IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2006-04-08

pcardunejelkner: I'm nearly done with welsh00:15
pcardunejelkner: ayt?  I'm done00:18
jelknerrjelliso is trying to check out cando00:18
jelknerand the sytem hangs00:18
jelknerthat happened to me too00:18
jelkneruntil i tried again this morning and all went well00:18
jelknermake would start00:19
jelknerand then the system would just hang00:19
jelknerat different places too00:19
jelkneri tried 5 times00:19
pcarduneprobably because make checks out from other repositories00:19
jelknerthen i gave up00:19
jelknerthat was yesterday00:19
jelknerthis morning, all went well00:19
pcarduneif those repositories are disconnected or off... it will hang00:19
jelknerbut now robbie is having the same problem00:19
jelknerrjellsio: u here?00:20
jelknerwhy don't we try just using my instance for the time being00:21
jelknerpcardune: how to i change the port on which it runs?00:21
pcarduneedit schooltool.conf00:21
pcarduneor rather, mv to schooltool.conf... then edit it00:21
jelkneri was about to say "i only have" ;-)00:22
jelknernow if i launch schooltool with the server script, closing my shell will kill it, yes?00:23
jelkneryes, it will00:23
pcarduneit might work with an ampersand at the end... I'm not sure cause I haven't tried it00:23
jelknerjust tried that00:23
jelknernow let me close the shell00:24
jelknerstill running, good!00:24
jelknerhow do i log in?00:24
jelknerlet's create a class00:25
jelknermake me the admin00:25
jelkneryou the teacher00:25
jelknerand robbie the student00:25
pcarduneuser/passwd is manager/schooltool00:26
pcarduneby default00:26
jelknerthat worked00:26
jelknercan i change it?00:26
jelknerobviously, but how? ;-)00:27
jelknerthat was supposed to be a leading question...00:27
pcarduneclick on schooltool manager in the upper right corner00:28
pcardunethen edit name00:28
jelknerok, lets start00:28
jelknerwe want a class, Mastering Zope300:29
jelknerwith you as teacher00:29
jelknerand Robbie as your first student00:29
pcardunedo i have an account?00:30
jelknernot yest00:30
pcardunethat is the first thing i need, go into Persons00:30
pcarduneand click on add person00:31
jelkneryou mean New Person00:31
jelkneri don't see add person00:31
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jelkneryou are pcardune00:32
jelkneru know your password00:33
jelkneryou are teacher, site manager, and school administrator! ;-)00:33
pcarduneok, good00:33
pcardunedo you want me to add the courses and such, or do you want to do that?00:33
jelkneri should be student and site manager00:33
jelknerand robbie should be student00:34
jelkneror perhaps i should also be school administrator00:34
jelknerwhat do the rolls mean?00:34
pcardunewell, you need to adjust the permissions first00:34
pcardunewhere are you now?00:34
jelkneri don't exist yet00:34
pcarduneno i mean, what page are you the human person looking at00:35
jelknerrjelliso is tired00:35
jelknerhe stayed up all night working on geography00:36
* rjelliso snores.00:36
pcarduneclick on the really big Schooltool picture at the top00:36
jelkneri want to get him setup and let him go to sleep00:36
rjellisoIt's my own fault, though : >00:36
jelknerbut that didn't stop him from being the only person all day to get a perfect score on the oop test in cs!00:36
pcardunejelkner: are you following my directions?00:37
jelknerwhich directions? (i guess not)00:37
pcarduneclick on the big zebra at the top00:37
pcardunethen click on set up access  under actions00:37
pcardunegive me all the permissions00:38
pcardunehmm... it doesn't seem to trickle down00:39
jelknerbtw how did it go with dave?00:39
pcarduneit went well00:39
pcardunewhy don't you give me the manager password00:39
jelknerwe need to figure out why it didn't work00:40
pcardunewell it does work00:41
pcarduneit's just that you have to set the permissions on each of the root folders00:41
pcardunei.e.  Persons, Groups, Courses, Sections, etc.00:41
pcardunealthough I think you might just be able to add me to certain groups00:41
jelknersounds to confusing00:41
jelkneri wonder if that could be simplified00:41
jelknerso, what's happening?00:43
pcardunei'm playing with permissions00:43
jelknerok, do we need to keep robbie here?00:43
pcardunejust stay logged in as manager00:44
pcarduneand add robbie00:44
pcarduneas a person00:44
pcarduneand add yourself as a person00:44
pcarduneand whoever else you want00:44
jelknerwill do00:44
pcardunethen we can add course and section and get this setup00:44
pcardunelet's just set up everything as manager and we wont have to worry about permissions until later00:45
