IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2006-01-30

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povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 5702:13:11
povbot/svn/commits: Too much whitespace.13:11
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shaprSilly question, gives a link to SchoolTool bounties, but doesn't give much detail. I also don't see any bounty info in the schooltool issue tracker. Where can I find such info?13:47
* shapr wants to get paid to hack on OSS13:47
mgedminshapr, talk to th1a once he wakes up13:48
shaprok, and hello13:49
mgedminhi yourself ;)13:49
Aisteshapr: hya13:50
shaprgreetings Aiste13:50
shaprhey alga13:50
* shapr bounces cheerfully13:50
povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5703:14:06
povbot/svn/commits: Added API safeguards.14:07
povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 5704:14:53
povbot/svn/commits: Remove extra import.14:53
povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 5705:14:54
povbot/svn/commits: Attendance logging.14:54
povbot/svn/commits: * ignas committed revision 5706:15:02
povbot/svn/commits: Ooops, forgot a file.15:02
mgedminthe "file and forget" approach to testing ;)15:04
mgedminwoohoo, libxml2 sees <textarea name="foo" id="foo"> and complains that id "foo" is already used!15:09
mgedminbaaad libxml215:09
mgedminif I remove either name or id, it doesn't complain15:09
povbot/svn/commits: * alga committed revision 5707:15:09
povbot/svn/commits: Changed a PersistentDict into an OOBTree for speed.15:09
povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5708:15:20
povbot/svn/commits: Attendance explanation and resolution from the student attendance view.15:20
povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5709:15:26
povbot/svn/commits: Rename SectionAttendancePlugin to SampleAttendancePlugin.15:26
mgedminsee you all in an hour15:30
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povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5710:16:17
povbot/svn/commits: Small fixes.16:17
shaprth1a: Awake?16:18
th1ashapr: Hi.16:23
shaprDo you know where I can find information on schooltool bounties?16:24
th1aWell... despite Mark's advertisement, we haven't really been using bounties at this point.16:25
th1aBecause it is difficult to define the building blocks of an application (which is where we are) as bounties.16:25
shaprWell, I'm a contract programmer who's sick of working for corporations... I'm looking for any and all paying open source work.16:26
th1aI see.16:26
shaprThough my skills center around Haskell, Python, Java, Linux, and academic computer science.16:26
shaprI've been a self employed Zope/Plone guy for about five years.16:26
shaprWell, Python and Java first, then Zope and Plone later.16:27
shaprAnyway, if you end up with some building blocks that need doing, I'm interested.16:27
th1aIt has also been a bit tricky since Zope 3 is rather different than Zope 2.16:27
shaprI haven't yet learned Zope 3, but would very much like to.16:27
shaprI'm thoroughly sick of the lack of composability of Zope 216:28
th1aThe fact of the matter is, if you can fix a few bugs, or otherwise demonstrate that you grok Zope 3 and SchoolTool, it is fairly likely that I will need you at some point this year.16:28
Aistehi th1a16:28
shaprth1a: Well, I can do that :-)16:29
th1aHi Aiste.16:29
shaprth1a: Any problems working with a US Citizen living in Sweden?16:29
th1aNone whatsoever.16:29
th1aYou should snail-mail that to me, because we need a hard copy, and they tend to get misplaced at this point by the Foundation.16:31
shaprSilly question, how can two people both have exclusive rights?16:31
th1aTom Hoffman/125 Adelaide Ave./Providence, RI 0290716:31
th1aThe contributor agreement is based on the Zope contributor agreement.16:32
shaprYeah, it looks like it. I like that approach.16:32
th1aIt allows the Shuttleworth Foundation to change the license if necessary.16:33
shaprYou may want to specify which version(s) of the GPL are acceptable.16:33
th1aThat is becoming an issue now.16:33
shaprAlso, I don't think Sweden has any cryptocontrols, but I'll have to check.16:34
th1ashapr:  I need to start our meeting, but if you want to email me a scan or something like that before the snail mail gets to me, we can do that.16:34
shaprThanks :-)16:34
th1aThank you!16:34
th1ahi ignas, mgedmin.16:34
mgedminhi, th1a16:34
th1aI'm not sure if srichter will be paying attention.16:35
th1aI've been repurposing some of alga's code.16:35
