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ignasth1a, ayt ?14:36
tiredbonesDoes anyone know if SIF stands for, School Interoperability Framework?15:42
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th1atiredbones:  That's right.18:59
th1aWell, I think it is plural.  Schools I.F.19:00
th1aignas:  What's up?19:00
tiredbonesth1a, ok19:00
tiredbonesth1a, Do i have to inform you that I will attend the sprint at NH? I just want to observe. I have no problem I want to solve.19:02
th1aIf you are not going to the other events, I can try to get you a discounted rate.19:03
th1atiredbones:  I may try to get you to help make user documentation.19:04
tiredbonesI be happy to help.19:05
tiredbonesth1a, I've been reading up on ZODB and was concern how data quality was implemented. Do you try to control this my schemas alone/19:06
th1aI'm not sure what you mean by data quality in this case.19:07
tiredbonesduplications of data.19:07
th1aHow would one otherwise control it?19:09
tiredbonesI don't know in a object database??19:10
th1aHow would one do it in a relational database?19:11
tiredbonesAlso, from my reading I understand that all new object are just appended to Data.fs.19:11
th1aEssentially, I don19:11
th1a't know the answer to your question.19:12
tiredbonesok, thanks19:12
tiredbonesth1a, one more Q.. does schooltool use Squishdot to compress the DB?19:14
th1aSquishdot?  Isn't that an old Slashdot clone for Zope?19:14
th1aAnyway, we don't do anything special with the ZODB at this point.19:15
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srichterno data compression is used19:45
srichterin fact I am not aware of anyone doing this19:46
srichterI wonder whether the latest pickle format supports compression19:46
tiredbonesI understand there's a great savings in doing this. Unless what i'm reading is old hat.19:47
srichterwell, there would be disk space savings, but your load time would increase19:50
th1aI was just going to say that.19:50
srichterand disk space is not one of our worries19:51
srichtertime and RAM is19:51
th1aYes.  Disk space is the least of our worries.19:51
th1aAlthough we could use a web form to let you pack the db.19:51
srichterright, though I wonder how many objects we are modifying multiple times19:52
srichterthat would be an interesting task: pack a sample data filled DB19:52
tiredbonesI agree with that, what about history?19:52
srichteryou loose history when you pack; that's one of the tradeoffs19:53
srichterbut it is very unlikely that I am still interested in some intermediate version of a course of section 2 months down the road19:53
tiredbonesYes, but some laws will you to keep it.19:54
srichterI doubt it19:54
srichterI bet you that no other software keep those type of records19:54
tiredbonesI bet the contrary is so.19:55
th1atiredbones:  We log things that are needed for legal reasons.19:56
srichterwhy does it matter to keep the section around that has an incplete list of students for example?19:56
th1aWe don't count on ZODB history for that.19:56
th1aAlso, we don't actually support undo in the UI at this point, although it would be nice to in the future.19:57
tiredbonessrichter, knowing when the student was registered.19:58
th1a We don't count on history for that kind of thing.19:58
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srichterright, this is an application task19:58
srichterit needs to be described by the model, not by a feature of the storage19:59
tiredbonesth1a, if schooltool doesn't use undo, how do you remove an incomplete object?20:00
th1aWe don't use undo in the user space.20:00
tiredbonesa bad write.20:00
srichterthe transaction mechanism takes care of that20:00
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tiredboneshmm, lots to learn.20:01
tiredbonessrichter, this transaction mechanism that takes care of bad write is that schooltool only or this zope/20:03
srichterthis is a Zoep/ZODB feature20:03
srichterit works exactely as RDB transactions20:04
tiredbonesIf you have zope.ManageContent on a content why would you also need it in your browser directive?20:14
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