pcardunedo you want me to create the courses and section, or do you want to do that?00:45
pcarduneactually, you know what, I don't think we will need to keep robbie for now00:46
jelkneri just added him00:46
jelknerat least he can try to log in00:46
jelknergive it a try00:47
pcardunethat's fine, there just wont be much else to look at00:47
rjellisoLogged in.00:47
rjelliso"Calendar for Robbie Jellison"... etc.00:47
jelknerand change your password00:47
jelknerpcardune: is that all we need him for (for now)?00:47
pcarduneyeah i think so00:47
jelknerrjellso: thanks! (now go get some sleep)00:48
rjellisopassword changed : >  Thanks, I'll do that.00:48
rjellisoHave fun  ; )00:48
*** rjelliso has quit IRC00:48
pcarduneok, do you want to create the Course?00:48
jelknernow what?00:49
pcarduneclick on Courses00:49
pcarduneand then click on New Course00:49
pcarduneand Enter in the appropriate information00:49
jelknerthen click on course and add section, yes?00:50
pcardunethen edit instructor and add me00:52
pcarduneand under students click edit individual and add yourself and Robbie00:52
jelkneri was two steps ahead of you ;-)00:52
jelknerbut there are no competencies yet00:53
jelknerso what's up with that drop down box next to the students00:53
pcarduneyou didn't add robbie as a student yet00:53
pcardunejelkner: where do you see the drop down box?00:54
jelknerfeedback: after you add the students, there needs to be a "finished" or "done" box or something00:54
jelkneri wandered off where I shouldn't have been00:54
jelkneri thought i was adding students to the section00:55
jelknerbut i was doing something else00:55
pcardunetalk to tom about that kind of stuff...00:55
pcardunethe user interface needs a major overhaul00:56
pcardunei believe they have someone hired for some work on that00:56
pcarduneI saw an email about sending around html mock-ups00:56
jelknerhopefully, we can get volunteers to go through the process of setting up classes like this and watch what they do00:56
jelkneruser centered design and all...00:56
jelknerbut for now, we have a class, and we have two students in it00:57
pcardunei'm going to add competencies to the course00:57
jelknercan we call it a day then?00:57
pcardunecheck out
jelknerand continue next tuesday?00:58
jelknerhold on...00:58
pcarduneor rather... look at
*** didymo has joined #schooltool00:59
jelknerhow did you do that so fast?00:59
pcardunethose are some intial competencies I came up with00:59
pcarduneimport :)00:59
pcardunefrom csv01:00
jelknerthat does it for now01:00
jelknerwe will continue with robbie next week01:00
jelknerfor the rest of the year his only assignment will be to work through this course to complete his competencies01:01
jelknerand to develop a portfolio01:01
jelknerand be your lab rat for testing curriculum ;-)01:01
pcardunewhere will the portfolio be?01:01
jelknerwe will need to figure that out01:01
pcardune(not ready in cando yet)01:01
jelknerare links ready yet?01:02
* th1a thinks we need to work on that navigation.01:02
pcardunewhat kind of links?01:02
pcardunecurriculum links?01:02
jelknerand evidence links01:02
jelknerth1a: hey tom01:02
pcarduneth1a, also, you can't set system wide permissions, you have to do it individually for each of the root folders (Persons, Courses, etc.)01:03
pcarduneevidence links: no01:03
jelknerhow long?01:03
jelkneri want that badly01:03
jelknerit isn't really useful for me until we have that01:03
pcardunei guess that depends on how badly you want it01:04
pcardunei could make that a priority01:04
jelknerthere needs to be a way for robbie to post evidence01:04
jelknerlinked to each competency01:04
jelknerthat's what i'm really looking for01:04
pcardunei'll do that for next week then01:05
jelknerok, i'm exhausted01:05
jelknersee you next tuesday01:05
jelknerbtw. any word from ccarlson?01:05
jelknerhe was out sick01:06
jelkneri'll stop by and see him when we get back01:06
pcardunewell I do need that info01:06
pcardunewait, when will that be?01:06
jelknercya tuesday...01:06
jelknera week from next tuesday01:06
pcardunecya tuesday then01:06
jelkneryou need to know sooner than that?01:06
pcardunesooner would be better01:07
jelknerbut could you wait if you needed to?01:07
jelkneri'll try to call01:07
pcardunei think so01:07
jelknerbut i already left him a message01:07
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herbhearthey all. How's the LDAP Hacking going on schooltool?19:15
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herbhearthey all. How's the LDAP Hacking going on schooltool?20:27
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