IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2005-09-23

th1ajinty:  Are you taking a crack at generating the Windows packages, or do I need to do that?00:00
jintyI think i'll give that a pass00:17
th1aJust making sure.  Wasn't sure what script of gintas you were referring to.00:18
jintyOh pain, changes to the Zope3.1 branch broke our release branch00:46
jintyso, till another day00:46
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jintyth1a, bskahan: we also need to fix the permissions on the /home/ftp/pub/schooltool directroy. Perhaps set the special group bit on the directory so all files added to that directory have the release group and I don't get locked out of the release tree00:50
jintywhew! goodnight00:50
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* srichter thinks that some of the SchoolTool documentation misuses the term portlet04:46
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* mgedmin puts on the mailman moderator hat12:29
mgedminduring the last 9 minutes, while I was cleaning up the moderation queue, 28 new spams fell into it...12:32
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ignasbskahan, ping13:15
ignasth1a, ping13:15
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* mgedmin puts on the bug triaging hat13:44
mgedmin is funny13:44
* jinty violently takes back ownership of the release directory and sets the directory special bit14:06
jintyargh, the unix way is too strong, bskahan, th1a, help14:07
mgedmindirectory special bit?  is that the sticky one?14:07
jintybecause the files in the release directory are group release, but two people have changed them14:09
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povbot/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 5080:14:17
povbot/svn/commits: Back out the 0.11.2 tag14:17
povbot/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 5081:14:17
povbot/svn/commits: Back out the schoolbell 1.2.2 tag14:17
mgedmin'make test ftest' tries to svn up Zope 314:51
mgedminthis makes buildbot happy, and me unhappy14:51
povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5082:14:52
povbot/svn/commits: Hide XXX comments from the output.  Closes issue 393.14:52
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srichterI think it is the right thing to do14:58
srichteruse "python ..." for usual test runs :-)14:58
srichterbskahan: how is the documentation for the viewlet slots coming?15:00
jintyperhaps the buildbot should be building and testing tarballs...15:01
srichterjinty: that would be good; but it only needs to do this once a day, I think15:02
bskahanignas, pong15:02
bskahansrichter, the wireframes are done, writing the documentation for them15:02
bskahanjinty, what do you need?15:03
jintysrichter: As soon as I ge back access to the release directory I can start nightly builds15:03
srichtermy work time will be limited over the next 2.5 weeks, since my parents in law are coming and then I am going to Germany for the NEckarSprint15:03
srichterbut I'll try to do some work anyways15:03
srichterjinty: cool15:03
jintybskahan: /home/ftp/bub/schooltool/release has owner:group hoffman:hoffman15:04
bskahanth1a, can we specify that the default schooltool skin fits 1024X768 and maybe provide a secondary skin for 800x600?15:04
bskahanjinty, lame, I'll fix it15:04
srichterbskahan: I would assume 1024x768 - dimensions of usual browser windows...15:04
bskahansrichter, my only concern is that we have a stated goal of targeting developing regions (where 1024 may not be that common)15:05
povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5083:15:05
povbot/svn/commits: Document 'lang auto'.  Text borrowed from  See
bskahancurrently, the calendar views don't fit 800x60015:10
bskahanjinty, all the permissions in ftp should be correct now15:13
ignasbskahan, issue -
ignaswas ical TZ support left out intentionally when implementing timezone support?15:17
bskahanno, I will fix that bug15:18
bskahanjinty, when is the release?15:18
bskahani didn't test using it with ical with events in different timezones15:19
povbot/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 5084:15:19
