IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2006-02-02

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povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5736:11:43
povbot/svn/commits: Make the student attendance page prettier when there are no terms defined.11:43
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erchacheignas: what do i need to make trunk version into a stable version?16:10
erchachewith my old data.fs?16:10
erchacheor i cant?16:13
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th1aHi SteveA.21:25
th1aWhat's up?21:26
SteveAth1a: i've just been talking to doko  (mathias klose) who packages python and zope stuff for ubuntu21:26
SteveAthere's this dapper release coming up21:26
SteveAand it's already officially passed the upstream freeze date21:26
SteveAand we're talking on #launchpad (not really an appropriate channel)21:26
SteveAabout what versions of twisted and zope3 and schooltool and schoolbell should be supported21:26
th1aI see.21:26
th1aThis is something we need to straighten out.21:27
SteveAdo you have a "get stuff sorted so that it can be in dapper" task in the schooltool plan?21:27
SteveAyeah, and soon21:27
SteveAdo you have time to talk about it now?21:27
th1ajinty:  Are you awake?21:28
SteveAi'll ask doko to join in21:28
th1aGood thing.21:28
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SteveAhi doko21:28
th1aHi doko.21:28
dokohi SteveA21:28
SteveAth1a is tom hoffman, schooltool project manager kinda person21:29
SteveAth1a: what is your official title now?21:29
th1aSo we want to have a SchoolTool and SchoolBell which work with Zope 3.2?21:29
th1a"Project manager"21:29
dokothere's only an announce, and an checkins mailing list, no discuss list?21:29
SteveAi think the overall goal is that we want to have a good schooltool and schoolbell in dapper21:29
SteveAwe need to decide what that means21:29
SteveAand work out how to do that, within the constraints of "not having crackful zope and twisted stuff" in dapper21:30
dokoth1a: I currently do not like the idea to have to support two zope3 versions in a distro release (3.1 and 3.2)21:30
th1adoko: There should be a "schooltool" list, but we just moved the lists between servers, so perhaps something broke.21:30
th1aSo which Zope 3 are you planning on putting in Dapper?21:31
doko just lists these two21:31
th1adoko:  OK, I'll investigate.  Thanks.21:31
SteveAth1a: the only thing in dapper that requires zope3 is schooltool / schoolbell, as i understand it21:31
dokoat the moment, the easiest way is to go with 3.1, SteveA suggested to upgrade to 3.2 for other reasons21:32
SteveAi think 3.2 would be easier to support, as the zope community would be more interested in doing so21:32
SteveAand (except for the twisted parts, which are optional) it is better code21:33
th1aiirc, the code in our stable branches works with 3.1, but we'd actually need to do a little work to get them to work with 3.2.  Is that right, jinty?21:33
jintythe tests fail with 3.221:33
jintybut in a way that it is difficult to know how much work it will be21:34
th1aIt is supposed to be backward compatible, so I assume the changes aren't TOO significant.21:34
th1aBut you know what happens when you assume.21:34
SteveAit depends how deep you've gone in plugging into the infrastructure21:34
th1aOur trunk works with 3.2, so whatever changes need to be made were made there already, I would imagine.21:35
th1aSo... you guys need to decide which Zope3, and we need to make new packages that work with it?21:36
dokoth1a: do you have a release schedule for the next version?21:36
th1aSo the current releases just do calendaring, and we've been working on a bunch of school administration features on the trunk.21:37
th1aAll that stuff will come out in the summer.21:37
th1aSo what will go in dapper is really just bugfixes of the packages that were in breezy.21:38
th1aAnd updated to work with Zope 3 packages if you've got 'em.21:38
th1aAnd I've been thinking that we're due for a new bugfix release, since we just fixed a pretty big bug.21:39
jintydoko: the latest trunk is very scary right now.21:39
th1aBut I didn't really have a schedule right now.21:39
dokoth1a: that bug fix release would include 3.2 support?21:39
th1ajinty: SchoolTool trunk?21:39
th1adoko:  We hadn't made a decision about that.21:39
dokothe current status in dapper is zope-3.2 and schooltool-0.11.321:40
jintyth1a: yes, I mean major changes to the database structure, and very little testing that they actually work21:40
th1aYes, but it won't be released for about six months.21:41
th1ajinty:  The CanDo guys are going to do some work on the migration, since they've got data they need to migrate.21:43
jintyth1a: nice, maybe I should be around for their meetings sometime;)21:44
th1aSo we need to get out a bugfix that works with the Zope 3.2 package for Dapper.21:44
jintydoko: is there a timeframe?21:45
dokojinty: feature freeze would be nice, which is ...21:45
dokoFeb 2321:46
th1aThat sounds doable.21:47
th1aSteveA:  Can we use LaunchPad now to host our releases: including Mac and Windows binaries?21:47
SteveAinteresting question21:48
SteveAwe don't actually host releases on launchpad21:48
SteveAwe just index them21:48
SteveAmy best answer is "you can try"21:49
SteveAand talk on #launchpad if you can't get it to do what you need21:49
th1aOK... but eventually if we're using bazaar on LaunchPad, you'd be able to get a tarball or .deb generated by LaunchPad?  Is that the intent?21:50
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SteveAthere will be a part of launchpad for things called "personal package archives"21:53
SteveAwhere you can release .deb files21:53
SteveAbut not tarballs21:53
SteveAtarballs will always be outside of launchpad21:53
SteveAsame for windows and mac binaries, as far as i know21:54
th1aOK, so this is one sense in which LaunchPad isn't trying to be SourceForge then.21:54
th1aIt is collaborative tools, but not hosting releases.21:54
th1aOK.  That's good to know.21:55
SteveAright now, we have no plans for hosting releases or running mailing lists21:55
th1aIt makes sense.21:55
SteveAfood time.  see you later21:58
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