IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2006-09-13

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ignasth1a: ayt ?15:59
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th1aignas:  I'm here... didn't see you there.18:30
ignasth1a: have you seen uw calendar ?18:38
ignasbecause from what i understand schoolbell is kind of abandoned, and i think it would be nice to suggest an alternative to all people who come and try using our SIS as a calendaring server ;)18:39
th1aWell, I suppose that might be reasonable.18:40
th1aActually Apple's new open source calendar server (which is Twisted, btw) might be a good choice too.18:41
th1aActually, if SchoolBell was successful we'd probably be integrating some of Apple's code right now.18:41
ignasany alternative that is *focusing* on calendaring is better than anything we can offer i'd say18:44
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ignasjust that i don't want to suggest unapproved alternatives to schoolbell18:46
th1aWell, yes.  Perhaps it is just time to hang it up for SchoolBell.18:53
th1aI need to update the site.18:53
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