bskahandumb oversite, since I only really run around in one timezone15:19
povbot/svn/commits: Include bits of zope required to make the release branch work with recent Zope-3.1 versions.15:19
ignasbskahan, imho that might take some time ... it's not a trivial bug ...15:22
ignasat the moment we are keeping all the times in UTC15:22
ignasthough to import/export ical calendars properly - we would have to keep individual times in their Timezone15:22
ignaslike - my wake up call is 8:00-9:00 (Vilnius/Europe), IRC meeting is 16:30-17:30 (UTC)15:23
ignasand they shift relatively when DST of Vilnius/Europe kicks in ...15:23
ignasthat might have some UI implications ...15:23
ignasat the moment events do not have timezones set for each of them, and all day events handle timezones differently altogether IIRC (might be wrong)15:24
ignasjust thought i'd share the information i have gathered while playing with evolution/ST/ical and timezones15:25
bskahanI think we should continue to store dates in UTC, fix the import parsing of timezones, export in UTC or the users schooltool preference15:25
bskahanthe if the client application handles UTC correctly, your events should keep consistent time15:26
ignasno, that will not happen ...15:26
ignasas I said - utc has no DST ...15:27
ignasor maybe ... i haven't read ical spec15:27
ignasabout DST15:27
bskahancorrect, so an event at 12:00 UTC should show up at the correct vilnius time with/without DST15:28
ignasyes ... and the other way around - I do not want my wake up call shifting when DST is on ...15:28
ignasnot sure what would happen now with simple events ...15:28
ignasi should test it ...15:29
ignasadd an event at 9:0015:29
ignasshift date to trigger DST15:29
ignasrestart server15:29
bskahanright, so we store your wakup at UTC, then any use of the date is required to translate that into the current correct timezone (DST or not)15:29
ignasIMHO event will shift15:29
bskahanit may not be working properly, but I think it should work that way15:29
bskahanI believe that doesn't happen15:30
ignastime for a test :D15:30
bskahanyour right, there should be a test, I'm not sure how to do that in an ftest15:30
jintybskahan: real real soon15:31
bskahanjinty, (tm)?15:31
bskahanignas, do we really need start/end available in different timezones?15:32
bskahanfor a single event?15:32
bskahanis there a usecase for that?15:32
ignasimho - not nescessarry but ICAL does it that way15:32
bskahanexcept an airplane flight time15:32
povbot/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 5085:15:34
povbot/svn/commits: Include bits of zope required to make the schooltool release branch work with recent Zope-3.1 versions.15:34
ignaswell - shift happens15:34
ignasif you have a non recurrent event - no problems15:35
ignasDST of the date matters15:35
ignasnot DST of your PC15:35
ignasbut if you add a daily recurring event15:35
povbot/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 5086:15:35
povbot/svn/commits: Tagging SchoolBell 1.2.215:35
povbot/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 5087:15:35
povbot/svn/commits: Tagging SchoolTool 0.11.215:35
ignasin 09-23 15:00-16:0015:35
ignas(set TZ to Vilnius first)15:36
ignasit jumps to 14:00-15:00 in 10-2315:36
ignas2005-10-23 that is ...15:36
ignaseasily ftestable ;)15:36
bskahanok, that needs to be fixed in the recurrence expansion15:37
bskahandid you try changing your computers time?15:37
ignasno need for that15:38
ignasbut yes15:38
ignascomputer time is not influencing it in any way ...15:38
ignasthe problem is - what about schoolwide calendars ?15:38
povbot/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 5088:15:38
povbot/svn/commits: Set SchoolBell version number in release15:38
* ignas goes to check that out15:38
povbot/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 5089:15:39
povbot/svn/commits: Set SchoolTool version number in release15:39
povbot/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 5090:15:40
povbot/svn/commits: Bound SchoolTool 0.11.2 to SchoolBell 1.2.215:40
jintyThe first error log for the nightly trunk tarball build:
jintysrichter: yes, I admit zpkg is somewhat cool15:41
