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povbot/svn/commits: * hoffman committed revision 5737:00:45
povbot/svn/commits: Fixed a typo in our code, but had to change the test to reflect the typo in Zope 3.2.00:45
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carljmhey all - just downloaded SchoolBell, and it's great!! thanks!  one question - is there any way to replace the SchoolBell logo in the upper left?  seems simple, but I can't find a way.05:14
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th1aAlthough I can't remember exactly how off the top of my head...05:15
th1aIt looks like the image is called logo.png,05:15
th1aso you should be able to search for that in the source tree.05:16
th1aAnd replace it.05:16
pcarduneare you guys going to put the logos you found? (in an excited voice)05:16
th1aYes, eventually.05:16
th1aI want to integrate them more into the flow of the UI, so if you have any ideas.05:17
pcardunesounds good to me!05:17
carljmth1a: thanks... except I have the Debian package, so no source tree - I looked for logo.png in the filesystem, but thought it's probably buried in Data.fs - am I wrong?05:18
th1acarljm Oh... I don't think so.05:18
th1aI'll poke around a bit.05:19
th1aTry /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/schoolbell/app/browser/resources/icon.png05:23
carljmyeah, just found that myself05:24
carljmbut I replaced it, restarted schoolbell, hard-reloaded the page, no difference.05:24
th1aAh.  Is it schoolbell.png?05:27
carljmi'll try that05:30
carljmdefinitely logo.png in the HTML source, but...05:30
th1aThere might be some misdirection going on.05:31
th1aTends to happen when you're trying to make two apps out of one source tree.05:31
carljmaha.  misdirection carries the day05:31
th1aNo problem.05:32
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carljmschoolbell question - anyone ever have a disappearing event?06:45
carljmit shows up on week and month views, but disappears on the day view06:45
carljmshould be right smack in the middle of the day, but it's not there ?06:46
carljmit seems to have something to do with the timezone setting - I create an event at 1pm (with a Mountain time user) - and it can't be found on the day view.  Switch that user to UTC, and it shows up at 8pm06:49
th1acarljm: Which version are you running?06:49
th1aI guess you're probably using what's in Breezy?06:50
carljmor so it says in the footer06:50
carljmthis problem didn't show up when my users were all set to UTC06:50
carljmbut I switched them all to Mountain, and now wierdness06:51
carljmand it's not with events previously created, it's with new ones06:51
th1aThat's the latest release, but we'll be making another bugfix release soon.06:52
th1aAlthough that sounds like something I thought we'd fixed.06:53
carljmi can give you access if you want to look at it yourself06:53
carljmjust a testing setup right now06:53
th1aSure, why not.06:53
carljmth1a: you get the login info?06:58
th1aOh, yes.06:58
th1aI'm actually looking at our bug tracker to see if this was supposed to be fixed.06:58
carljmoh, another fun one: AssertionError: not enough days, trying to see the yearly calendar07:00
th1aI should, by the way, point out that I'm not actually one of the developers.  I manage the SchoolTool project.  But if I seem clueless, that's why.07:01
carljmno problem - I appreciate the help07:02
th1aWell, I found something in the bug tracker about that one.07:04
th1aThe good news is, there is a workaround, the bad news is that you have to set Monday to be the first day of the week (European-style).07:04
th1aThat's what happens when you use European developers.07:04
carljmok - that fixes the "not enough days" error?07:05
th1aI'm not sure I'd call it a fix ;-)07:05
carljmwell, it does work around it, anyway07:05
carljmgood enough, i just have to demo this at 8am tomorrow :-)07:06
carljmand apparently the workaround for the other is to leave everyone at UTC for the moment07:07
carljmgood enough for now - any ETA on the bugfix release?07:07
th1aThe release will be soon, because we need to have a new package for the Ubuntu Dapper Drake release.07:09
th1aThe question is what bugs will be fixed.  I'm not entirely sure.07:09
th1aI'd agree that leaving everyone at UTC is the way to go.  And deciding whether or not you'd rather have the yearly view or American-style weeks.07:11
carljmOk.  Thanks for the help.07:11
th1aJust for context, this is part of a larger project to write school administration software, and we've got to focus our energy on writing things like attendance and gradebook tracking now.07:12
