IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2006-04-19

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* jinty puts his hands over his ears and reboots the schooltool.org01:46
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povbot/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 5948:11:35
povbot/svn/commits: It appears that schooltool.generations now depends on schooltool.attendance.11:35
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th1aignas: Hi.16:32
ignasth1a: hello16:32
th1aDid you get my email from last night?16:33
ignasi have even read it16:34
th1aThe biggest issues were the ones I had already found during the meeting yesterday.16:35
ignasnow, about the two lists of attendance records16:36
ignasyou are seeing them in the student attendance view ?16:36
th1aWhen I follow the link from the dashboard.16:36
ignasbecause in that view they are not Homeroom vs Section16:36
ignasthey are With Explanation / Without Explanationm16:36
th1aAll the more reason to label them...16:37
ignasas you can't add another explanation to an explained absence16:37
th1aIf I couldn't figure out the difference.16:37
ignasi thought they were16:37
th1aThere is always the possibility that I am on crack.16:38
ignasit's the other way around for me most of the time :)16:38
th1aThere is a possibility that you are NOT on crack?16:39
ignas"Unresolved explained absences" vs "Unresolved unexplained absences"16:39
ignasth1a: yes, a slight one16:39
th1aDouble 'un-'s.16:40
ignasthe difference is a bit too subtle16:40
th1aWell, that's easily enough changed down the road.16:41
algare. the retro attendance form16:41
algathe thing is that there is no such thing as a submitted form16:42
algaeach student in a section either has an attendance record or not16:42
algaso, if you somehow manage to uncheck some radio buttons, you'll be able to check and submit them later16:42
th1aIt is on a per-student basis?16:42
algaone sane thing to do is to check if all students have records already16:43
th1aalga:  Hi.16:43
algaer, hi :-)16:43
th1aOr, perhaps an additional visual cue next to the student name.16:44
th1aI can just imagine a teacher sitting there poking at the grey-ed out buttons, thinking the system had crashed.16:44
th1aBelieve me, I've seen worse.16:44
ignasthe panel view needs some improvement anyway, at the moment it is displaying the summary that we could quickly think of ...16:45
ignasactually i'd want such things as - the absences for this day highlighted16:45
ignasin a separate columnt etc.16:45
th1aYes, there is certainly more that could be done.16:47
ignasbut i will need you to clarify what exactly would you like to see as a teacher16:48
ignasas the only thing i could think of was a label - PRESENT/ABSENT in a column called "TODAY"16:48
ignaswith a sort option to put all students absent today on top16:48
ignasi think you know common usecases for school administrator better than I do16:49
th1aOTOH, I'm going to start showing this version around to our partners, so perhaps we should wait to see what they say.16:50
ignasnot the scary question - did we make it on time ? :)16:52
ignasand how soon should we refine the resource booking part, as from what i can see - the release not going to happen neither today nor tomorow ...16:53
ignasas infrae hasn't commited nearly anything into the schooltool repository ...16:53
th1aRight.  You have a couple weeks, at least.16:53
th1aI would say you made the deadline.16:53
ignasby the way ... it is quite distrubing that infrae is not commiting anything16:54
ignasas we can't review their code ...16:54
ignasand i'd say feedback would be really helpful when joining a project developed by more than one team of developers ...16:54
th1aWell... yes, I suppose you're right.16:55
th1aI'll talk to faassen about it.16:55
ignasanything else ?16:58
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