IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2005-11-23

jelknerthen let's get mitchell to either make it work or throw it away and start over00:00
pcarduneit would be easier to write it from scratch than to figure out how that original code is supposed to work00:00
jelknerfine, but we can let mitchell be the judge of that, yes?00:00
povbot`/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 5337:00:00
povbot`/svn/commits: Reimplemented the Navigation menu as a viewlet manager. This allows third-party software to hook into the application more easily.00:00
pcardunethat's fine00:01
pcardunei was just making a suggestion, as long as it works, it really doesn't matter what it looks like00:01
jelknerth1a: tom, did you hear anything from peter gallagher?00:01
pcardune(unless of course they add competencies later, and change the way the site is structured a bit, and we want to "reuse" that code)00:01
th1aI just sent out an email requesting some authoritative advice on import/export of standards cc'ed to jelkner.00:01
th1ajelkner:  I don't think so.00:02
th1aNo, I haven't heard from him yet.00:02
jelknermitchell will be working at devIS for his "senior experience" this year00:02
jelknerit would be great i could convice peter to give mitchell at least some devIS paid time to work on cando00:03
jelknerso i'm interested in getting him involved as soon as possible00:03
jelkneri image peter wants to look over schooltool more before getting back to you00:04
jelknerbut i'll follow up with that after the holidays00:04
pcardunewriting that CTE site harvester requires no exposure to cando code... so I don't consider that part of the cando project00:04
jelknerwhat about the other end?00:05
jelknerpart 1?00:05
pcardunesame thing00:05
jelknerpart 1 entails getting data into the cando data base00:06
jelknerso it involves understanding the cando data, no?00:06
pcardunewell, import and export already works in terms of zodb to python pickle files... he would just be writing a python pickle file to xml converter00:06
jelknerso what should we have him do then?00:06
jelkneror should i just leave that up to you to figure out over the next day or two?00:07
pcarduneone thing that would probably be useful... and on a related topic, is to have a more advanced import screen for importing lots of competencies at the same time00:07
jelknerit was a real pain to enter them one at a time00:07
pcardunevirginia has thousands of competencies, we can store all of them in one file... but when we import them, we don't want to import all of them necessarily00:07
pcarduneright now... you have no choice but to import all of them, he could make a screen that would allow you to choose which ones to import00:08
th1aYou should do an HTML > XML scraper and then an XML importer.00:09
pcarduneth1a, if we do that with python (which is the case), then it would already be in python data structure between HTML and XML... then between XML and CanDo objects it would again be in python data structures... so we shouldn't bother with XML until we have an actual standard to follow00:10
th1aThere are standards.00:11
srichterth1a: after talking with Paul about it, I agree :-)00:11
th1aWe just need a little advice from the guru.00:11
srichterth1a: but you cannot expect a senior HS student to implement a standard00:11
th1aWell, parsing XML?00:12
srichterright, and producing it correctly!00:12
th1aAnyhow, there is prior work in this area, I just haven00:12
th1a't had it on my front burner.00:12
th1aBelieve me, there are people creating huge repositories of machine-readable academic standards.00:13
srichterI think an HTML scraper to a Python struture is a good start00:13
jelknersince you will be looking into that for the gradebook, we should wait00:13
srichterand gives fast success00:13
srichterthe gradebook has little to do with the import of those competencies00:13
th1aOK.  My point is that we shouldn't make up some arbitrary text or XML for import/export.00:14
jelknerand since we don't really know what we want from this yet, let's ask mitchell to look at something else00:14
th1aFor standards.00:14
th1ajelkner: Yeah, it isn't necessarily a good place to start ;-)00:14
jelknerok, pcardune: do you want to get back to me (and more importantly, mitchell) after you think about this a bit?00:15
pcardunewell, what i suggested earlier would be useful00:16
pcarduneabout a more advanced import screen00:16
jelknerok, that works00:17
pcarduneok i'll send him the email then00:17
jelknercan we agree that by the time i meet with you next tuesday you will have gotten mitchell started on that?00:17
jelknerdo you need anything from me before i go (i don't want to hold up progress any longer)00:18
pcardunenope, not at the moment00:19
jelknerok, then, talk to you all later...  happy thanksgiving and *thanks* for the great work you are doing!00:20
pcardunemy pleasure.  Happy thankgiving to you too00:20
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erchacheth1a: i have little problems with schooltool.....16:47
erchache1- doesnt exist delete button for any timetable schema16:47
erchache2- Recursive events doesnt run properly for recursive week16:48
erchachewhat do i do...send mail or put on bugzilla?16:48
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povbot`/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 5338:18:34
povbot`/svn/commits: Implemented requirement adapters for courses, sections and persons.18:34
th1aerchache:  Everyone seems to complain about not being able to delete a timetable schema, but we don't have a fix yet.18:51
th1aerchache:  I don't know what 2 means.18:51
erchachecant i get more timetable schemas than default?.....only can modify default?18:59
erchachewhen i add a event to a calendar and puts to repeat more than once on a week...i can select week days...but assign without possibly to delete it actual day....19:02
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povbot`/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 5339:20:07
povbot`/svn/commits: Added score system to the package.20:07
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