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ignaspcardune: hi16:06
pcarduneignas: hi16:07
ignaswhat can you tell me about those temporary tabs ?16:07
pcardunetemporary tabs are for pages that don't necessarily exist within the context of a main tab and a mode16:08
pcarduneor for when you want to compare to similar pages say... grades for two different students16:08
ignasand how would one create two tabs for students ?16:09
ignasor two tabs for student grades ?16:09
ignasdo you go to student grades and push that link into tab registry16:09
ignasthen go to grades of another one and push that view16:09
pcardunethe temporary tabs aren't fully implemented yet16:11
pcarduneright now they only show up when you click on some root level container16:11
ignasoh, so they do exist already ...16:11
ignasshould I work on them16:11
ignasor someone else is going to finish them up ?16:11
pcarduneif it's part of the contract, then yes work on them.  I'm not sure exactly how tom feels about them.16:12
ignasi see16:13
ignasI think they are included in the contract16:13
ignasyet the description is too vague16:13
ignasi was kind of thinking that it might be nice to merge the "select user"16:13
ignasand temporary tabs16:13
ignasso you would have a linklet near users that would "select" the user16:14
ignaswhich puts him into the session and displays a temporary tab16:14
ignasand even highlights the selected person in the UI16:14
ignasin a perfect world that is ;)16:14
ignassame for sections16:14
ignasand the same selected person/section is used as a default person when it comes to showing things16:15
ignasbut maybe these two should be separate things16:16
ignasyou would have a slot for "selected user" and "selected section", and additionally you would have "temporary tabs"16:16
ignaswhy one needs those temporary tabs and how are they better than Firefox tabs ?16:17
ignasunless they change their content depending on the context (calendar, attendance, gradebook)16:17
ignasand if they do change their content depending on context then they are not "top level" a.k.a. they should have their separate level in navigation ...16:18
ignasand not displayed near "attendance" "gradebook" tabs, nor "daily" "weekly" tabs16:18
ignasany ideas ?16:19
* pcardune is reading16:19
pcardunewe were thinking about firefox tabs...16:21
pcardunei like what you describe16:21
pcarduneis there some document that has everything Tom wrote up?16:22
pcarduneI was meaning to read it over and make comments on it, but i never saw it16:22
ignasquoting the letter "Also, temporary tabs can be created in the tab bar to display information about a student, for example.  The temporary tabs can be dismissed by the user."16:23
ignasthat's kind of everything about temporary tabs that was in there :/16:23
ignasthat's why i am bugging you and alga16:25
pcardunewell, i'd say to wait on that specific functionality until there are a few more use cases16:26
pcarduneI'm sure more use cases will crop up for temporary tabs once we start thinking about how all the existing pages are going to fit into the new paradigm16:27
ignaswell, that is not going to happen for this release i think ...16:27
pcarduneI'm trying to switch from an http working copy to an svn+ssh working copy with the following command: svn switch --relocate svn+ssh://
pcardunebut i get the following error: No repository found in 'svn+ssh://'17:52
pcardunei'm very confused17:52
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ignaspcardune: duh :)18:19
pcarduneignas: i know, but I want the branch and not the trunk.  turns out i can get the branch over http and https, but I don't have commit access over https18:20
ignasmaybe try svn+ssh://
ignasor you did that ?18:22
pcardunei did not try that18:22
pcardunebut that doesn't match the directory structure i see through the web18:22
ignasyes the point is18:23
ignasthey DO NOT MATCH18:23
ignasthat's why i pasted schooltool URLs18:23
ignasthey are different18:23
ignashttp and ssh one18:23
ignasor is it svn/cando maybe18:24
mgedminignas: too many /svn/ in your suggested url18:25
ignasyes i just saw that18:25
ignasit worked ?18:26
* pcardune is trying now18:30
ignasworks for me18:31
pcarduneok, it works for me too18:32
ignaspcardune: yo still there ?19:01
pcarduneignas: yes19:02
ignasmaybe you know the "plan" for this iteration ?19:02
ignasi mean - do we really want to have the teacher part of the system redone19:02
ignaswhile leaving the rest of schooltool pretty much untouched19:02
pcardunewell, redoing the teacher part means redoing everything19:03
pcardunei don't think admin and students will have the old UI19:03
pcardunethe higher level navigation effects everything...19:03
pcardunehowever there are some lower level teacher specific views which will also be changed.  whereas the lower level admin specific views won't change, they will just be rearranged within the new navigation19:04
