IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2006-02-13

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th1akitblake:  Hiya.18:33
tiredbonesHas anyone had any problem with unbuntu's version of zope 3.2 working with schooltool?19:03
th1atiredbones:  With the svn version of SchoolTool?19:04
th1aThe trunk?19:04
tiredbonesth1a, yes19:04
th1aHm... I'm not sure if anyone has actually tested it against those packages yet.19:04
tiredbonesth1a, okay - I'll give it a try.19:05
th1aWe're working on packages for Dapper right now, so we'll know more about it soon.19:05
th1atiredbones:  btw, we moved the trunk back to tracking the Zope 3 trunk again over the weekend, since there'll be another Zope 3 release (3.3) before there is a release from the SchoolTool trunk.  But I don't imagine anyone has broken 3.2 compatibility yet.19:09
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tiredbonesth1a, thanks for the info.19:10
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th1aerchache: Hi.19:56
erchachethis wednesday im going to a important conference19:57
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erchacheis presentation of guadalinex linux distro....based on ubuntu19:58
erchacheis used for local govern on my comunity19:58
th1aWhere is the conference?19:59
erchachejeff of ubuntu goes too19:59
erchachelike other on you remember?20:00
erchachethis is bigger more people and more money ;-)20:00
erchachei think must will be more fun :-P20:00
th1aIt it a national conference or regional?20:00
erchachewith national collateral implications20:02
th1aThe regional Linux scene is very exciting.20:02
erchachea of most important of spanish linux scene20:03
erchachewe have very very good programmers, hackers and so on linux20:03
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th1asrichter:  ayt?23:15
srichterth1a: yep23:15
th1aWhat's the thing you were telling me about where you can make PDF's from ZPT's?23:15
srichterthe guy who kept developing this has almost completely implemented the RML standard, reportlab's non-free markup language23:17
srichterth1a: when do you want to meet?23:18
srichterit might have moved somewhere else23:20
th1aThis wouldn't "just work" with Zope 3 though.23:20
srichterth1a: if you have reportlab it would23:21
srichteryou do not need the proprietary RML extension23:22
th1aOK.  I can use it outside of Plone.23:22
th1aLooking at the doctests...23:23
srichterit is not a Zope 2 product ;-)23:23
th1aOh.  This is Zope 3?23:24
th1aI guess 'configure.zcml' is a giveaway.23:25
srichternot anymore with Five being around :-)23:25
th1aalso 'srichter' in the author column.23:25
srichterhe he, that is true :-)23:25
th1aOK.  I'm going to try to use this to print report cards, now that we've got all FHS's grades in the gradebooks.23:26
th1aThe gradebook code worked pretty well.23:26
srichteroh, that will be interesting23:26
th1aThe only significant bugs were ones I introduced ;-)23:26
srichterhe he23:27
th1aI think... I got some division by zero errors in the stats.23:27
th1aYou should probably catch those.23:27
srichterI thought I did23:27
srichterjust send me the tracebacks23:27
th1aHm... my score system might have been bogus.23:27
srichterI am really looking forward to your implementation of the report cards23:28
th1aI may need some help with pdftemplate.23:28
th1aI'll let you know if I get stuck.23:28
srichterok, sure23:28
srichterthe demos I saw from Roger last week at the Snow Sprint were impressive23:28
th1aSo I need to find some PML documentation?23:29
srichterlet me see23:30
srichteryou can also use trml, tinyRML23:30
srichterthis way you can use the RML documentation23:30
srichterbtw, the sample folder contains a bunch of examples23:32
th1aI'm glad I'm not doing this on PowerSchool.23:34
srichterI hope you are going to have very fast success23:34
th1aThis will also be good for my TAL skills, which are probably a lot more feeble than you think.23:35
th1aAll my major Zope work was DTML.23:35
srichterwhen you have installed pdftempalte, all of the sample PDFs should be available23:41
srichterdarn, unfortunately, all the samples are registered for IFolder23:42
srichterso you would have to change that to IContainer to see them23:42
srichter(SchoolTool does not use Folder)23:43
th1aI could just use it with a regular Zope 3 instance?23:43

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