th1aBasically, I'm reusing the sample data code to write scripts to import data from text files to set up a SchoolTool instance for my old school here.16:36
th1aWhich is the method I think we'll use when we start doing this for real with our partners.16:37
th1aSo that the whole setup is scripted.16:37
ignaswhy not REST ?16:38
mgedminspeed perhaps?16:38
th1aWell, I'm doing this in Python on the same machine, so REST isn't really necessary.  I considered it.16:39
th1aSeemed like more work.16:39
ignasi see16:39
mgedminit *might* be more reliable, though16:39
mgedminif there are any constraints that are only checked in views16:39
th1amgedmin:  I was wondering about that.16:40
mgedminrather than deep in model classes16:40
mgedminon the other hand, I don't think there are any cases like this16:40
mgedminwe tried hard to keep constraint checking in core code or event subscribers instead of views16:40
mgedminsometimes I think it would be worth it to have methods to sanity check data (class invariants etc.)16:41
algaSo that you have a mental picture of us now:
mgedminlike we have unit tests to check code16:41
th1aWell, regardless, I can still use my new "setup data" package with REST as well.16:41
th1aalga:  Nice.  SteveA is there?16:42
mgedminyes, but he's laptopless16:42
th1aSay "Hi" for me.16:42
shapr(and me!)16:42
AistesteveA says hi to th1a and shapr16:43
*** alga is now known as SteveA__16:43
th1aAnother nice thing about scripting the whole setup process is that if you decide half-way through that you should have done it with REST, it would be pretty easy to switch.16:43
*** SteveA__ is now known as alga16:43
th1aSo I'll probably check that in this week, although it isn't much more than a global find/replace of "sample" for "setup" and removing all the code for randomness.16:44
th1aWe're also going to be testing out the gradebook here at the school this week, and I might need some advice on generating pdf reports soon.16:45
th1aNot quite yet.16:45
th1aSo... where are we with attendance?16:45
Aisteth1a: what plans do you ahve for the next bit of work for pov?16:45
mgedminI think we're done16:46
mgedminunless we missed something16:46
th1aMore attendance and/or calendar bugfixing.16:46
th1aAre period attendances tied into day attendances now?16:46
Aisteth1a: we want to take a week or two break before starting on the next bit16:47
ignasth1a, no16:47
th1aSo that if the day attendance is excused then all the constituent periods are?16:47
mgedminah, that's what you meant16:47
mgedminI thought you were talking about sample data16:47
th1aThat's rather essential.16:47
th1aThis is the problem with cross-cultural programming.  Perhaps I didn't explain that requirement well enough.16:49
mgedminyou could say that16:49
mgedminignas seems to understand it, though16:49
mgedminso, if you accept an explanation for a day absence16:50
mgedminall section absences on the same day should get the same explanation and become excused?16:50
mgedmindid I get it right?16:50
mgedminis that all, or was there something else?16:50
th1aAnother possible approach would be that when there is a day absence, you don't record period absences, but that the method that checks for period absence would also check for day absences.16:51
ignaswon't that b16:52
ignase difficult to implement when someone skips the day attendance16:52
ignasbut comes to a section meeting16:52
th1aignas:  I'm dubious, too, but I thought I'd throw it out there.16:52
th1aSo, keeping with the current thinking, yes, mgedmin is right.16:53
ignasmy sense of underspecified feature is tingling ;)16:53
th1aYes... I'm feeling the same way too, a bit.16:54
th1aIn the case of absences, it is pretty straightforward.16:54
th1aIf the student was absent for the whole day.16:54
mgedminbtw, currently you can select the checkboxes for a homeroom absence, and all section meetings on a particular day, and add explanations/excuse all the absences with one form submission16:55
th1aCases when you are tardy "for the day" are more complicated (and perhaps we should punt on for this contract).16:55
th1aI hadn't seen that.16:55
mgedmin(I think we discussed that during one meeting)16:56
mgedminIt just went in a couple of hours ago16:56
th1aOK.  So that's probably fine.16:57
mgedminsuggestion: can we somehow acquire the habit of updating the story descriptions on after we discuss features on irc in the future?16:57
th1amgedmin:  good point.16:57
shaprMaybe attendance could be efficiently and consistently saved as an entire day status with specific chunks of difference?16:58
ignasshapr, it is a bit more complicated than that ...16:58
shaprOk, I'll look at the source.16:58
