IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2005-09-01

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erchachehi again!17:53
erchachefirst day of work after holidays!17:53
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erchacheth1a: tom are you here?20:13
th1aI am here.20:13
erchachei have problems with ubuntu amd64 on my new hp dl145 g220:26
erchachecan you help me?20:26
th1aIt is highly unlikely.20:26
th1aI'm not really an Ubuntu expert.20:27
* th1a types on his PowerBook.20:27
erchachei have problems with nics20:28
erchacheand hardware clock system20:28
erchachei upgrade to 2.6.13 kernel but i need to start nic and ntp manually20:28
th1aerchache:  I can't help you with that.20:29
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jintystrichter: re, it tells ' sdist' what files should be included in the tarball. If you are using zpkgtools to build the tarball, it is probably not necessary.23:55
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