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spowersoh, i guess that doesn't link to the specific message10:04
* spowers kicks up dust10:23
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faassenI think I need to somehow tell zpkg that and exist now16:32
faassenand that they need to be included as zcml slugs.16:33
faassenhow does one do that?16:33
faassenI mean, schooltool's zpkg.16:33
povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 6067:16:33
povbot/svn/commits: Use a decorator.16:33
faassenignas: any idea?16:33
ignasfaassen: not at the moment16:33
faassenignas: anyone there who has an idea?16:34
ignasi'd look at schooltool-skel/etc/site.zcml or maybe some dependencies.cfg or whatever they are called16:34
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faassenyeah, i'm looking at dependencies.cfg16:34
faassenbut I don't quite know what is going on, it's horribly confusing. I can hardcode it into site.zcml I guess.16:35
faassenbut some of this stuff comes in through zpkg magic.16:35
ignasonly jinty really knows that stuff16:35
faassenI'll just hardcode it for now.16:35
faassenokay. :)16:35
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faassenokay, hm..17:09
faassenso, schooltool sets up its database..17:10
faassenis anyone on irc that's familiar with the bootstrap code?17:10
faassenor can anyone be woken up? :)17:10
th1aI'm awake, but not helpful in this case.17:12
faassenth1a: I'm trying to install the catalog17:12
faassenth1a: but schooltool installs itself in a rather unique way17:12
faassenth1a: and I think it's interfering.17:13
faassenth1a: it doesn't happen in the prototype zope 3 code I have, so I think it has to do with order in which setup happens, or something.17:13
faassenor perhaps it's something else.17:15
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ignasth1a: do you have some time to clarify bits of the Access control table ?18:00
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faassenth1a: it really seems to be due to the way schooltool installs itself.18:44
faassenth1a: I still don't know why.18:44
faassenth1a: but it basically blocks installation of the catalog until I find out what's different.18:44
faassenth1a: I got effectively the same code working in a straight Zope 3 setup, which adds a "schooltool" site object under the zope root.18:45
faassenth1a: but schooltool sets up its own application object and something somewhere is different so that what I want to do doesn't work.18:45
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faassenth1a: finally found it. hours and hours of debugging to add the one crucial line to the bootstrapping code of schooltool.19:20
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th1afaassen & ignas:  Sorry.  I wandered off.19:49
th1aGood work, faassen.  I know it is frustrating.19:50
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faassenth1a: well, programming can be. :)20:04
faassenth1a: search works now, I'll polish it and check it in tomorrow. well, basic search works now, I need to add a lot of options still.20:04
faassenth1a: but I have a working catalog and I can find people.20:05
th1aWith formlib can we adjust the layout of forms easily?20:05
faassenth1a: depends on what you mean with 'layout'20:05
th1aTo put more than one field in a row, for example.20:05
faassenth1a: formlib doesn't have any particular facilities for that.20:06
faassenth1a: if the fields are related in some way you could make a widget20:06
faassenth1a: but otherwise you'd have to write a custom template (that uses formlib)20:06
faassenth1a: or come up with some gee-whiz framework to do powerful layouting. :)20:06
faassenth1a: so far I'm focusing on making it easy to make new forms.20:07
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faassenth1a: (and tabular displays, and searching)20:07
faassenth1a: I'm slowly growing bits of glue code that hopefully are simple in their use.20:07
th1aSimple is good.20:07
faassenyes, simple is hard. :)20:07
* faassen grins.20:07
faassenbut custom layout isn't a topic I thought about a lot. I think it shouldn't be hard to write custom templates where necessary though.20:08
faassennothing stopping it.20:08
faassenanyway, more tomorrow. see you. :)20:08
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spowerswhat sf-uk-mias does not understand is that SIF already exists21:19
spowersi just had a nice long chat with someone from edustructures about how the sif market works.. heh21:19
spowersthey're pretty proud about having it cornered21:19
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