IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2006-06-23

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pcardunejinty: ayt?03:16
jintypcardune: yep03:19
pcarduneI'm trying to hook up our svn repo to launchpad...03:19
pcarduneno? bad idea?03:19
jintyI dunno, I tried it once or twice03:20
pcardunewell, i can't figure out what to put in for the source package03:20
jintywhere is this03:20
pcarduneupstreem source import03:20
pcardunewell, how did you get the revisions to show up?03:21
jintypcardune; could you point me to a page in launchpad you are talking about?03:22
pcarduneyeah, i'm trying to get the corresponding schooltool page03:22
pcarduneI can't actually access that page as I don't have permissions03:23
jintyit makes zero sense03:24
jintyto me03:24
jintybecause I have no idea what is this HEAD MAIN or TRUNK they are talking about03:25
pcarduneyeah, that's what I thought03:25
jintybut the SVN section is filled in03:25
pcarduneok, well then I don't feel so bad if you dont get it either03:25
pcardunedo you know how long it is supposed to take for your svn repo to be imported?03:25
jintydunno, I had setup the SVN stuff ages ago03:26
pcarduneoh well, i guess I will just wait then03:26
* jinty puts schooltool in the source package name03:27
jintyerror!!!  "This Source has been certified and is now unmodifiable."03:27
jintybut I like their error icon03:28
jintynice design03:28
pcardunehe he he03:28
* jinty hopes "certified" is not in the nuthouse sense of the word03:29
pcardunewow, this whole gpg thing is pretty cool03:30
* pcardune types in irc to increase entropy for my gpg key03:31
* jinty notes all his debian packages are gpg signed03:31
pcarduneoh, you wouldn't happen to know where all the schooltool specs are going to go?  the ones that used to be in the roadmap that no longer exists03:32
jintyI thought they were in launchpad03:32
jintybut I guess there are a lot of things in the issue tracker as well03:33
pcardunewell, you can only put like a paragraph in launchpad.  everything else has to be linked to from there03:33
pcardunelinked to a wiki for example03:33
pcardunejinty: i'm lost.  How are you supposed to get the key_id for a key you just created?03:40
jintypcardune: you mean the fingerprint?03:41
pcarduneno, the key ID  as in "gpg --send-key key_id"03:42
jintygpg --list-keys jinty03:42
jintydoes it for me03:42
pcardunebut which part is the key?03:43
jintythe key id is the last 8 digits of the fingerprint IIRC03:43
pcarduneor rather, the key_id?03:43
pcardunethat wasn't very clear, thanks for telling me03:43
th1ajinty:  I spoke to srichter today... we should just go ahead and start packaging the alpha2 release.03:44
jintywant me to do it now?03:45
th1aYou could.03:45
th1aI want to take some things out of it if we can, like the commendations package.03:45
th1aWhen would we do that?03:46
jintylet's do that sooner rather than later03:46
th1aWell, I would want it to stay in the trunk...03:46
th1aIs there any way to automate that kind of thing?03:46
jintyyes, zpkg that is one thing zpkg actually solves elegantly03:47
jintyperhaps it is not included in the tarball even now03:47
th1aHm.  Wonder if we can rip notes out easily, too.03:48
th1aThose are two things I'd like in the trunk but not in releases for now.03:49
jintythat's what we got right now03:51
* jinty aplogises for not having pastebinned that03:51
th1aWell, in theory we can take notes and commendation easily.03:52
* jinty is still busy trying to figure out which packages depend on commendation03:55
th1aI would hope none.03:55
jintyok depends on schooltool.commendation03:58
jintyand SchoolTool itself depends on schooltool.note03:58
jintyniether is very reveiling03:59
jintyso I suggest remove them fro now and see what happens with the nighly tarball03:59
povbot/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 6305:04:03
povbot/svn/commits: Remove schooltool.note and schooltool.commendation to see if the nightly tarball works. th1a expressed reservations releasing with these.04:03
jintyth1a: schooltool/app/configure.zcml hardcodes schooltool.note04:10
povbot/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 6306:04:13
povbot/svn/commits: Revert part of my previous patch.04:13
jintyth1a: ok, we should be able to release without schooltool.commendation04:30
th1aOK. Cool.04:31
th1aSo we'd need to rearrange some ZCML at some point in the future to take notes out?04:32
jintythat was only the first problem I found, not all of them04:34
th1aOK.  It is old code, so it might have tentacles.04:35
povbot/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 6307:04:36
povbot/svn/commits: Tagging 2006.0-alpha204:36
povbot/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 6308:04:42
povbot/svn/commits: Set version number as 2006.0-alpha204:42
