IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2005-06-17

th1aOK.  Thanks.  And if you could poke jdub about the server.  He seems to have forgotten us again.00:02
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ffsnoopyI am adding a checkbox field to the file, but it is not sent as part of the fieldset with the other options01:29
ffsnoopy(when clicking Apply)01:30
ffsnoopycreating a regular text input does work though01:33
povbot/svn/commits: * bskahan committed revision 4113:01:37
povbot/svn/commits: small UI changes, mostly adding the section title where appropriate.01:37
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ffsnoopynever mind02:33
ffsnoopyi figured it out02:33
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jelkneryou here, tom?02:50
jelkneris there anyone here who can answer a question about testing?02:51
jelknerwe are in our XP codefest, and we are focusing on learning schooltool02:52
jelknerwe would be grateful for some pointers as to how you do TDD with the pt files.02:52
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th1ajelkner:  You should give me a heads up when you guys are going to be working.04:47
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erchachehi again16:53
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erchacheanybody is here?17:19
erchachei need some questions.... :D17:19
bskahanerchache: hello17:27
erchachei have a "serious" conversation with my boss17:28
erchacheand we are able to buy a new server....surely a sun fire v2017:29
bskahanhope it went well17:29
erchacheto install schooltool17:29
bskahanI bet noone's ever run ST on a sun machine17:29
erchacheone question.....this server with 2 gb of RAM how many users can access to it? for performance tips...17:30
* matiasV once try ST in an HPUX 11i17:30
povbot/svn/commits: * bskahan committed revision 4114:17:30
povbot/svn/commits: added location attribute to ISection, type restrictions in the section class limit locations to only resources where r.isLocation is true.17:30
erchacheis it a good option or need more power server?17:32
erchachebecause all university users, 60000 persons, must be potential users of st17:32
erchachewe have other calendar program for computer practice labs on php17:32
bskahanerchache: your talking about a use case we're completely unprepaired for17:32
erchacheno? :O17:33
erchacheare alpha?17:33
bskahanyou would be the first person using ST with 5000 users, let alone 60,00017:33
Aistevery good test for volume and speed :)17:33
bskahanerchache: the current target use case is a school with approximately 1000 users17:34
erchachewell...remake the question17:34
erchachewhen schooltool are avaible on spanish?17:34
erchachei do all translation17:35
bskahanvery soon17:35
erchacheor i can redo17:35
erchachehow soon? i need a date17:35
erchache1 month17:35
matiasVerchache, de donde sos?17:35
erchachesevilla capital17:35
erchachetu argentino por lo que veo ;P17:35
matiasVBuenos Aires ;)17:35
bskahanyou did all the schoolbell translations for 1.1 so there shouldn't be much left for schooltool 0.1017:35
bskahan0.10 is out now17:36
erchachedo i need to translate schootool too?17:36
bskahanthere are additional features in schooltool17:36
bskahanfor handling classes/timetables17:36
bskahanits not very much compared to schoolbell17:36
erchachein this case schooltool is the start point no?17:36
bskahanschooltool inherits your translations from schoolbell, only pages that are new need translation17:37
erchachewhat do you think is the best election? schooltool or schoolbell?17:37
bskahan(I think)17:37
bskahanit depends on what you need to do with it17:37
erchachewell good17:37
erchachei need a environment to manage timetable of classroom, resources, serve on a portal17:38
erchachea way to comunicate all important dates from university to all people17:38
erchacheyou know?17:38
bskahanthat's the brand new release with timetables, courses, sections17:39
erchachei installed schoolbell from apt-get on my hoary laptop17:40
bskahanthat's version 1.017:40
erchachebut i erase for schooltool....via apt-get too17:40
erchachei see schooltool are better than schoolbell17:40
bskahanthe current release of schoolbell is 1.1.117:40
erchachebut this is from source17:40
bskahanwhich I believe has all your translations17:40
erchachei need .deb17:40
erchachehow i can obtain a .deb or include it into ubuntu apt repository?17:41
bskahanthere won't be a deb of the new version in ubuntu until breezy17:41
bskahanyou can probably get the source and build the .deb17:41
erchachewhy? other software can be gaim or other17:41
erchacheuhmmm ok17:41
bskahanor send a mail to the schooltool-dev list asking brian sutherland (jinty) to build the deb17:42
erchacheok ok17:42
erchachei think this is the best send a mail with all my objetives....and actual problems...17:42
bskahanno promises that he'll do it, but he's the one who would know what needs to be done17:42
erchachemost important question is server requirements17:42