ignaswell, we won't have any places to put "actions" into19:05
ignasi am not sure that we want to redesign all the term/timetable/scheduling/person/group/course/section views19:05
ignasor do we ?19:05
ignasand if we do, where do we want to see current "actions" ?19:06
ignasas thinking of which ones can be and should be removed, visible etc. expands the scope of the iteration19:06
ignasremoving "actions" menu from everywhere spans pretty much every existing view in the system ...19:08
ignasredesigning everything seems like a good idea19:08
ignasi like the new direction of the UI19:08
ignasi am just a bit afraid of the scope (in case we want to redo it completely in this iteration)19:08
ignasdid you talk about it in the sprint ?19:09
eldafarNot really, we were just concentrating on the teacher view19:10
eldafarI don't remember any discussion on what we're going to do with the "actions" menu19:11
ignasi am trying to chose between "redo whole UI", "redo teacher part, replace actions, navigation with some temporary alternative", "redo teacher part, leave the rest as it was (stich them together so they would play nicely)"19:12
eldafarwell redoing the entire UI would require user input on the administative perspective, and possibly student perspective19:13
ignasall of these solutions have their own problems19:14
ignasi just wanted to make them public and maybe get some feedback19:15
ignasor more possible solutions ;)19:15
pcardunewhere is Tom today19:15
ignashe sent me an email like 8:30am Europe/Vilnius so he is probably sleeping ;)19:18
pcarduneha ha19:18
ignas10 hours ago19:18
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povbot/svn/commits: * pcardune committed revision 6390:19:50
povbot/svn/commits: merged changes from trunk that we want.19:50
pcarduneis it better practice to make bug fixes in the branch and merge them into the trunk or the other way around?20:04
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pcarduneignas: what can you tell me about zpkg?20:16
pcardunewhen i have a symbolic linked source package, zpkg doesn't go look for their configures20:16
mgedminonly jinty and srichter understand zpkg, and I'm not sure about srichter20:19
pcardunei was afraid of that20:20
mgedminre: bugfixing & merging -- I don't know; I personally prefer to make the fixes in the trunk and backport them to release branches20:20
pcardunemgedmin: maybe you know of some resources I can read over?20:20
mgedmintry asking in #zope3-dev20:20
srichterfdrake also knows zpkgtools20:23
srichter(he wrote it)20:23
pcarduneoh, well then, i should ask him20:24
pcardunealthough i really only have a very specific problem which jinty could probably fix in about 5 seconds20:24
pcardunewhere as it might take me a day to learn zpkg more than i ever wanted to, and another day to fix the problem...20:25
pcarduneit seems that os.walk does not process symbolic links20:35
mgedminno, it doesn't20:44
mgedminI once wrote a replacement that does20:44
mgedminI think it was in the schooltool's test runner20:44
srichtermmh, I know that Zope's testrujnner did once too, but probably not the new implementation ;-(20:46
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povbot/svn/commits: * pcardune committed revision 6391:22:07
povbot/svn/commits: default schooltool page is not the dashboard instead of the calendar.  some unit tests are breaking, but nothing is actually broken.22:07
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pcarduneis there a way of setting default skins without using traverse events and applyskin?22:30
pcardunehow does the schooltool skin get applied?22:30
pcardunemgedmin or ignas, how does the schooltool skin get set?  i removed the subscriber configuration for the BeforeTraverseEvent functions using applySkin and I still get the schooltool skin22:37
mgedminit is set in zcml22:37
mgedminas the default skin22:37
pcardunei thought that got deprecated...22:37
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pcardunemgedmin: which zcml file is it registered in?22:38
mgedminno idea22:38
mgedminbut I have good unix find+grep skills if you need help finding it22:39
pcardunei do to, but i'm not really sure what i'm looking for22:40
pcardunewell, not *as* good22:40
pcardunei would be very thankful if you did help me find it22:41
mgedmindo you remember the name of the skin?22:42
mgedminthe interface22:42
mgedminhey, check out src/schooltool/app/browser/skin.py22:43
mgedminit *is* a traversal event subscriber that calls applySkin22:43
mgedminI thought somebody had changed it22:44
pcarduneyeah... i saw that, and then i disabled it22:44
pcarduneand i still get the schooltool skin22:44
mgedminschooltool/devmode/overrides.zcml also enables it22:45
mgedminor something like that22:45
pcardunei have devmode turned off :/22:45
pcarduneaha, finally it worked22:47
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