IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2006-04-22

pcarduneok, robbie, I've added you as a student to the class i created00:01
pcardunego ahead and log in as yourself00:01
pcarduneand click on your name in the upper right corner00:03
* _rjelliso has done so00:04
pcarduneYou can click on A under competencies00:04
_rjelliso... and here we have the list of competencies.00:05
pcardunewhen you complete a competency, you can add evidence for it00:05
pcarduneI will see the evidence, check it out, and then evaluate you for that competency00:06
pcarduneand that's pretty much it00:07
pcardunedo you have any questions?00:08
jelknerpcardune: can we rename the course to "Hacking CanDo"?00:08
pcarduneyes... except that it is really about zope3... and not necessarily cando00:09
jelknerbut robbie is going to work on cando, or other zope3 stuff?00:09
jelkneri thought we agreed he could try jumping right into cando00:10
jelknertom suggested that to me00:10
pcarduneyes absolutely... but the competencies are zope3 competencies00:10
pcardunenot cando ones00:10
pcardunecando is one way to fulfill those comeptencies00:10
jelknervery well then00:10
jelknerrobbie, do you know what to do next?00:10
_rjellisoWell, I can guess, but what?00:11
jelkneri don't know (so i guess we're not finished after all ;-)00:11
jelknerteach, what do u say?00:11
pcardunewell, if he is going to hack on cando, we need to discuss svn access00:11
jelknertoo early for that00:12
jelkneri think we need to move to bzr, btw00:12
jelknerthen he could simply create his own branch00:12
jelknerand you could pull code from him00:12
jelknerhe is a beginner00:12
jelkneri don't want to ask for svn access at this point00:13
pcarduneI don't know how easy it will be to use both bzr and svn at the same time00:13
jelknerwhat would it take to move cando to bzr?00:13
jelkneri could take that up with tom00:13
pcarduneyeah... i dont know... because we would want to save all the previous revisions00:14
pcardunei don't know if there is an easy way to cross over00:14
pcarduneor even if bzr is mature enough00:14
jelknerbut we are going to have the same issues when will, will, david, and linda join in as well00:14
jelknereven more during the sprint00:14
jelknerbzr rocks!00:15
jelknerit makes this sort of thing so much easier to manage00:15
jelknerin the mean time, lets do this00:15
jelkner1. you create a bzr branch of the code at this point00:15
jelkner(robbie will not need to look back)00:16
jelkner2. robbie make a branch from you and works on his own branc00:16
jelkneryou pull from robbies branch00:16
jelknerand check into svn yourself00:16
jelknerhow does that sound?00:16
pcarduneworks for me00:17
jelknerlet me run it by tom before we actually set it up00:17
jelknerfor now, robbie should just work on the stuff he pulled from svn, and give the files to you (by email or something)00:17
jelknerto check in00:17
jelknerwe can leave as soon as you give robbie his first assignment00:18
*** Aiste has joined #schooltool00:19
* jelkner and rjelliso wait with anticipation for pcardune to provide the assignment...00:19
pcardunewell, the first job is going to be pretty lame00:19
jelknerlame is good00:20
jelknerhe is just starting out, after all00:20
pcarduneIt won't really involve any coding00:20
pcardunebut it should give you a very nice tour of the code00:20
jelknerstop appologizing and give the assignment! ;-)00:20
pcardunewell, at the top of every python file, there is suppose to be a big long comment explaining the license this is under00:20
pcardunesome of the python files don't have this00:21
pcarduneI need you to find those python files, and add that to the top00:21
jelknerhmm... this is important00:21
pcarduneyes... very00:21
jelknerbut we don't have copyright stuff in place yet00:21
jelknerit is GPL00:21
_rjellisoYou're right, not much coding... but better than me jumping right into it and blowing up the computer00:21
jelknerjoint copyright Shuttleworth Foundation and Arlington Public Schools00:22
pcardunealso, some of the copyrights on the files say Paul Carduner and Eldar Omuraliev00:22
pcardunethat needs to change as well00:22
pcardunealong with the copyright dates (some say 2005)00:22
pcardunethe next thing you can do will increase your love for PEP 800:23
pcarduneand PEP 25700:23
pcardunethese are the python style guides00:24
pcarduneand in general the zope style guides00:24
_rjellisoAny nice links where I could find them?00:24
_rjellisoToo lazy to google : >00:24
pcarduneyeah, i'm looking for them but for some reason my internet has slowed to a crawl just now00:25
_rjellisoAlrighty, thanks00:25
_rjellisoSorry for jumping off abruptly like this -- late buses coming, gotta run00:25
jelknerme too00:25
jelknerthanks, pcardune!00:25
_rjellisoThanks : >00:25
jelknertalk to you soon...00:25
pcardunethank you00:25
_rjellisoTalk to you later, then00:25
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