IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2006-06-22

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* th1a 's DSL appears to be back up for good.02:55
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erchacheth1a: are you here?13:26
erchachei want to make a question about shuttleworth foundation13:26
erchachewell bye...i need things to do13:31
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povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 6303:16:13
povbot/svn/commits: Fix a silly bug that i was blaming zope3 for.16:13
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jelknerth1a: tom, u here?20:30
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jelknersrichter: stephan, r u here?20:31
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povbot/svn/commits: * vidas committed revision 6304:21:09
povbot/svn/commits: Bringing back to life functional evolution testing.21:09
th1apcardune: Is jelkner with you.21:12
th1aI missed his drive by.21:12
pcarduneth1a: not anymore21:12
pcarduneth1a: what happened to the schooltool 2006 roadmap?21:12
th1aI do need to catch up with him...21:12
th1aYou mean, in terms of missing it, or is it missing?21:13
th1aOh, I guess it isn't up anymore.21:13
th1aAll that stuff wasn't translatable, so I took it down.21:13
pcardunewas it relocated? or was it deleted? or... what can I find it21:13
pcardunewhat == where21:13
th1aUm... it is still around.21:13
th1aWhat's your question?21:13
pcarduneI just wanted to show jeff how roadmaps worked21:14
th1aIt probably isn't a good example at this point.21:14
pcardunenow that we are bringing on a few more developers we want to start utilizing some management software21:14
pcardunelike launchpad21:14
th1aUse Blueprint on LaunchPad.21:14
th1aThat's also why I took it down.  I meant to put new stuff on LaunchPad.21:15
th1aJust hasn't happened yet.21:15
pcarduneit seems like there are a lot of holes in launchpad21:15
pcarduneyou can link specifications to milestones... but where do you create milestones?21:15
th1aOh... not sure.21:17
pcarduneand it seems like Blueprint only allows you to create specifications that link to more extensive writeups offsite21:17
pcarduneoh hello.... just add +roadmap to the end of the url21:18
pcardunebut there is no link in the UI21:18
pcarduneth1a: how do you get to blueprint?21:21
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avoinewhy schooltool use subversion instead of bzr?It not enough powerful?21:33
avoineby powerful i mean featureful21:34
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th1aavoine: Well, bzr didn't exist when we started.21:42
avoineok ok21:42
th1aAnd right now isn't a good time to shift around our infrastructure.21:43
avoinei tough you were a new projet21:43
th1aOh... this project has a distressingly long history.21:43
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