IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2006-02-17

srichtersure, but the idea is that people learn by doing00:00
srichterso you sit with one of us and suck up as much as you can00:00
th1aWe wouldn't randomly assign you a bug to fix and sit you in the corner ;-)00:01
th1aPerhaps if you came with specific issues, you could sit with a developer and work through them together.00:02
tiredbonesth1a, I don't have specific issues, I'm try to figure out the big picture and hoe it fix together, how everthing is tided together.00:04
dwelshwe're talking with Rob Page now00:04
dwelshthanks, Stephen, for making the connection00:05
th1atiredbones:  Hopefully by July you'll be far enough along to have some specific issues.00:05
tiredbonesth1a, I hope!00:05
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dwelshth1a:  there00:48
dwelshsrichter:  there?00:49
dwelshthanks a lot.  Rob was frank, open and helpful.00:49
dwelshProblem is State concerns regarding student confidentiality00:49
dwelshRob had wanted to do a CanDo type effort, but state didn't want liability00:49
th1aI see.00:49
dwelshirony is that our system and other systems are comfortable with CanDo00:50
dwelshmaybe our grassroots effort will either allay their fears00:50
th1aI don't understand these people.00:50
dwelshor they'll continue to allow our effort as a school system-based initiative00:50
srichteras long as they give you access to the API you could care less :-)00:50
dwelshRob had the good term:  Comptencies -- the Unauthorized Mandate!!!00:51
th1aIt isn't like they'd be hiring some guys who learned PHP out of a book.  They don't think Zope Corp can create a secure site?00:51
dwelshAnd yet here you have Arlington going down there on Tuesday, saying they're going ahead with CanDo with or without the state00:51
dwelshhopefully with!!!00:51
dwelshas in... some of their money00:52
dwelshthanks again, Stephen.00:52
dwelshwill let you guys know what happens00:52
dwelshfasten your seatbelts00:52
dwelshhave a good evening, fellas.  talk to you tuesday afternoon, 4pm.00:56
srichteryou too00:58
srichteradn good luck00:58
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