mgedminit is an interesting idea, but I'm not sure it wins anything16:59
shaprIt would associate period and day attendance.17:00
mgedmineverything gets tricky once you have half a million recorded attendances17:00
th1aI'm generating some new sample data to check the implementation.17:00
mgedmincurrently we save a lot by reusing the same section attendance record object for all students in a section17:00
th1aWhat does "No handlers could be found for logger "attendance" mean?17:02
mgedminI think it means you do not have the attendance log file specified in schooltool.conf17:02
mgedminlook at schooltool.conf.in17:02
mgedmininside schooltool-skel/etc (I think)17:03
ignasnot in skel17:03
ignasiirc it's in schooltool directly iirc17:03
ignasbut i might be wrong :/17:03
th1aRight.  I had an old schooltool.conf, so that'd probably do it.17:03
mgedminwe have two files -- one in root, one in skel?17:04
th1aIs there one is skel?17:04
mgedminuhh, so which is right?17:04
ignasthe one not in skel i'd guess17:05
th1aWell, this is if you aren't working from an instance, right.17:05
mgedminyippe, and the two files are quite different17:05
th1aIf you actually install this properly, you'd be working from the one in skel?17:05
th1aI think I understand why it ended up this way, but they certainly should be the same, I would think.17:07
mgedminthis needs a bit of sitting down and thinking17:07
th1amgedmin:  Are you standing?17:07
mgedminpreferably with jinty/srichter to explain how the skel is intended to be used17:07
mgedminno, but I'm not thinking either17:08
th1aIt looks like you are sitting in the picture.17:08
th1aBy the way, I'm relieved it is getting warmer in Vilnius.17:08
mgedminyep, it's +0°C right now17:08
th1aYes, we should ask jinty how it is supposed to work.17:09
th1aOK... moving on... so POV will be ready for more work in about a week?17:09
Aistemore like two weeks17:10
algath1a: I intend to move the tracker and the lists to the schooltool server this week17:10
th1aHow much work is moving the tracker?  We could just move to Malone now.17:11
mgedmincan malone import bugs from roundup?17:12
th1aYou can ask SteveA.  I think we'd have to write a script.17:12
th1aPerhaps we'd want to do it semi-manually to weed things out at the same time.17:13
th1aIt is an open question.17:14
th1aI don't have strong feelings about it at this point.17:14
mgedminI'm not very happy with roundup17:14
mgedminbut I haven't used malone much17:14
mgedmina long time ago it was pretty inconvenient17:14
mgedminnow it is an unknown17:14
th1aI don't like roundup.17:14
th1aWell, I'll  take another look at it.17:15
th1aThey're using Malone for Breezy, so one assumes that it works at this point.17:16
mgedmin(and if it doesn't, it will start working Real Soon)17:16
th1aAnyhow... let's discuss the next contract.17:16
th1aMostly, this will be refinements to the attendance system.17:17
th1aMaking the workflow smarter.17:17
th1aClosing absences after a certain period of time.17:17
th1aAllowing the user to chose from a configurable set of resolution codes.17:17
th1aalga:  Any particular inspiration for your sigh?17:18
algarefining attendance sounds like dull work to me17:19
algaperhaps it's personal...17:19
th1aalga:  Well, I know we've had you walking in circles for years.17:19
Aistewhat about bugs?17:19
th1aWe should mix in some calendar bugfixing, too.17:20
ignasyum yum17:20
th1aIf it will improve morale to do some calendar bugfixing first, perhaps you should do that.17:20
th1aOr some of both.17:21
th1aWhat's your preference?17:21
th1aAlso, I'd be willing to give you latitude over which calendaring bugs to fix first, if you'd like it.17:22
ignaspreference is - having enough time allocated for bugfixing so we could fix bugs/refactor code without being eaten alive by the deadline17:22
ignaswhile implementing new features17:22
ignasbecause most of the time it's like - oh it would be so easier to implement feature A if the bug B was fixed, but fixing that bug will take another day, and we are on tight schedule ...17:24
th1aAt this point, I'm budgeted for six weeks of calendar bugfixing.17:24
th1aIf you want to do that next, we could do that next.17:25
th1aI think that might make POV feel better.17:26
AisteI second what ignas said17:26
algaignas feels that fixing bugs parallel with development is better17:27
algaI concur17:27
ignasi'd prefer fixing bugs concurently to implementing features17:27
ignasbecause 100% dedication to bugfixing might be a bit too dangerous ;)17:27
algahard to estimate17:27
th1aIn that case, we'll allow 1/3 of the next contract for bugfixing?17:27