ignasok, our timetable schema is not timezone aware at all15:45
ignasnot sure how that will play with tt overlays, and export to ical, but got no time to check that15:46
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srichterjinty: I am glad you like it :-)16:05
srichteroh, testbrowser is not listed as a dependency yet; strange16:05
srichteryou know there is a script under releases/ that builds packages for you, right? :-)16:06
ignasis it possible to pass a StringIO to Template constructor ?16:16
jintysrichter: Yep, my nightly build script is just a wrapper for schooltool-test.py16:17
* ignas is thinking whether it is feasable to write a Class for testing macros kept in files like, and etc.16:17
jintyand I still have doubt's about the interaction with debian packaging16:18
jintyand the '../../../zpkgtools/bin/zpkg' must go16:19
srichterignas: I don't understand what you mean16:30
srichterjinty: well the path was for testingpurposes only; it's not meant to be reusable software :-)16:30
ignassrichter, never mind that ... just  thinking aloud ...16:31
jintysrichter: perhaps it should evolve into a release building and testing script16:33
srichterif you think it is worth the effort ;-)16:35
jintyfor me, it is worth the effort. I want a reproducable way of building and testing releases. nightly tarball builds are a part of that.16:38
srichterthen you should do it; and remember to contribute it back to Zope 3 :-)16:39
povbot/svn/commits: * jinty committed revision 5091:16:51
povbot/svn/commits: Tweak gintas release building script to run the tests from an unpacked tarball rather than a checked out repository.16:51
ignassrichter, what about licence issues ?16:53
srichteryou have to contribute the code as ZPL16:55
ignasand ST code is not ZPL16:56
srichterignas: but Jinty does not get paid for his work, so he is free to relicense his code under ZPL16:58
jintyone of the advantages of not being paid...16:58
ignassrichter, what about contributors agreement ?16:59
ignasdid jinty sign it ?16:59
srichterwell, he would have to sign one, preferably16:59
ignasoh :D16:59
srichterotherwise someone from ZC has to check his code in16:59
srichterbut jinty is working on Zope 3 packaging stuff, so it would be a good idea for him to become a contributor anyways17:00
jintyer, I guess im being co-opted;)17:00
jintywhere do I find a contributors agreement to sign?17:02
srichtersign it and send a scanned copy to Jim and one per snail mail17:04
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ignasyou worked on batching and it's macros ?17:46
*** tiredbones has quit IRC17:48
th1aOof.  Lots to read this morning.17:57
* th1a finds it amusing that ignas pinged him at 6:15 AM.17:59
* srichter really loves the test browser XPath selection combination now18:00
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bskahanignas, no18:03
bskahani was in NZ during that18:03
hoffman|edubujinty & bskahan:  Yes, I lamely addressed the permissions problem myself with brute force.18:03
bskahanit should be fixed now18:04
mgedminwho wants to fix css issues with notes in IE6?18:05
mgedminthere are screenshots there18:06
bskahanmgedmin, assign it to me18:14
povbot/svn/commits: * srichter committed revision 5092:18:14
povbot/svn/commits: Converted more functional tests to test browser. Some of those tests (inside various test files) were absolutely meaningless, displaced, out of context or just plain wrong.18:14
povbot/svn/commits: As usual I removed the worst offenders and XXX'ed the other cases.18:14
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pips1hi all18:25
pips1can I just copy my old Data.fs over to the freshly installed 0.11.2 and it should work?18:26
povbot/svn/commits: * mg committed revision 5093:18:27
povbot/svn/commits: Removed empty directory18:27
th1apips1:  It *should*.18:28
bskahanpips1, make a backup18:28
pips1sure did that18:28
pips1what about the "related" Data.fs files, like Data.fs.index, Data.fs.tmp, Data.fs.lock .. Do I need to copy these over too?18:29
pips1okay here i go18:29
pips1up and running!18:35
pips1data seems fine18:35
pips1mucho mas rapido :-)18:36
pips1well done!18:36
