IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2005-09-02

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azazelhi all, do i need to checkout both schooltool and schoolbell in order to run schooltool? i think doing a co of schooltool trunk will suffice...15:36
azazela friend is doing the italian translations... which is the best way? using rosetta or the .po into the svn tree? looking into rosetta we where not able to find a way to upload an entire .po ather than doing the translations via web15:39
jintyazazel: yes, only a schooltool checkout should be enough15:41
jintyas for translations, I will have another look at them on the weekend/next week. so will only be able to answer your question then15:45
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azazeljinty, thanks ... the problem raises from the fact that this friend is a good transltor, but his efficiency drecreases a lot when he can't use emacs .po mode to do the job15:49
azazeljinty, do you have any idea if there is a cheannel for launchpad/rosetta discussion where i can ask?15:50
jintyyeah, should be #launchpad15:51
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azazeljinty, if schoolbell isn't a dependancy for schooltool, the README of schooltool's trunk needs to be updated18:27
jintyazazel: it is a dependency, but just that the schooltool tarball and repository contains schoolbell so that schooltool starts out of the box18:29
jintybut, for instance, if you were installing the modules using (NOT advised) you would need to install schoolbell from the schoolbell tarball as well18:31
jintyit's a little confusing18:31
jintyazazel: patches accepted18:41
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th1abskahan: ayt?21:19
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