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srichterth1a: I just sent you the new stories00:04
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ignasth1a, ayt ?15:17
srichterignas: it's at least an hour too early for him15:28
srichtereven though he sent me a mail around 8; I think he had something to do today15:28
ignasi see15:37
th1aignas:  Actually, I've been waking up at 5:00 AM.15:53
th1aAs a result of going to Europe and then not getting out of bed for three days.15:53
th1aOf course I usually go to bed around 3:00 AM, so this is quite a disorienting shift.15:54
ignasnow - about future abscence story ...15:56
ignasis it something similar to the Realtime attendance form, retrospective attendance form ?15:57
ignaskind of a "future attendance form"15:57
ignaswith all the required widgets/gadgets15:57
th1aIt is a bit different.15:57
ignasit seems to me that an identical form to the "Retrospective" one would do everything needed15:58
th1aThe use case is that ignas is going to be out next Tuesday for a doctor's appointment, say.15:59
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th1aSo hm...15:59
th1aWhat is your workflow?16:00
th1aI was imagining a specific form for this,16:00
th1a(that was a rhetorical question)16:00
th1alike, select the student or group,16:00
th1ago to a form that lets you select days or periods in the future,16:01
th1aand mark them as excused absences.16:01
ignasoh, you want it more student not date oriented16:01
ignasand the subset of students one can choose from is determined by what ?16:02
th1aI guess that's a permissions question.16:03
th1asrichter: ayt?16:03
srichterth1a: yep16:03
srichterdo I need to read the discussion above?16:03
th1aPerhaps we should discuss section and attendance permission a bit.16:04
srichter(I really do not have time for a lengthy discussion right now; I have to do some research for a meeting I am having at noon)16:05
th1asrichter:  No problem.16:05
th1aignas:  Anyhow, the general principle would be that you can only do this if you have permission to resolve the workflow.16:07
srichterI am reading the thread pretty qquick16:08
srichterI have 20 mins for this16:08
ignasso some kind of super administrator would get a list with all of the students ?16:08
ignasbecause that makes it pretty difficult to hand-pick all the students of some section/group ...16:09
th1aI think this would be an action on a student or group.16:09
th1aThe basic use cases are:  one student is going to the dentist or a vacation next week,16:10
th1athe baseball team is leaving after 1:00 on Tuesday.16:10
ignasi see16:11
srichterth1a: ping me when you are ready chat16:11
th1aSo you go to the baseball team group16:11
th1asrichter:  I actually don't think it is necessary now.16:11
ignasthus - go to the group/student, click on a button, select a date/period of time, get automatic explained abscences/tardies in the futurew16:11
th1aignas:  Yes.16:12
ignaswhat about overriding future abscences, like if the kid comes to the16:13
ignasclass eventually, while he is marked as an absent one16:13
ignas ?16:13
th1aOof.  Good point.16:13
th1aPerhaps these actually go into a pending state?16:14
ignaspending state ?16:14
th1aYou don't complete the workflow when you create the future absence.16:15
ignasand you have 2 outcomes - a) approve (resolves the other steps automagically using the data/explanations supplied)16:16
th1aThe workflow would be completed by the teacher in the class.  This just complexifies the attendance forms a bit.16:16
ignasb) reject, that returns you to the "create abscence" step or something like that16:16
ignasand the workflow16:17
th1aand the workflow?16:19
ignaswill be  more complex16:19
th1aOr perhaps just a different workflow?16:19
th1aIt is kind of the opposite process.16:19
ignas2 different workflows sound sane16:20
th1aWIth an admin (generally) starting it and the teacher approving it, rather than vice versa.16:20
ignasone of them controlling the other in some cases16:20
ignasth1a, at the moment admin is doing both - the approval and the initiation16:21
ignasaccording to the XML16:21
th1aYes, we'll have to straighten that out at some point as well, but not this morning.16:21
ignasi guess POV will have to work on the workflow to make it accomodate pending abscences/corrections and similar things16:22
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ignasth1a, what kind of resource booking do you want for timetable events ?16:52
ignasone way is - if you book a resource - you book it for all the events of that section16:52
ignasresources booked for section not events16:52
ignasor the more complex case of resources booked for single timetable events16:52
ignas"I will need that projector only in my next lecture" scenario16:53
ignasor maybe even both ?16:53
th1aLet's just say the first.17:00
th1aFor all events of the section.17:00
th1aThe main use case is getting occupied rooms marked as such.17:01
ignasth1a, when will you have time for discussing of "Attendance Control Panel"17:10
ignas ?17:10
ignasas the storry is quite hazy at the moment17:10
th1aIf you kick a draft back at me today (not including that story) I'll work on it over the weekend.17:11
ignasi'll try to finish it up17:11
ignasthe draft i mean17:12
ignaswhat do you mean by "producing reports for attendance in a given class" ?17:13
ignasiirc we don't have that functionality yet17:13
ignasor do we ?17:13
th1aIn which story?17:16
th1aOh, I see.17:16
th1aRight, that's why I say it "will be helpful."  Future tense.  We don't do that yet.17:17
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ignasth1a, are you still there ?18:08
th1aJust getting ready to head out.18:09
th1aWhat's up?18:09
ignasthe way you want them - one idea is - correction button erases the records completely and let's you enter a new one18:13
ignasa sec, just thought that there is no need for an "undo" like functionality inside of the explanation workflow18:13
ignascorrection is needed to - "change the tardy time" and "make this one unabsent/untardy"18:14
th1aWhat's the question?18:15
ignasboth cases might be solved by adding one more workflow for "correction" that deletes or not-deletes the abscence information leaving the record an "UNKNOWN"18:15
ignasor do you have something else in mind ?18:15
th1aWhy would you leave it "UNKNOWN?"18:17
ignasoh, probably "PRESENT"18:17
ignasnot unknow18:17
ignaswith an option to make it an abscence again18:18
th1aThat sounds right.18:18
ignasnow will we have to use the same correction machinery to convert a presence to an abscence ?18:23
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ignasth1a, i can't completely understand what modifications to the user interface would be required to complete the "Day Tardies19:12
ignas" story19:12
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pcardunemgedmin: Could you answer a question I have about the addform macro?20:17
mgedminask away20:30
pcardunewhat path do i use in a use-macro metal tag to use the addform macro?20:30
pcardunei know how to use the page macro with the path context/@@standard_macros/page20:30
mgedminI don't know; try grepping the sources20:30
pcardunei tried that, ... I can't even find the configuration for standard_macros20:31
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mgedminno, I meant grep for usage examples20:32
pcarduneis there a way to do recursive greps that display file names and line numbers?20:34
pcardunenvm, i'll figure it out on my own20:34
pcardunethanks anyways though20:34
mgedminfind src/ -type 'f'|xargs grep something20:35
mgedminis what I usually use20:36
mgedminfind src/ -name '*.pt'|grep -v '/.svn/'|xargs grep addform20:36
mgedminmight be more suited20:36
mgedminmight be more suitable20:36
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povbot/svn/commits: * pcardune committed revision 5776:23:58
povbot/svn/commits: Modified unwrapRequirement to fix a bug.  Originally isinstance(requirement,InheritedRequirement) was return false when it should have been true.  I checked with pdb.  I tried but was unsuccessful in writing a failing test for this.  My modification still seems to make all the tests pass so I think it is fine.23:58

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