erchachei see doc and say RAM is more important on python/zope installations17:43
erchachelike plone or similars no?17:43
bskahanwe don't know the server requirements yet sadly17:43
erchachewell.....take other soft....plone17:43
erchacheplone is very similar to ST no¨?17:43
bskahanschooltool 0.10 is the first version that's really end-user ready17:43
erchacheplone is very similar to ST no¨?17:43
bskahanthey both are built on Zope and use the ZODB17:43
bskahanplone uses zope2 though17:44
erchachefor this reason requirements must be similar no?17:44
bskahannot really17:44
bskahanplone is a stable project that's been in production use for several years17:44
bskahanits had time to be optimized17:45
erchacheyou are painting very dark the situation.... :(17:45
bskahanthe requirements should be similar as schooltool is tested17:45
bskahansorry, I want you to move ahead, I just want to make sure you do the testing required rather than getting stuck17:46
bskahanyour talking about 60,000 users17:46
erchachewell.... put 5000 simultaneous users....17:47
erchache60000 users on database17:47
erchache5000 accesing at the same time on overheat situations....17:47
bskahanset up a test case17:47
bskahanload up 20 users with busy calendars17:48
bskahanrun some benchmarks against the yearly calendar view page17:48
bskahansee how many concurrent users you can get17:48
matiasVerchache, Maybe you need to move ZODB to another server... I would look at tunning tips for plone/Zope17:48
erchacheok ok17:48
erchachei go to #plone to ask this17:49
bskahanerchache: definitely send a mail to the schooltool-dev list17:49
erchacheill back....17:49
bskahanerchache: ask in zope3-dev17:49
bskahansince your dealing with z3 not 217:49
erchachethanks for all....17:49
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erchachemail sended to ST-Dev18:40
erchachematiasV: como conociste el programa?18:40
matiasVerchache, ST? buscando un calendario para el grupo donde trabajo18:41
erchacheen que grupo18:42
matiasVerchache, Soporte de HPUX en HP18:42
matiasVerchache, Nada que ver con una escuela ;)18:42
matiasVel tema es que no hay ningun calendario sencillo que cumpla lo que necesitamos, asi me puse a busca algo en python que es en lo que programo mas comodamente18:44
erchachemuy bien18:44
erchacheHPUX de HP? en que trabajas....yo en una universidad...18:44
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matiasVDoy soporte de hardware y sistema operativo en HP... lo de programar es mas un hobbie, aunque armo algunas paginas y herramientas internas18:48
ffsnoopyfrom src/schoolbell/app/browser/templates/, how can I access the details like nickname, home_page, etc.?18:48
ffsnoopyapparently it's done in the macros18:49
matiasVerchache, y tu? que haces?18:49
ffsnoopybut I want to do it within the emplate itself18:49
ffsnoopyview/details/* causes an error18:49
* matiasV se le escapa el "tu" de tanto hablar con los gente de chile18:49
erchachemas o menos como yo18:50
erchacheadmin de sistemas LAMP18:50
erchachey ahora me ha tocado el "brown job" de plone y ST18:50
erchacheentre otras cositas18:50
erchachetraduje casi todo el schoolbell18:50
erchachecreo que tendre que hacer lo mismo para el schooltool18:51
erchacheuna boludez18:51
matiasVcreo que como usuarios de proyectos Open Source siempre hay que tratar de aportar...18:53
erchachepooo zi18:53
erchacheyo estoy metido hasta las orejas18:53
ignasis there a way to do a multiple-value-setf ?18:54
erchachepero deberia de hacer mas en programacion....lo que pasa es que soy muuuuuuuuy vago....y odio programar18:54
ignaswrong channel18:54
erchachelo mas poco reconocido del gremio....programador.....tecnico de call center y similar....ofu....ya nos llaman la atencion :D18:54
erchacheignas: ok ok sorry18:54
erchacheme tomo un cafe frio/ill take a cold coffee18:55
ignasno i meant - my last phrase was in the wrong channel ;)18:55
matiasVerchache, same here. I don't hate it... but, how to put it, is not my strongest point18:55
* matiasV switchs to english, he do not want to be rude to all the other people in the channel18:57
erchacherestarting on linux19:17
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jelknerth1a: tom, you here?19:22
th1ajelkner:  I am here.19:23
th1aI have also become completely nocturnal, apparently.19:24
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erchachehi again19:24
jelknerso what hours are best to reach you?19:24
th1aIt is a good thing I'm going to a conference tomorrow.  I'll have to return to human time.19:24
jelkneri just sent an email to the list (cc'd you) with a few questions from our codefest last night19:24
jelknerno one was active on irc at that time19:25
th1aWell, normally I'd say 10-2 AM and PM est.19:25
jelknerahh, our codefests run from 6:30 - 9:30 pm19:25
th1aYesterday I was trying to install Ubuntu on my Powerbook, so I wasn't in my usual state of alertness.19:25
th1aAre those meetings every Thursday?19:26
