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ashikAsking for help regarding Translation10:34
ashikPlease help me10:34
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ashikAsking for help regarding Translation12:16
ashikPlease help me12:16
ignastrunk or release version ?12:19
ashikwhat does that mean?12:22
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ashikI have already installed schooltool on ubuntu12:23
ashikand seeking for its translation12:23
ignasdid you use svn to do that12:25
ignasor synaptic/apt ?12:25
ashikyes sir12:27
ashiki did it through svn12:27
ignasand if you do "svn up" in the schooltool directory it says what ?12:27
ignasas jinty has updated some translation stuff very reccently12:27
ashiki have not tried any thing regarding translation with svn12:29
ashikok, what is the command..?12:29
ignas"svn up"  - it is not translation related12:29
ignasit just updates your schooltool12:30
ignasas translation could not actually work before, because one line in the makefile was missing12:30
ignassorry, but i have to go to a shop now, I hope i'll be back in an hour or so12:31
ashikU    src/schooltool/app/browser/ftests/composite-timetables.txt12:32
ashikU    src/schooltool/app/browser/ftests/cal.txt12:32
ashikU    src/schooltool/app/rest/ftests/timetabling.txt12:32
ashikU    src/schooltool/demographics/interfaces.py12:32
ashikU    src/schooltool/demographics/person.py12:32
ashikU    Makefile12:32
ashikUpdated to revision 6427.12:32
ashikplease i need your help12:32
ashikcome soon12:32
ashiknow what should i do?12:32
ashikwhat should be my next step?12:32
ashikare you there?12:35
ashikone more thing12:35
ashiki lost my file from folder LC_MESSAGE12:35
ashikis it important? how can i get it back?12:35
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ashikHi jinty,13:06
ashikYou retrieved translation file recently13:06
ashikPlease help me too13:06
ignasi'm back now13:11
ashikthank you13:12
ashikwhat should i do now13:12
ignasso you want to translate your schooltool or use translations made by someone else ?13:12
ashiki have already translated the file13:13
ignaswhich file ?13:13
ignasthere is a schooltool.pot too iirc13:13
ignasmake extract-translation should create both of them13:13
ashikI first translated schooltool.pot in created a directory in src/schooltool/locales13:14
ignasyes and created a schooltool.po13:15
ignasbtw what language are you translating it into ?13:16
ashiki renamed the translated file as schoolbell.po and kept inside src/schooltool/locales/ne/LC_MESSAGES/13:16
ashikinto Nepali13:16
ignasoh, that's the mistake13:16
ignasyou should rename schooltool.po you created into locales/ne/LC_MESSAGES/schooltool.po13:16
ignasand schoolbell.po you create into locales/ne/LC_MESSAGES/schoolbell.po13:17
ignasand then run make update_translations i think13:17
ignasto create .mo files13:17
ashiki did not understand sir13:17
ashiku mean i should put both schooltool.po and schoolbell.po at src/schooltool/locales/ne/LC_MESSAGES/schoolbell.po13:18
ignaswhat .pot files have you translated ?13:18
ignasashik: yes13:18
ignasyou should translate both schooltool.pot and schoolbell.pot13:19
ignasboth of them either are in src/schooltool/locales/ or should get generated by running "make extract-translations" i think13:20
ashikis it important to translate both of file13:21
ashiki have only translated schooltool.pot13:22
ignasi think it is important to translate both files13:23
ignascalendaring is using a lot of strings only present in scchoolbell.pot13:23
ashikok sir that will take some time to translate that file too13:25
ignaswhen you will be done, put both .po files in ne/LC_MESSAGES/13:26
ashikand what should i do after translating this file too?13:26
ignasand run13:26
ignasmake update-translations13:26
ashikat what location13:27
ignasat the location where the makefile is13:27
ashiki mean where should i be working at run make update-translations13:27
ashiki think this will make .mo files13:29
ashikam i right?13:29
ashikone more thing13:32
ashiki don't know how i lost file from location ne/LC_MESSAGES13:34
ashikis there any way i can recover that file?13:34
jintyashik: is not made by the build process13:34
ashikso how can i get that file?13:35
jintyso I don't know how it was created or how it can be recovered13:35
ashikwhat should be my next step after creating .mo file13:35
jintythe build process only creates a and that zope uses13:35
ashikof both schooltool.po and schoolbell.po13:36
jintyafaik, a reasonable procedure to create a schooltool translation is:13:36
jinty1. run make update-translations from the top level.13:37
jinty2. edit the schooltool.po and schoolbell.po files created in src/schooltool/locales/${locale}/LC_MESSAGES/13:38
jinty3. run make update-transtlations again from the top level (to update the .mo files).13:38
jinty4. start schoolbell13:39
jinty5. Commit your translations into the schooltool repository.13:39
jintyer, with step 0: make extract-translations13:43
ashikis "start schoolbell" is a command?13:43
jinty"make run" should start schooltool13:44
* jinty is continually mixing up schooltool and schoolbell13:44
ashikshall i start all these steps right now or only after translating both file?13:46
jintydo steps 0, 1 before translating.14:00
jintystep 2 is the translation step14:01
jintystep 3,4 is to compile and test your translations14:01
jintystep 5 is so that others can benifit from your work and don't have to re-do it14:02
ashikwhat is the command for step 514:02
ignasjinty: if one is translating into a new ${locale} po files might not get created i think14:02
jintyignas: I think you are right14:03
jintyashik: you need access, and to speak to th1a about that14:03
ashikbut i have to work on new locale14:04
jintyignas: any ideas at fixing my procedure?14:04
ashiksorry to repeat my question14:10
ashikwhat is the command for step 514:10
ignasjust take both po files and mail them to schooltool's mailing list i guess14:15
ignasjinty: as for the procedure i am not sure, but maybe just adding an empty folder in locales with the name of the new language would help14:16
jintyashik: you need to know how to use subversion for that and have access to the schooltool repository. otherwise ignas' suggestion is best.14:16
ignasjinty: though the way ashik was doing it - creating both po files manually and putting them in "locales/ne" should work too i guess14:17
ignas"locales/ne/LC_MESSAGES" i mean14:17
jintyperhaps creating the directory and copying the .pot files over14:18
jintyhmm, let me test some things out. If we can come up with a truly robust and simple procedure, it might help.14:19
jintyignas: it's enough just to create the directory, touch the .po files and make update-translations14:23
jintyashik, I'll write a mail to the mailing list with a better procedure14:25
ashikmake command run only at location schooltool (a directory prior to src)14:25
ashikthank you jinty14:25
ashikI mean to say: make update-translations would create .mo files at location usr/local/schooltool/schooltool/schooltool/14:27
ashikand not at LC_MESSAGE14:27
ashikso i ll have to move the .mo file from usr/local/schooltool/schooltool/schooltool/ to LC_MESSAGE14:28
ashikso is a right process i m following?14:29
jintyer, I don't understand how you get usr/local/schooltool/schooltool/schooltool/, so I can't answer your question14:30
jintyI would suggest you try this out as a non-priviliged user in your home directory first before trying it as root14:31
ashikis just a location where i installed schooltool14:31
ashikwill the command you mentioned automatically create .mo file at location LC_MESSAGE14:33
ashikor i have to move the file from somewhere ?14:34
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ashikok thank you jinty , i will complete my translation and then start working on rest of steps14:42
ashikits time for me to leave14:42
ashikhave a nice time14:42
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