ignaswe might like slip to needless refactoring/improvement of the codebase ...17:27
ignas1/3 sound very sane17:28
th1aWell, there are plenty of specific bugs?17:28
th1aShould we specify specific bugs for the next contract as well as general bugfixing?17:28
Aisteth1a: what about this contract? is it done in your opinion?17:29
th1aI'm waiting for my sample data to finish generating...17:29
th1aAh, there it is.17:29
th1a1136 seconds.17:29
* mgedmin wants to do an AJAXy progress bar for sample data17:30
mgedmin(just to figure out how you make one)17:30
ignasand a spalsh screen :D17:30
th1aThat would be nice.17:30
Aistea spastic splash screen :D17:30
ignaswith the crazy zebra!17:30
th1aI'll have to look this over and get back to you later.17:30
th1aYes, we have to integrate Zonki into the UI now.17:31
ignasall proactive17:31
th1aAngry Zonki when you get an error.17:31
th1aHappy Zonki when you complete something difficult.17:31
th1aDancing Zonki when the meeting is over.17:32
Aisteout of his mind zonki after generating sample data :)17:32
mgedminsleeping Zonki while you generate sample data :)17:32
ignasare there things that are difficult in schooltool ?17:32
* shapr grins17:32
th1aEverything is easy with SchoolTool!17:32
algaJust Add Water (TM)17:33
ignasand 1 gb of ram17:33
AisteIt Just Works (TM)17:33
ignasbenchmarking swapping algorithms of your operating system since 2006 January17:34
th1aOK, here's one issue: the sparklines are still slow.17:34
ignas:/ they should be like 5-6 times faster now17:34
alga20 dynamically generated pictures -- what do you expect?17:35
th1aWell, perhaps it is a bit impractical.17:35
mgedminth1a, how long does it take to generate those sparklines, and how many students do you have?17:35
th1aI'm counting about 8 seconds from when it starts drawing the first to the last one.17:36
th1aThis looks like a pretty big class.17:36
th1aWould it be twice as fast if we only went back five days?17:37
mgedmin8 seconds!17:37
mgedminit used to be 50 seconds!17:38
mgedminwell, 4317:38
th1aOK ;-)17:38
mgedminbetween when I pressed the link, and the attendance form finished generation17:38
mgedminactually, 2/3rds of that time was taken by the form itself, and only 1/3 by sparklines17:38
mgedmin(with, I believe, 20 students)17:38
mgedminanyway, ok, if you take a fresh look at it, 8 seconds for a single page is too long17:39
th1aWould cutting it to the last five days make it faster?17:39
ignasback to the bat profiler ?17:39
mgedminI suggest including time for optimisation as well as bug fixing17:39
th1aTwice as fast?17:39
mgedminmaybe, maybe not17:40
* mgedmin checks his watch17:40
mgedminoh, my, look at the time17:40
th1amgedmin:  I just don't want to establish (any more than we have...) the idea that I'm paying you to create too slow implementations that you'll subsequently be paid to make usable.17:41
th1aYes, our time is up.17:41
mgedmingood point17:41
th1aI'll look over this some more & get back to you.17:41
mgedminsee you later17:41
th1aThanks everyone.17:41
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* th1a strikes the virtual gavel.17:42
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th1ashapr:  A lot of the bugs in the tracker are calendaring/timezone bugs.17:42
th1aThat stuff can be pretty baroque.17:43
shaprNo promises that I'll pick hard bugs to start with :-)17:43
th1aI'm warning you away from it.17:43
th1aThere are plenty of more surfacy bugs.17:44
th1aYou might want to start by just playing with the app and cleaning up some of the more obvious UI gaffes.17:44
shaprI've dealt with somewhat baroque stuff before, ASN.1 and X.509 for RFC3161. I can now run with confidence.17:45
th1aOK, I don't even know what that is, so I'll take your word for it ;-)17:45
shaprIf you want to know what it is, I'd be happy to tell you. In short, it's Public Key Infrastructure stuff.17:46
shaprNecessary, but no fun.17:47
th1aAlso, make sure and look at the "commendations" package.17:48
th1aThat's our little tutorial.17:48
* shapr looks17:50
shaprth1a: There is something of a trick to TDD btw. (reading your blog)18:00
th1aWell, part of the trick is that you have to understand the whole system pretty well.18:01
shaprIn my experience, good tests should both specify functionality and test external interfaces only. That allows you to refactor smoothly.18:01
shaprYeah, true. If you write code that goes against the spirit of the system, it'll likely break some tests.18:02
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th1aUnfortunately, sometimes tests are just too brittle.18:03