jelkneri was wondering if anyone would be interested in volunteering to join us next week through irc19:26
erchachethla: have you a ibook?19:26
jelkneronly x86 gnu/linux boxes19:27
erchachethla: have you a ibook?19:27
jelkneroops ;-)19:27
jelknerth1a: tom, we are at a fairly important turning point right now19:28
th1aI've got a powerbook.19:28
jelknerwe need a bit of help19:28
jelknerwe have several interested folks showing up and eager to learn about schooltool and zope319:29
jelknerbut we are finding the learning curve to be very steep19:29
th1aWell, I should be able to, but then again it is unlikely that I can give you the necessary technical assisstance.19:29
jelknerdid you see the email i sent?19:29
th1ajelkner:  Sad to say, but I just crawled out of bed.19:30
jelknerno problem19:30
jelknerbasically, we need help "learning how to learn"19:30
* th1a is reading the email.19:30
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th1aYou can use ++apidoc++ with SchoolTool, at least if you install SchoolTool as an add-on package to an existing Zope3 instance.19:32
th1aWhich should be pretty easy, although I don't know that anyone has actually done it lately.19:32
th1aWe should try to make a point of getting that running this week.19:33
jelknerthat would be great19:33
th1aI think we just test page templates with functional tests, but I might be wrong.19:33
jelknerthat is what george proposed, but i wanted to check19:34
jelknerhe wasn't really happy about the thought of it19:34
th1aAs far as documentation, It is all in the repository.19:34
jelknera lot goes on in page templates, and it makes TDD hard to do19:34
jelknerand hard find bugs19:34
th1aIs there any elegant system for testing HTML output?19:35
th1aThat would seem to be more than just a ZPT problem.19:35
jelknerhe was cursing XML and wishing for python configuration files19:35
jelknerthat's way he was cursing xml19:35
th1aHopefully there will be some ZCML editors soon.19:36
th1aIt is an itch several people are ready to scratch.19:36
jelknerwe wanted some way to test incrementally that they were loading what we wanted them to load19:36
jelknerpage templates are dynamic19:38
jelknerwe want to test all the tal stuff step by step19:38
jelkneri'm really the wrong one to be communicating this19:38
jelkneri'm just the teacher, not a developer19:39
jelknerall the developers were here last night19:39
th1aMe too :-)19:39
jelknerwhich is why i would like to set something up if possible for next thursday19:39
th1aI saw your message too late.19:39
jelknerno problem, we are doing this each week19:39
th1aMy IRC client on the Mac beeps at me, but my X-Chat doesn't.19:39
th1aThat also tends to get me up in the morning, but it was off today.19:40
jelkneryou need to sleep sometime, after all19:40
jelknerso, let me some up, and correct me if i'm wrong:19:41
jelkner1. by next week, i should install schooltool from svn as a zope3 addon?19:41
th1aLet me point you in the right direction.19:42
jelkner2. i should stay in touch with you about the possibility of a schooltool master dropping in on our next codefest through irc19:42
jelknerwith just a little bit of help, i think we can be off to the races19:43
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th1aGiven that it will be very early in the morning in Lithuania, I think it'll have to be tvon or bskahan (plus me).19:44
jelknerok, i need to run to my other school.19:44
th1aWhat are the times again?19:44
jelkner6:30 - 9:30 pm EST19:45
th1aAdding to my calendar.19:45
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jelkneri've bookmarked the install page and will try it out this weekend19:45
jelknerenjoy the conference... talk to you next week...19:46
bskahanth1a: don't suppose your going to the edubuntu summit?19:46
th1aApparently not.19:46
bskahanhi jeff19:46
bskahanwould be really nice to have schooltool represented19:46
th1aI assume Mark knows what he is doing with it.19:47
jelkneryeah, mark started it, right?19:47
jelknerso schooltool will be *well* represented ;-)19:47
th1aWe haven't been represented in the planning, but I'm not too concerned about it at this stage.19:47
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jelknerplanning has been really rushed19:48
jelknerthey only decided to do it a few weeks ago19:48
bskahanwhen we get to questions about single sign-on etc. it will be more of a question19:48
bskahanjelkner: are you going?19:48
th1abskahan:  right.19:48
jelknerbskahan: no, it was too late notice for me19:49
jelknera good friend of mine, paul flint, is going from here instead19:49
bskahanI remember Paul from ZPUG and PyCon19:50
jelknerpaul is hard to forget ;-)19:50
jelkneranyway, i gotta run.  talk to you all next week19:51
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flintbshkahan, what is your first name?21:08
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flintBrian, thanks!  This is my first incursion into the freenode!23:32
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