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reddux10hi folks21:02
reddux10How is everyone doing?21:03
reddux10I was wondering if anyone was running Ubuntu + Schooltool on a dell poweredge?21:04
reddux10I've been having some networking issues it seems as well as lots of time outs and slowness with cando?21:05
reddux10Anyone else having these kinds of problems?21:05
reddux10Here is what I'm running kernel wise Linux cando 2.6.15-26-amd64-generic #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Aug 3 02:52:35 UTC 2006 x86_64 GNU/Linux21:05
jintyreddux10: how's memory?21:06
reddux102 gig21:06
jintyso I take it the machine is not swapping?21:07
reddux10no I have 5g of swap21:07
jintyno, I mean, that schooltool memory is not being pushed out to disk21:07
reddux10no I don't think so21:08
jintyotherwise when does the slowness happen? at moments of high load? or all th time?21:08
reddux10all the time21:08
reddux10momentary time outs21:08
reddux10with only 1 user on it21:08
reddux10anytime i stop doing input then come back it times out21:09
reddux10and it takes about 2min to respond after that21:09
jintythen after that it's fast?21:09
reddux10its very intermitten21:10
jintywhat else does the machine run?21:10
reddux10media wiki with apc21:10
jintyI mean, perhaps schooltool is pushed out to swap if you don't use it for a while.21:11
jintybut that's about all I can suggest21:12
reddux10I have the feeling this is a network issue with ubuntu21:12
reddux10because it affects the wiki also21:12
reddux10and ssh21:12
jintyah, why didn't you start with that...21:13
reddux10i've been through the forums..21:13
reddux10no solution, lots of suggestions and idea, but nothing concrete21:13
jintythen I guess the problem is not schooltool21:13
reddux10Are you running Ubuntu?21:13
jintyyeah, both the schooltool servers run ubuntu21:14
reddux10dapper the latest version?21:14
jintynope, breezy I think21:14
jinty(why upgrade if I still have security support)21:15
jintybut i'd start investigating network connectivity/hardware21:15
reddux10yeah I'm running broadcom new fangled stuff21:16
jintydo the timeouts happen to others working on the site?21:16
reddux10I wish I just got a intel pro instead21:16
jintywell then, i'd really start investigating hardware/network connectivity21:17
reddux10yeah I've done tcpdumps , I've done mii-diag, no dropped packets or excessive collisions21:17
reddux10no memory consumption problems21:18
jintyand other servers on the same lan? do they have the same problems?21:19
reddux10none of the windows servers21:20
reddux10I'm in an all window shop21:20
reddux10except for my server21:20
jintywell, sorry, there's not much more I can say...21:21
reddux10no problem thanks for trying to help21:21
jintybut I'd be interested in knowing if you find a solution21:21
reddux10Oh I will!21:21
reddux10I have too.21:21
reddux10maybe I shoulda done breezy21:22
reddux10I dunno see what happens21:22
reddux10Jinty: do you use cando?21:23
jintyno, only straight schooltool up till this point21:24
reddux10If anyone else has heard of these kind of time out issues..pls just msg me if you have lead! thanks in advance21:25
reddux10I'm running a dell poweredge 1950.21:27
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reddux10tom you around?22:22
reddux10I've have a lot of useability issues with schooltool and cando..and I'm just wondering..what the rational was behind some of the methods of data input. There is just so much point click set confirm. For exampled in the gradebooks why can't a teacher have open forms to just put grades for students in all at the same time and update instead of having to click in to each student?22:26
reddux10I was wondering if maybe there was a user interface team?22:27
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