shaprOn the other hand, I'm a rabid fan of TDD, so I'm happy it's SOP for schooltool.18:03
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*** vidasp has left #schooltool18:09
* mgedmin reads logs18:14
* mgedmin thinks he hasn't yet found the sweet spot of unit tests (the right balance between white/black box testing and stubbing/using real objects)18:14
shaprAs many people know, I'm a fan of purely functional programming. In that paradigm, mock objects and unit tests are pretty much the same thing.18:15
shaprI've been looking for a good excuse to try peckcheck -
*** Diosan has joined #schooltool18:18
DiosanGood morning folks18:18
Diosanwhats up18:18
Diosanam I interupting anything ?18:18
DiosanI hope not18:18
DiosanI was hoping for some guidance18:19
th1aOur meeting ended 40 minutes ago.18:19
Diosangood to see there are still ppl in channel18:19
th1aThere are usually at least a few of us around.18:20
Diosanone of the things I noticed about this project18:20
DiosanI was trying to modify it possibly create a module18:20
Diosanbut i am sure i am doing things all wrong18:20
th1aYes.  Did you look at the "commendations" package.18:20
Diosaneven though i have been having sucess18:20
Diosanno ?18:21
th1aI need to figure out how to advertise that a bit more.18:21
Diosanwhats that about ?18:21
th1aThat's our tutorial, essentially.18:21
th1aFor doing modules.18:21
th1aIt is pretty recent.18:21
Diosanyour kidding18:22
Diosanwhere do I get that18:22
th1aIt is in the source tree.18:22
th1aIn svn.18:22
DiosanI was basically reverse engineering the darn thing18:22
th1aPerhaps I should note that in the README...18:23
Diosanok well I know I am idiot for even asking this question18:23
Diosanbut schooltool is based on zope correct18:23
th1aThat, and "devmode."  Turn devmode on in your schooltool.conf, if you haven't.18:24
th1aSchoolTool is based on Zope 3.18:24
th1aWhich is rather different than Zope 2.18:24
Diosandoes that mean I can use Zopes interface to modify it ?18:24
Diosanbut considering I haven't turned on devmode18:24
th1aYou have to work through the filesystem.18:24
Diosanthat would probably be the first step18:24
th1aThen you can access the API documentation.18:25
DiosanI basically using vi and kwrite to edit the files by hand right now18:25
th1aClearly, I need to make these new features more obvious.18:25
DiosanI see18:25
Diosanidiots like myself tend to miss things that aren't in bold size 43 font18:26
th1aYes, there is no perfect place that everyone will see.18:26
th1aI'll make it more obvious, though.18:27
th1aOr at least I've added that to my to-do list.18:27
th1aDiosan:  That should get you started.  I'm going to take a shower now.18:27
th1aDiosan:  Good luck.18:28
Diosanthanks alot ;)18:28
*** alga has joined #SchoolTool18:43
algath1a: can you create a user for me on the new server?18:44
algawith sudo rights18:44
shaprI would be willing to do lots of bounty development for open source projects, but it's difficult to find hard details on who's willingto pay for what.18:46
th1aMark integrating bounties into LaunchPad, which should help eventually.  Have you seen
shaprth1a: My mother is a librarian in Muscle Shoals, Alabama and has several times asked me about library management with open source. Does schooltool have library management as part of its goals?18:47
th1aNot really.18:47
th1aThere are other open source alternatives.18:48
th1aThe one from New Zealand...18:48
shaprLaunchpad does have some bounties. If they're kept up to date, I'll try some of them.18:50
shaprThanks for the pointer.18:50
shaprI'd seen LaunchPad before, but hadn't checked the bounty list recently.18:50
shaprI do wish Rosetta would be released for general use. I could very much use it in my Plone contracts.18:51
th1aI expect LaunchPad will become a bigger deal in the coming year.18:51
shaprBut an EU project has no business registering its PO files on the Rosetta instance designed for OSS projects.18:51
shaprSo I'll keep on hand hacking PO files for my clients.18:52
th1ashapr:  Ah.18:52
th1aSo you work on EU projects?18:52
shaprAmong other things.18:52
shaprIf it's geeky and it pays (and isn't unethical), I can probably be persuaded to do it.18:52
algath1a: please, I want to start migrating the tracker and mailing lists18:53
th1aYou're in there.18:53
shaprI met alga, aiste, SteveA, mgedmin, et al at EuroPython 2004.18:53
algashould I expect a password in the mail?18:53
th1aThe password is the name of the restaurant you had lunch in (I think), lowercase, one word.18:53
th1aTry that.18:54
th1aThat is, run the two words together.18:54
