build scripts and configure them for a different branch.18:50
th1aNo, edgy.  I'm getting nicknames mixed up.18:50
jintyth1a: yeah, it's almost now or never for edgy18:51
ignasjinty: is the release procedure described anywhere on the web?18:51
th1aI'm not sure a "new" release is desirable or necessary.18:51
th1aFor edgy, that is.18:51
jintyyeah, there were some mails on schooltool-dev about it18:52
jintyth1a: It's just a pity that the old release is so out of date.18:52
* jinty thinks that we should at least be producing something.18:53
Lumierewe're finding the branch that cando's using pretty stable18:53
Lumierefor people who don't know me... I'm Jason Straw... doing infrastructure at the Arlington Career Center18:54
Lumieretesting the cando packages and maintaining all the cando-06 servers here18:54
th1ajinty:  Yes, that's true.  It is *really* old.18:55
th1ajinty:  Would you be able to package a release?18:55
th1aIt is pretty much your call.18:55
jfrochehave to leave, cu tom *18:55
th1aBye jfroche.18:55
jintyignas: it goes kinda like this: run to make a tag then run to make a release.18:58
jintyall from here
jintyth1a: yeah, I would be able to package a release18:58
ignaswhat will it generate a tarball, a tarball with zope3, a tarball with zope3 and zc eggs?18:59
jintyas far as I remember, all the preparatory work is done18:59
th1aOK, I guess we should do that then.18:59
th1aExhibit some signs of life.18:59
jintyignas: it will generate a full tarball+zope3 and a minimal tarball without zope319:00
th1aignas:  Did you get that Data.fs I sent out with a timezone/timetable bug last week?19:00
ignasth1a: no, not really19:00
jintyignas: for eggs you are on your own, but you can use the python-zc.* packages I built (but only on edgy or unstable)19:00
ignasjinty: i see19:01
th1aignas:  That's blocking my work here... we're going to do some resource scheduling with SchoolTool and the timetable is shifted off by 5 hours.19:01
th1aWhich is kind of a problem.19:01
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jintyth1a: So, I'll release a beta very soon, then we wait a week and release the trunk.19:01
ignasth1a: you sent it to issue tracker or my email?19:02
jinty(or maybe more than a week)19:02
th1aI think I sent it to the dev list?19:02
ignasth1a: what's the subject as i can't find the email19:03
th1aAh, well, apparently I never sent it, which would explain your lack of a reply.19:03
* th1a sighs.19:03
th1aOK.  Sent.19:04
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ignasth1a: the Data.fs is for schooltool trunk or some release ?19:09
ignaswhat is the default timezone for the schoolt ?19:09
ignasin school preferences19:09
ignasand did you first create timetable schema or set the timezone ?19:10
th1aAh, that might be the problem.19:10
ignasif you look at timetable schemas19:10
ignasif you can see a timezone displayed on the schema19:10
ignasthen - you did it the wrong way and ttschemas have their timezones set to UTC19:10
th1aSo you have to set the timezone first, right?  Makes sense.19:11
ignaswe even had that in documentation i think19:12
th1aI think that's what happened.19:12
th1aWell, ultimately we still need to kick people into a setup routine when they login to SchoolTool for the first time.19:12
Lumierejinty: in the latest install of the cando-06 package... the package didn't require the PIL module19:13
Lumiereand failed on install because of it19:14
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jintyLumiere: right, i'll get that fixed. the right depends is python2.4-pil?19:14
Lumierealso python2.4-reportlab is needed for PDF creation (but it isn't a crash if it isn't there)19:16
jintyok, I'll depend on both of them. the post python transition packages also provide them, so we should hopefully be fine in future as well.19:18
LumiereI'm so far behind on some of these transitions...19:19
Lumieredwelsh wants to let you know that there is 1 new bugfix from pcardune in svn and 3 more coming from Eldar fairly shortly19:21
jintyif we were making a post python transition package we would need to depend just on python-imaging. but cando-06 is a hackish attempt at a transition spanning package.19:21
jintythanks, then you mind if I hold on a new package till I get those bugfixes19:21
Lumierenot at all19:22
jintyok, committed to svn, thanks19:23
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