IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2006-05-15

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spowersis anyone working on a free zone integration server for SIF?04:39
srichternot as part of schooltool05:56
th1a_deskhi spowers.06:15
th1a_deskAre you still there, spowers?06:16
spowersonly intermittently08:19
spowersi'll be back in the morning08:20
spowersthat's about 10 hours08:20
spowersanyway i couldn't really think of a better place to ask on irc08:29
spowersif anyone has any info or leads, i'd be happy to hear about it08:30
spowerswould rather not pay for a ZIS08:30
th1a_deskspowers: I'll be happy to discuss it when we actually catch each other.09:36
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DGnomeHey! Having problems installing schooltool svn on debian sarge, python 2.4 is installed but yet I get this: need Python 2.4 or later.10:32
jintythe default python on debian is still 2.310:33
jintyIf you like, run make as: make PYTHON=python2.4 xxx10:33
jintyor just edit the Makefile to change the PYTHON variable to python2.410:33
DGnomemkay, lets see what explodes now :)10:34
DGnomewow, error: invalid command 'develop'10:35
jintyDGnome: can I see the full traceback?10:35
DGnomeoutput? sure *pastebin*10:36
jintyalso if you look in the README.txt one of our requirements is setuptools > 0.6a1110:36
jintysure, pastebin is good10:36
jintyyep, your setuptools is too young10:37
DGnomeez_setup installed setuptools for python2.310:41
jintyyeah, unfortunately no 0.6a11 debian package yet...10:47
* jinty should file a bug10:47
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DGnomeWill the translations on be implemented in schooltool2006?13:05
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povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 6057:21:20
povbot/svn/commits: Conflicts between timetables and individual events.21:21
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