IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2006-03-02

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mgedminwhat happened to the schoolbell 1.2.4/schooltool 0.11.4 releases?19:19
mgedminI see tags in subversion, but nothing on schooltool.org19:19
ignasmgedmin, maybe only Tom can upload new releases and stuff, and Tom was really busy/sick last couple of weeks ?19:20
tiredbonessrichter, I ran with the option -h to see what --dir does. The option --dir is not on the help page.19:26
mgedmintiredbones, perhaps you are confusing SchoolTool's with Zope3's
th1amgedmin:  Yes there are some things that need to be picked up off the floor.19:59
th1aNow that I can get out of bed...19:59
th1aI believe that the packages were pushed downstream to Ubuntu, which was the main worry (time-wise).20:01
mgedmindapper still has 1.2.320:11
th1aHm.  That's not good.20:11
th1aI'll have to ping jinty.20:11
th1aI also had sent out new attendance stories before I left, but I did it via so I guess you never got them.20:12
th1aAn open source project with broken mailing lists is in sad shape indeed.20:14
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srichteryep :-)20:24
srichterth1a: is there a general term for semester/trimester?20:25
srichtershould I call it n-mester? :-)20:25
th1aOther than term?20:26
srichterbasically the user chooses between academic year, n-mester, and grading period20:26
th1aThey both come from the latin mensis, for month.20:29
th1aWell, I think we might need to call them terms.20:29
th1aIn the interface, at least.20:30
srichterok, that's fine20:30
srichterth1a: do you think we can meet on Monday?20:30
th1aWe probably should.20:31
th1aRight now I'm discovering that if I actually feel any stress, I immediately get a stomachache...20:31
th1aBut I imagine I'll be up to 100% by Monday.20:32
srichterok :-)20:32
* mgedmin restarts mailman on schooltool.org20:33
mgedminwhoa -- load average: 38.40, 14.23, 5.2820:34
srichterholy shmoly!20:36
mgedminmassive disk I/O, some swapping20:36
mgedminload is down to 19.99 now20:39
th1amgedmin:  Did you check that before you restarted mailman?20:39
mgedminwhoa, 1123 requests in the mail queue20:39
mgedmin(there were 2 before I restarted mailman)20:40
mgedminis there a mail loop?20:40
th1aWhat is a mail loop?20:40
mgedminbounces causing bounces or something like that20:40
mgedminlook up "software laser" the jargon file20:41
mgedmin648 Requests in the mail queue20:41
mgedminso the number is going down20:41
mgedminhow long was mailman stuck?20:41
th1aI'm afraid it was probably about two weeks.20:42
mgedminthat probably explains it20:42
mgedminI once saw a load average of 40020:42
mgedminwhen a machine with nfs-mounted homes was without network connectivity for 2 days and tried to send an email from cron every 5 minutes20:43
mgedminand all the mails tried to go out at the same time, when network reappeared20:43
mgedminok, the mailing list seems to be back up20:44
mgedmin(if I knew it would be that easy, I would've restarted mailman when I first learned something was broken)20:44
th1aMe too.20:45
tiredbonesmgedmin, I'm lookong for the Zope3's
mgedmintiredbones, Zope3's --help does indeed mention --dir (as an alias to -s and --package)20:50
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mgedminI didn't even restart roundup this time20:51
* mgedmin is mystified20:51
mgedminthe machine could use a caring sysadmin20:51
tiredbonesmgedmin, On a second look, I stand corrected. thanks20:51
th1amgedmin:  jinty fixed roundup.20:53
th1aAnd he's going to become the paid, caring sysadmin once he gets back to Spain.20:53
mgedminjinty is my hero20:54
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