povbot/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 6309:04:44
povbot/svn/commits: Quickly update tagger to the new version number text file.04:44
jintyth1a: tarballs are up, the release is out05:11
th1aUp where?05:11
jintyon ftp.schooltool.org05:11
th1aOK.  Downloading...05:12
th1ajinty:  So for the tarball I have to manually (i.e., apt-get) Zope 3 first.05:14
jintythe normal tarball includes Zope305:14
jintyyou will have to install the eggs manually though05:15
th1aI totally don't understand the directions for building from a source tarball.05:16
th1aI don't know where I would want my libraries to go.05:16
jinty:) I recall we wrote the instructions together the last time;)05:17
th1aI have a very bad tendency to dance around the bits I don't understand.05:18
jintyNormally just put the libraries in anywhere (as long as you don't move it later)05:18
th1aSo... any chance of getting some .debs of this?05:18
jintyI just built and uploaded a deb of the zope 3.3 beta05:19
jintyso we are one step closer05:19
th1aOh... I see...05:19
th1aCan we set up a test repository with just the packages we need?05:19
jintyyeah, I'm building that up as I go along05:21
jintyth1a: it's over here: deb unstable main05:22
jintyor at least that's my plan05:23
povbot/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 6310:05:23
povbot/svn/commits: change alpha to gamma and delta to omega as they are less common in the names of software releases.05:23
th1aI seem to need a password to get at that archive.05:24
jintyI mean how did you manage to download the tarball, but cannot access that archive05:25
th1aI could get to releases.05:26
th1aHm... I can get to it now.05:27
th1aAnyhow... so if you make a schooltool package and put it there, would it be enough to test the whole thing?05:30
jintyyes, I could upload my prototype I am trying to build05:31
th1aOK.  Saying "Yay, you can download a tarball that's more cryptic than the svn checkout" isn't that exciting.05:32
jintyOk, i see, but unless they are running debian unstable of the last week or so, the package will be uninstallable anyway05:33
jintyA _lot_ of stuff has changed in the last week05:33
th1aOh, cripes.05:34
jintyAnd I don't really have the time to re-write schooltool + all the new dependencies in the old way...05:35
th1aI understand.05:35
th1aSo basically, we won't have new SchoolTool .debs for Dapper.  Just for Edgy.05:39
th1aThere isn't a reason I can't write a script to install the tarball, right?05:40
th1aAside from incompetence.05:41
jintyEr, you mean install the eggs automatically and such?05:43
jintyProbably, but I would then try not to install the eggs as root...05:44
jintyAnyway, goodnight!!!!05:45
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ignasfaassen: ping14:36
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ignasfaassen: some issues with demographics14:51
ignasthough i guess email will be better14:52
faassenignas: hm, okay.14:52
ignassent it14:55
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ignasfaassen: how bad is the situation of Zope3 full text indexing ?15:26
ignasthe tracebacks and the "a" query can be fixed pretty easily, bu the fact that it can't find all the matching items ...15:27
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faassenignas: It doesn't seem to have that for larger strings.15:37
ignasyou mean searching for *foo* would work better than *a* ?15:37
faassenignas: but yeah, it's scary. :)15:37
faassenignas: yeah.15:37
faassenignas: I don't know how bad the situation is.15:37
ignasi see15:38
ignasi think i'll have a look at the query parser15:38
ignasthough i am kind of busy with evolution scripts now :/15:38
faassenignas: okay.15:38
faassenignas: well, I can try looking into it later.15:38
faassenignas: I mean, I'm kind of struggling with huge Data.fs files this week.15:38
faassenignas: but I can try digging into what might be going on with Zope 3 full text index.15:39
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erchacheth1a: why dont redirect to my server?16:23
erchacheim ready to do it16:24
erchacheonly needs to redirect your apache to my ip:port config16:25
th1aerchache: I don't want to actually redirect the dns, but I could change the link on
th1aI'll have the regular up in a few days anyhow.17:13
th1aAlso, we're releasing alpha2 today...17:13
erchacheahh ok17:13
th1aCan you update to that?17:13
erchacheto alpha217:13
th1aIt would be good to be able to point to your server for that.17:13
erchacheyeah i have a fresh installation without data17:14
erchacheare avalaible alpha2 to download?17:14
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th1aI have a general question for the audience... can I install eggs not as root in a local directory?17:17
erchacheth1a: a second im making a repair of a mysql databse17:18
