IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2006-08-24

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reddux01does anyone know why NickServ would forget my pass?22:41
reddux01my name is suppose to be reddux1022:41
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reddux01So if you come during a dev meeting is there more chance of speaking to people?22:58
mgedminno, because then everyone is busy having a meeting23:01
mgedminwe don't know anything about nickserv anyway23:01
reddux01do you know anything about schooltool and cando?23:01
reddux01ok cool well I know this is logged, so when anyone gets a chance can they check out the comments I left on launchpad under reddux1023:14
reddux01I guess this last msg is specifically to cando devs.23:20
reddux01Thanks..and goodnight.23:20
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reddux01How does schooltool deal with users that have the exact same first and last name?23:35
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