pips1whooooo localisation in German (partial)18:36
pips1I only wish I would have been able to get that complete German translation done by yesterday :-/18:38
pips1erm, one thing, though18:39
pips1in MS IE, moving the cursor over the calendar causes a strange irritating "flickering" of the whole page...?!18:40
th1aIs that new?18:40
pips1firefox is fine18:40
pips1some css prob?18:41
pips1it happens of mouse rollover18:41
algaI don't think there were any changes to CSS or templates on the release branch...18:54
algawe'll need to take a look at this one.18:54
ignasover calendar or over events ?18:56
ignaswhat parts are flickering ?18:56
pips1well... it looks like a ccs problem but I might be wrong19:04
pips1I flickers when I rollover an element that "reacts" to the rollover, i.e. the element's background color changes19:05
pips1i just got a server error19:06
pips1i just clicked on 'weekly' view19:07
pips1  raise TypeError, _insufficientContext19:07
pips1I'll send the traceback msg19:07
mgedminjinty, I think is fixed -- could you verify?19:11
mgedmin(option for specifying site.zcml)19:11
mgedminpips1, I think I know what you're talking about19:11
mgedminI see it in Firefox all the time19:11
mgedminor used to, a while ago19:12
mgedminall these CSS :hover rules that change opacity19:12
pips1mgedmin: yeah something like that19:13
mgedminjinty, th1a, bskahan: can I close as resolved ("Calendar date selection widget" -- I assume it's about that DHTML calendar popup)19:21
th1aI think so.19:22
bskahanmgedmin, yes19:22
mgedminwhat about, is it fixed?19:38
mgedminAFAIU it's about placing the three list boxes for calendar overlay seletion next to each other19:38
algath1a: I assigned (DLL problems on MacOS X) to you19:39
*** erchache has joined #schooltool19:44
erchacheim preparing my powerbook to get a development server for schoolbell....but....python 2.3 are enable for mac packages?19:45
erchacheon fink python 2.4 doesnt exist19:45
th1aUh... Are you running Tiger?19:45
th1aSo you've got a Python that works.19:46
erchachepython 2.319:46
th1aThat should be fine.19:46
th1aYou need the python bindings for libxml 2.6.16, iirc.19:46
th1aAnd ReportLab.19:46
th1apython install.19:47
erchacheim going to test it!19:47
erchacheeeehhhh my paper notebook! to make a pseudo how-to step by step!19:48
algabskahan: there's a host of duplicate bugs about timzones in web calendar views -- day boundaries19:48
algathe first one was reported on 24th of June19:49
erchacheth1a: schoolbell can run like a reservation program? :-S19:49
algaI'm assigning them all to you, OK?19:49
erchachei think i can make timetables for classrooms but not like a reservation classroom no?19:49
th1aYou can reserve a classroom.19:50
th1aI'm not sure what you mean.19:50
mgedminsrichter, have you seen (circular import)?19:51
bskahanalga, ok19:52
erchacheth1a: i have on my servers a little problem with ttf fonts....i dont have x installed so i dont have ttf fonts to....where i can get a precompiled fonts? if i use apt-get, it install x system19:53
th1aerchache:  That is a problem for which I personally have no solution.19:54
erchacheuhmmm well i will try to found a solution19:54
mgedmindoesn't Mac OS X come with a bunch of TrueType fonts?19:55
mgedminApple invented TTF... didn't they19:55
mgedminor was that Adobe?19:55
erchachemgedmin: no....19:55
erchacheis on my ubuntu server19:55
erchachei dont install x19:55
erchacheand dont have ttf19:55
th1aYes, but the relevant fonts are installed as font families.19:55
mgedminerchache, apt-get install msttcorefont and you'll have a bunch of TTFs19:55
mgedminI don't think msttcorefonts depend on X19:55
erchachebut i think copying directly from my intel laptop can run19:55
th1aThat's something I need to nag you guys about at some point.19:56
erchacheapt-get install x19:56
erchachefor reference to share libraries19:56
mgedminand if it does, it certainly only depends on some utilities (mkttfontdir?), but not the server itself19:56
erchachewell....i dont know....i only know x system are installed via apt :-S19:57
erchachefuck i need zope_proxy19:57
erchachei have a error trying to compile schoolbell 1.2.1 on my powerbook....any pastebin webpage to send it?19:58