erchachei install alpha2 on this afternoon17:18
erchacheth1a: install instructions?17:35
erchacheto convert python compiling into c style? .7configure && make && make install?17:35
th1aI'm working on a script to automate that.17:36
th1aOtherwise, for the time being a "release" is harder than a svn checkout.17:36
th1aWhich is rather pointless.17:36
th1aThat's my job for today.17:37
erchache./bin/xxxxxx are very strange i dont understand this steps easy17:37
erchachewill be a problem for noob users17:37
erchache$ ./bin/schooltooltest -ufv117:38
erchachethis is after modify python path no?17:38
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th1aerchache: I don't really understand the steps either.  I need to figure it out.17:54
th1aI just need to script the whole thing.17:56
th1aYes I know this is not optimal.18:00
th1aPerhaps we should have written simpler software.18:00
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pcarduneth1a: I just imported 42000 lines of data from virginia CTE resources18:06
* pcardune wipes sweat off his forehead18:06
th1aJust wait 'til we get SIF going.  Then we'll really haul some data around.18:08
pcardune  <--- if you would like to take a look.  It takes a few seconds to render.18:12
povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 6311:18:13
povbot/svn/commits: Fix some copy paste.18:13
th1apcardune: Is jelkner around?18:13
pcarduneth1a: unfortunately not18:13
pcarduneand he won't really be back here until wednesday18:14
th1aHow are things going over there?18:14
povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 6312:18:14
povbot/svn/commits: Fix a bug in an evolution script.18:14
povbot/svn/commits: p.s.  NEVER delete something from the container you are iterating through.18:14
th1apcardune: Do Journals do anything?18:15
pcarduneth1a: yeah18:16
pcardunealthough I dont think this server is the latest svn trunk18:16
pcarduneso I'm not sure what functionality is there18:16
pcardunejournals are kind of like mini blogs18:17
th1aI see.18:19
th1aWe need to sort out the UI on this thing...18:19
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ignasth1a: do we need migration from schooltool-2006.0-alpha1 to schooltool-2006.0-alpha2 ?18:35
th1aRealistically, no.18:41
th1aignas:  From SchoolTool Calendar is what we'd like.18:41
th1aAlthough that doesn't even need to be complete, in my opinion.18:42
th1aFor example, the terms are (soon...) going to be very different, and it would be tough to migrate them.18:42
th1aAnd I don't think recreating them is realistically a problem.18:43
th1aCompared to, say, losing user accounts or calendar events.18:43
ignasi see18:46
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ignasth1a: evolution should be more or less working now18:57
ignaswe can surely migrate from 0.11.418:57
th1aAs long as it is close enough that we get individual bugs that can be fixed (as opposed to cascades of failures).19:11
ignasGraham has posted a troubling bug report to schooltool mailing list, without enough details though :/19:17
th1aignas:  It strikes me as more of an Outlook problem.19:31
th1aOr, specifically an outlook interoperability problem.19:31
ignasprobably, yes, though the wording was way too unclear to be sure ...19:31
th1aI think he just erased the events from his Outlook, not SchoolTool.19:41
ignasnow, what about work for upcoming month ?19:44
ignasthe estimate is that considering europython/vacations  we will have some (not very much) time for schooltool in july19:45
ignasat least 12 developer days, probably more if the last week of June is included19:46
th1aignas: Well, we're going to need you to do some section refactoring.19:53
th1aA couple other things came up as a result of what srichter is doing that aren't really his problem.19:53
ignasi was doing some, but my changes would have removed the multiple courses per section so i dumped the thing19:53
th1aI'll have to think about it some more.19:54
th1aWhen would you be able to start?19:54
ignasnow ?19:54
th1aI'll work on it.19:54
ignasok :)19:54
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th1aeldafar: hi.19:59
th1aHow's it going?19:59
eldafarI'm pretty good, you?20:00
eldafarYes, only school kids are not busy working :V20:00
eldafarI got a quick question..20:00
eldafarif I'm trying to check out schooltool20:00
eldafarand it keeps stalling, what should I do? keep on trying ... or is something up with the server?20:01
th1aOh... I don't know.20:02
th1aignas:  Is something up with the svn server?20:02
ignasworks for me20:02
eldafarhmm weird20:03
th1aWell, eldafar is a long way from Lithuania.20:13
th1aWhere the server lives.20:14
eldafarokay, it finally subdued to my stubborn attempts20:15
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