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th1aThat's why we can'f focus as much attention as we'd like on cleaning up these calendaring bugs.07:12
th1aIf you're a Python programmer, we'll happily accept patches ;-)07:13
carljmI am a Python programmer, though I don't know the whole Zope framework much at all.07:15
carljmI'll poke around if I have some free time, and if I can figure out what's going on I'll submit something.07:15
th1aYes, and the timezone stuff is just flat hard.07:15
th1aBut fun and challenging!07:16
th1aMmm..... timezones :-D07:16
carljmYeah, never had to work with timezones before.  Doesn't seem that complicated - famous last words07:16
th1aYes, if I could do it over again, we would have skipped it entirely.07:17
th1aIt is pretty much a choice between constant complaints about a lack of timezone support or complaints about timezone bugs.07:17
th1aI think we'll be able to straighten it all out when we get some time.07:17
th1aI'm perhaps not being a good salesman here.07:18
carljmWell, for a straight shared calendar, the product is overall heads and shoulders above the other open source options I looked at07:19
th1aI do think we've got some real strengths.07:19
carljmPrimarily in terms of usability.  I looked at stuff like phpGroupWare, PHProjekt, etc. - plenty of features, but there's no way my users will make it through those three-page labyrinth forms.07:19
th1aYes, groupware usually tries to do too much.07:20
carljmMight be some other options I missed, but I really like SchoolBells, so I'll deal with a few bugs.07:20
carljmYou don't have any clues for me about how I could get rid of that Yearly link, temporarily?07:21
carljmThere doesn't happen to be a handy HTML template sitting around somewhere, does there?  It isn't in the same dir as the images and CSS, so maybe there isn't.07:21
th1aThose are in the resources directory.07:22
th1aYou want a template, which is probably just a level higher... in /browser07:22
th1aExtension .pt07:22
th1aWelcome to Zope Page Templates.07:23
th1aA bit daunting, but pure XHTML templates.07:23
carljmSimple enough.07:25
th1aI'm going to take a bath.07:26
th1aGood talking to you carljm07:26
th1aGood luck.07:26
carljmyep, thanks for all the help07:27
carljmgood night07:27
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th1aerchache:  We'll be shooting for the bugfix release in the next couple weeks, because we'll need to have it ready for Dapper.19:22
erchacheth1a: cool :-D19:43
th1aWe just have to figure out who is going to do the back-porting.19:43
erchachewhat do you say about backporting? :-S19:44
th1aTaking the fixes in the trunk and putting them in the release branches.19:45
erchacheok ok....sounds very very good :-D19:49
erchacheother question: how i can setup site to show all calendars of manager for non-register users at first page?19:52
erchachei set view perm on set up access...but when enter without logging on site...doesnt show any event....why?19:53
th1aYou see the calendar but no event when you aren't logged in?  But the event is there if you're logged in?19:54
erchacheno no...i cant see nothing19:54
erchachei want unlogged users can view all calendars19:54
th1aThe calendar on the front page will only show events that are added to it directly.19:55
erchachecant be hacked to show information which i want?19:57
th1aBecause that's what it is designed to do.19:57
th1aI you write some code, it'll do whatever you want.19:58
erchacheuhmm....must be a future feature...19:58
erchachebecause this design must need without excuse to log on system to show information19:58
erchacheall deny system no?19:58
th1aRight now, the system is designed around the needs of registered users, not really anonymous ones.19:59
erchacheuhmm......perhaps creating a anonymous users that log automatically?20:00
erchacheif dont log?20:01
th1aYou can set the permissions to make all calendars visible to anonymous users.20:01
erchachei do that...20:02
erchachebut anonymous user must to find information20:02
erchachelike a pull system20:02
erchachei want a push system20:02
erchacheinformation goes to user....not viceversa...than user goes to information20:03
th1aYes.  We don't do that.20:04
erchachei understand....system are created for personal management system....not like a
erchachea cms....need to log on system20:09
erchachethis is ok for schooltool.....but for schoolbell not20:09
erchacheschoolbell must get more features in this way20:09
erchachei know i know DO IT YOURSELF! ;-)20:09
erchachefuck....i need some payed student to do that :-S20:10
erchachewell i left....bye :-D20:30
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