mgedminI have no powerbook19:59
mgedminI cannot help you19:59
erchacheth1a: :-S20:00
*** Whistler has joined #schooltool20:01
Whistlerhello everybody20:01
algaerchache: you need to compile Zope3 before running it!20:01
erchachenoob questions20:01
erchachesorry :-$20:01
th1aHello, Whistler.20:01
Whistleri see a lot of lithunians here20:02
erchacheand a spanish noob python/zope too! :-P20:03
th1aOur core team is Programmers of Vilnius.20:03
algaI need to be somewhere else!20:03
*** alga has quit IRC20:03
Whistleri see20:03
Whistleri never thought lithuanians are creating something big20:04
erchacheother error20:06
erchacheth1a: excuse me but.....20:07
th1aWhat command led to this error?20:07
th1aWhat package?20:07
WhistlerGood luck to you all20:07
erchachei enter on /schoolbell-1.2.1/Zope320:07
Whistlermaybe cya later20:07
*** mgedmin has quit IRC20:07
erchacheand run make20:07
*** Whistler has left #schooltool20:07
th1aYou don't need to build Zope3 separately.20:07
th1aDo make in the schoolbell-1.2.1 directory.20:08
th1aYou're making this more complicated than it is.20:08
erchachetypical spanish ;-P20:08
erchachei delete this subdir and redo20:08
erchacheim going to pass test before do a python install20:09
erchachehehehehe i dont remember my own work!20:10
erchacheZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/schoolbell-1.2.1/src/schoolbell/app/configure.zcml", line 323.2-323.2920:13
erchache    ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/schoolbell-1.2.1/src/schoolbell/app/rest/configure.zcml", line 5.220:13
erchache    ConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'class', "Couldn't import, No module named libxml2")20:13
erchachemake: *** [build] Error 120:13
erchacheZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/schoolbell-1.2.1/src/schoolbell/app/configure.zcml", line 323.2-323.2920:13
erchache    ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/schoolbell-1.2.1/src/schoolbell/app/rest/configure.zcml", line 5.220:13
erchache    ConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'class', "Couldn't import, No module named libxml2")20:13
erchachemake: *** [build] Error 120:13
erchachei do it twice :-(20:13
th1aAs I said, you need to install the python bindings for libxml2 2.6.1620:14
erchachefrom web? not apt.....ok i download this20:14
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*** erchache has joined #schooltool22:20
erchacheth1a: hehehe im upgrading fink....too obsolete22:21
erchachei think all problems are here22:21
th1aerchache:  You don't need fink at all.22:21
th1aYou can use Tiger's Python.22:22
th1aYou just have to install libxml2.22:22
erchachewith tiger...libxml2 2.6.16 are a hell22:22
erchachea weird documented installation! :-S22:22
th1acd into the Python directory.22:23
th1apython install22:23
erchacheon schoolbell? or macos?22:23
erchacheim noob on powerbook installations....O_o22:23
erchacheand o'reilly books arent enough22:24
th1aWell, this is why I hack together Mac packages.22:24
erchachei dont do this22:24
erchachewhere i can get more information to hack my powerbook?22:25
erchachewebs, forums, etc...22:25
th1aIt is highly annoying that Apple gives you a Python and a libxml, but not the bindings between the two.22:25
erchacheand later say windows sucks!22:26
th1aDo you have MacOS X for Unix Geeks, by my friend and neighbor Brian Jepson?22:26
erchachethe book?22:26
th1aThat's my recommendation.22:26
erchachei take note....thanks :D22:27
erchachehere on system arent popular...very expensive until now22:27
erchachei was using darwinports but is a shit because i use ubuntu on all my servers22:28
th1aThey're both kind of annoying.22:29
th1aI'm trying DarwinPorts now.22:29
erchachearrrgghhh to slow for the work....i need the fastest way against performance of course...but....22:31
erchacheth1a: this is the bindings that i need?22:35
th1aI suppose.22:38
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*** erchache has quit IRC23:00
*** th1a has quit IRC23:11
*** th1a has joined #schooltool23:21

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