algaOK, thanks, I'm in18:54
shaprI run my own colocated server, mostly to host OSS projects for the Haskell community. I do make some money from hosting, sysadmin, and email there.18:55
shaprIf I had all the money I could ever want, I'd probably get a CS degree and then a PhD in type theory or proof programming.18:56
th1aOnce we have our core system done, I'll be spending more time looking for outside funding, from the EU, UNSECO, etc.18:56
th1aSo having people around who know that world is helpful.18:56
shaprth1a: What about you? Your blog says you used to work at a high school, and that matches XP's "put a customer on the dev team" philosophy.18:56
th1aI wouldn't go back to school unless I had to.18:57
shaprI never really went the first time :-)18:57
th1aI was an English major.18:57
th1aBut at Carnegie Mellon, so I learned by osmosis.18:58
shaprIn my experience, language or writing majors seem to be the primary 'import' profession for programming.18:58
shaprI don't think that's an accident, but I don't know the connection.18:58
shaprNice school.18:59
Diosanhey folks not to interupt again18:59
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rhs_greetings all19:00
th1aBoth Zope 3 books were written by Physics grad students.19:00
th1ahi rhs_19:00
rhs_we finished with Vietnamese translation for st-setup, st-admin, st-using. Where could I send them to?19:00
th1aAh, wow!  I guess send them to me:  tom.hoffman@gmail.com19:01
Diosan]I am not seeing the line in my schooltool.conf that refers to devmode19:02
th1aClearly I need to start using a free software toolchain for those presentation.19:02
srichterth1a: (though Phillip is not a grad student yet ;-)19:02
rhs_th1a here is a demo :) Sorry it's all Vietnamese :)
th1aDiosan: it isn't around the last line?  If not, just add "devmode on"19:04
Diosanok i did19:04
Diosanwhen i tried to start school tool with '/sbin/service schooltool start' it throws the error 'devmode is not a known key name'19:05
th1arhs_:  There are actually lots of Vietnamese in my neighborhood here (in Providence, RI, USA).19:05
th1aVietnamese, Cambodian, Laotian, Thai...19:06
th1aLots of students in our school.19:06
th1arhs_  Did you use OpenOffice for this?19:07
rhs_yup. You've got mail, btw.19:09
rhs_fyi, i'm working on VnlinuxEDU which has SchoolTool in it. We plan to set up a student lab in VN around August 2006. I have to flight back there. I'm in Houston, TX.19:10
th1aSchoolTool will do a lot more by August.19:11
th1aActually, I guess any time someone translates a graphical set of instructions like this, it'll have to be done mostly from scratch, since all the screenshots have to be in the new language as well.19:12
th1aIt isn't just a matter of changing the text strings.19:12
Diosanfyi im in trinidad and tobago19:13
Diosanin the caribbean19:13
rhs_yeah, but it's a good start I guess. To get things going. :)19:13
Diosanhoping to dpelo schooltool as a solution across the entire education system here if i can add a few other odds and ends19:14
th1aYes.  Easier to follow something that exists.19:14
th1aDiosan: So you'd want to host it centrally?19:15
Diosanbut i have to get this test site done first before it is considered seriously19:16
th1aOf course ;-)19:16
th1aWe used to support adding SchoolTool instances as Zope 3 content objects, so you could have multiple schools on one Zope 3 server instance.19:17
th1aBut we need to cut down on our development overhead, so we stopped doing that.19:18
th1aBut if you had some money to implement this, it would be one thing you'd want to do or have done.19:18
th1aIf you want to host lots of SchoolTool instances.19:18
mgedminso, th1a, what do you think about attendance features?19:22
mgedminis there anything that needs fixing/updating?19:22
povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5711:19:22
povbot/svn/commits: Added a missing i18n:translate="".19:22
th1amgedmin:  I'll have an answer for you first thing in the morning.19:23
* th1a has to go to school to get some more info to finish setting up their SchoolTool instance19:26
Diosanok good luck19:28
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erchacheth1a: i send to you two files via gmail account19:32
Diosanonce again19:34
Diosanim an idiot19:34
Diosanwill explain later19:34
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povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5712:20:11
povbot/svn/commits: Reenable sample data functional test, but with more limited scope.  Now the test takes 240 megs of RAM instead of 700.20:11
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