IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2006-10-09

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jfrochehello, anyone here able to set me admin on plone on ?10:45
jfrocheAiste: hello11:17
Aistehi jfroche11:17
jfrochedoes your proposal for the Lyceum is online on the website ?11:17
jfrocheoops had to ask this to Ignas11:18
jfrochesorry :)11:18
AisteI don't think it's online yet11:21
jfrocheokok thanks11:21
AisteIgnas should be around later today11:21
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jintyjfroche -> th1a12:10
jfrocheyep but he comes back tonight ... prefer not to wait12:10
jintyahh, hmm let's see12:33
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jintyjfroche: I can't find the password in any of the usual places. And I don't really feel like searching through the Data.fs. Sorry.12:46
jfrochei will wait12:46
jfrochethanks anyway12:46
jintywhat are you planning to do there anyway?12:47
jfrochemanage the plone website12:54
* jinty notes that a robots.txt preventing bot access to the Members section would be nice and take a bit of load off12:58
jfrocheright but i guess that if there is a member folder it's cause there is page/event in there13:00
jfrochejinty: is there some log analyser online for ?13:01
jintynope, but I can install one for you13:01
jintydo you have a preference?13:01
jfrochei can install it also13:04
jintybtw, have you seen how many members we have?13:04
jfrocheright its odd13:05
jfrochei told th1a that we should use CMFMember to avoid this kind of things13:05
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ignasgreat news in ubuntu edgy one will be able to "make run" schooltool without having root on the machine15:44
povbot`/svn/commits: * vidas committed revision 6426:15:49
povbot`/svn/commits: Moved 'navigation' into separate module.15:49
jfrocheignas: hello15:58
ignasjfroche: hi15:59
jfrochedoes th1a spoke with you about moving roundup to launchpad ?15:59
ignasmaybe ;)16:00
ignasthere were at least few occasions of that16:00
ignasso i am not sure whether i am up to date16:00
jfrocheok i am mailing anyway then16:00
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ignasjinty: ping18:55
jintyhoi ignas18:55
ignascan you use a different languege on schooltool ?18:56
ignasmake extract/update-translations18:56
ignas+ browser settings18:56
ignasdidn't really work for me18:56
ignasyet i don't really know how to debug the translation lookup18:56
ignastranslations are downloaded properly, i can see them in src/schooltool/locales18:57
jintystrange, that was working the last time I looked at it18:57
jintyyou got new ones from rosetta18:58
ignasduno, i just used make18:58
ignasmake extract-translations and make update-translations18:58
jintyok, there are probably not a lot of translations left after this long bitrotting18:59
jintybecause I think nobody has updated the svn in a long time18:59
ignaswhat seems strange to me is that no words are getting translated at all on trunk19:00
ignasyet, i don't really know how to diagnose the problem19:00
ignasi can tell that the proper locale is being selected by zope19:00
jintyi'm busy testing it to see what I can see19:02
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jintyignas: gotta go, I'll have a look at it when I get back19:06
ignasthank you19:06
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povbot`/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 6427:23:16
povbot`/svn/commits: Fix a bug of mine, without this it does nothing.23:16
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