IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2006-04-21

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jelknerhi paul23:00
jelknerpcardune: hello!23:00
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pcardunehi jelkner23:01
jelknerrobbie and i are both here23:01
jelknersay hi, robbie ;-)23:01
pcarduneare you ready to get started?23:02
jelkneri am23:02
jelknerdid you see the email from mark?23:02
pcardunewe are going to need to update the server23:02
pcardunejelkner: yes, i did23:02
jelknerok, let me not be off task23:02
jelknerwhat is the server?23:02
jelkneri need to remember23:02
pcarduneI also got an email from Michael shoag23:03
pcardunei sent him my resume23:03
jelknerdo you remember which server?23:03
pcardunewasn't it bonnieb?23:03
jelknermaybe it was23:04
jelknerhold on23:04
pcarduneyeah, i'm pretty sure it was23:04
jelknerthat seems to work23:04
jelknerand there is a cando instance in my home directory23:04
jelknerso i guess that's it23:05
jelknerdo an svn up?23:05
pcardunenot quite23:05
pcardunego the the cando/SchoolTool/src/cando23:05
pcardunethen do an svn up23:05
jelknerok, give me a minute23:05
jelknerUpdated to revision 513.23:06
pcardunego ahead and start it up23:06
jelknerremind me how to do that?23:08
pcardunein cando/SchoolTool23:08
pcardunerun ./schooltool-server.py23:08
jelknerReading configuration from ./schooltool.conf23:09
jelkner/home/jelkner/cando/SchoolTool/src/cando/virginia/configure.zcml:113: DeprecationWarning: The 'vocabulary' directive has been deprecated and will be removed in Zope 3.5.  Use the 'utility' directive instead to register the class as a named utility:23:09
jelkner  <utility23:09
jelkner      provides=""23:09
jelkner      component=""23:09
jelkner      name="cando.virginia.scoresystems"23:09
jelkner      />23:09
jelkner  <vocabulary23:09
jelknerCould not initialize the database:23:09
jelkner[Errno 11] Resource temporarily unavailable23:09
jelknerPerhaps another SchoolTool instance is using it?23:09
pcardunecheck to see if ./ is already running23:10
pcarduneps aux | grep schooltool... if so, kill it, then start again23:10
jelknerok, it is running, but did you see the deprecation warning?23:10
pcardunethe zope folks have recently been making massive cuts to zcml tags23:11
pcarduneThat is the only one I haven't fixed yet, since no where does it explain how to register a vocabulary using the utility zcml tag... at least in the way I need to23:12
jelknermassive cuts, i *like* that! ;-)23:12
jelknersmaller is better23:12
rjellisoThe emacs folks would disagree : >23:12
pcardunewell, it just means that the whole thing is becoming that much more abstracted23:13
pcardunethere is a balance that should be achieved23:13
jelkneranyway, what next?23:13
pcardunenow, if i remember correctly we did do some set up right?23:14
pcarduneoh, what port is it running on? 7080?23:14
pcardune(that is the default)23:14
jelkneronce we get this going, i'll ask nwheeler to help me run it through port 8023:15
pcardune(that works a lot better)23:15
pcarduneso, everyone should log in23:16
jelknerhold on, robbie's computer just died23:16
jelknerare u near a phone23:17
jelknerregular number23:17
jelkneri got your answering machine23:17
pcardunetry again23:18
pcardune(it was just barely off the ook)23:18
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rjelliso_Sorry for that, my computer just had a spasm :(23:20
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_rjellisoAh lord, it just happened AGAIN.23:28
jelknerth1a: tom, u here?23:30
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jelknerthla_:  tom, is this u?23:32
pcarduneok, _rjelliso,23:35
pcarduneI want you to copy the directory /home/jelkner/cando to your home directory23:36
pcarduneand to rename the /home/rjelliso/cando/SchoolTool/schooltool-skel/var/Data.fs file to backupData.fs23:37
pcardunethen run the ./ file in cando/SchoolTool/23:38
_rjellisoIt's starting up now.23:39
_rjelliso... and it is up!23:39
pcarduneok, it should be running on port 708023:39
pcardunei mean, 708523:39
_rjellisoSo what should the system administration password be?23:40
_rjellisoDoes it matter?23:40
pcarduneit's up to you23:41
pcardunejust as long as you tell me what it is23:42
* _rjelliso thinks23:42
_rjellisojelkner thought it up, actually. so if someone guesses it blame him : >23:45
_rjellisoSo anyway, what next?23:45
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pcardunenext, you need to tell me the password23:46
pcarduneand I will set it for the administrator account23:46
pcardunejust send it to me in a private message... i think that is safe enough for what we are doing23:47
_rjellisoHave done23:47
pcardunei haven't received it23:48
pcardunemaybe just send it to my gmail account23:48
_rjellisoHave done that as well : >23:49
_rjellisoHaven't you got it?23:49
pcardunenow you can log in as manager with that password23:50
_rjellisoHave done.23:51
pcarduneok, go ahead and add yourself as a person23:51
pcardune(go to Persons) and click New Person23:51
pcarduneand add yourself to the Students group23:51
pcarduneand jelkner probably wants an account as well23:52
_rjellisoDoes the format of the full name matter? As in, does it matter to searches or anything whether it's "Jellison, Robert" or "Robert Jellison"?23:55
pcardunewell, the names are ordered alphabetically23:56
pcarduneso in general people put Jellison, Robert because they want the order by last name23:56
jelknerpcardune, why don't we have two fields, fname an lname?23:57
pcarduneask the schooltool folks23:57
pcardune(I would have gone with first name, last name)23:58
jelkneri guess i could write a user story to have it alphabetize by last name23:58
jelknerand let you display Robert Jellison23:58
jelknerok, that's something for me to think about later23:59
jelknersince there are only 3 of us now, it really doesn't matter ;-)23:59

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