IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2006-03-24

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welshsrichter:  come back!!!00:08
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welshsrichter: u here?00:09
welshwe are here working on the paperwork for the summer sprints00:10
welshand have a few questions for u00:10
srichteryes, I just got in :-)00:10
welshwe're looking at your travel to DC00:12
welshyou need rountrip air from Boston to Arlington?00:12
welshand is your preference a hotel or with us00:12
srichter(I'll note that BOS -> BWI is really cheap00:12
welsh(we won't be offended either way)00:12
srichterI just need a way to get to Arlington00:12
welshwe'll pick you up00:13
welshas for lodging... hotel or with us?00:13
srichterI am not sure whether BOS -> Ronald Reagon Airport + Taxi or BOS -> BWI + rental car is cheaper00:13
srichterdoes not matter to me :-)00:13
srichterI usually stay at people's places00:13
welshok.  we'll figure it out from our end then.00:14
welshthanks for the option!00:14
welshany other thoughts/concerns/needs about trip?00:14
welshas for booking flights and getting stuff paid for00:15
welshwe'll need your help to coordinate it00:15
welshI'm looking into what the schools want to do tomorrow00:15
welshawesome; we're really pumped about having you and tom come down00:16
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srichterme too00:21
* srichter knows that welsh was already gone ;-)00:21
* Gwynn wonders how many coincidences he can handle00:44
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vmxwhere does all the data of schooltool get stored?05:00
vmxand where on the filesystem is it?05:01
th1aIn what kind of install?05:01
vmxfrom source (svn)05:01
vmxand simply make build05:02
th1aIt is in schooltool-skel/var05:02
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vmxignas: yesterday i tried to set all-day-events freom datetime to date. there are places where you need special cases18:04
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ignasvmx, and what are the places ?18:50
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ignasand how about unit tests, i'd expect some serious breakages ...18:50
vmxi haven't run any nittests yet, first i want to get the interface right (ok perhaps it's the wrong  way to go)18:54
vmxvery often is it als about ".date()"18:54
vmxwhen you don't need the time18:55
vmxbut of course has no date()18:55
vmxperhaps that should/can be changed18:55
vmxsomething like an event.dtstartdate attribute18:56
vmxbut you proabably know a better solution t osolve it18:56
ignasdt  stands for datetime18:57
ignasso datetimestartdate is not sensible18:57
vmxic (i wondered what the dt means ;)18:58
vmxi found in the source just "start" and "end" somewhere18:58
vmxperhaps these should be used more often18:58
vmxok, it's only used for single events19:00
vmxand using dtstart with an date object would be also wrong19:01
vmxa dtstarttz would be also nice19:10
vmxwhat do you think about adding an start (and perhpas even dtstarttz) attribute?19:11
vmxi g2g, i'll be back later19:24
ignaswhy dtstarttz ?19:27
ignasyou can get it from the datetime object19:27
ignasdatetime.tzinfo iirc19:27
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erchacheth1a: hi!19:30
erchachehow are you? :-P19:30
th1aI'm OK.  How are you erchache?19:30
erchacheufff... a lot of job19:31
erchachei finish mysql replication on a very very overloaded server exactly now19:31
th1aYou were successful?19:31
erchachewe are planning to redo translation of es.po because some terms and words has a very ugly translation into spanish19:32
erchacheyes! i do it19:32
erchachedo i say we are using mrbs instead schoolbell for computer rooms on my university?19:32
th1aYes, you told me that.19:33
erchachewell, with help of this change other universities of my country are interesting on take calendars to manage their events...and perhaps i can get more help for schooltool with this19:36
erchacheother question: Can i present schooltool into guadalinex and linex distro community?19:36
erchachei want to publish schooltool into these communities19:36
erchacheand get more users19:36
th1aerchache:  I certainly don't have a problem with that.  You don't really need my permission anyhow ;-)19:37
erchacheignas a ugly but fast LAMP reservation manager19:37
erchacheok, in this case i can make a little document and send to respective mailing list19:37
erchachewhich versions of schooltool/schoolbell are located on debian repositories?19:38
th1aerchache:  Just to make sure I understand, they're using mrbs instead of SchoolTool, right?19:39
erchacheyes, but only on our department19:40
erchacheteachers are using schooltool19:40
erchacheand likes this more than mrbs19:40
th1aAh.  OK.19:41
th1aThe Debian repository should have the lastest releases in the stable branch, which, iirc would be the x.x.4 releases.19:42
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erchachethe biggest reason to do it is because mrbs are LAMP and can integrate on HIDRA, a remote clone installator which use on our classrooms19:43
erchacheAnd here doesnt have many zope programmers :-(19:43
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vmxignas: i'll be away again, but to you question "why dtstarttz". dtstart is often the utc time, dtstarttz, would be in the current timezone then. you would save the ".astimezone"20:01
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erchachesee monday!20:03
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ignasvmx, it is not really making sense to do that20:04
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