IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2005-06-16

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povbot/svn/commits: * bskahan committed revision 4112:16:24
povbot/svn/commits: make section title attribute required, using it as the section code.16:24
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ignasbskahan, ping16:44
bskahanignas: hey16:50
ignassection titles16:51
ignasREST ?16:51
bskahannot finished, but no tests break do they?16:51
ignasi see16:51
ignasjust reminding, such things are easy to forget ;)16:52
bskahanyour right, thanks for the heads up16:52
* bskahan wonders why no tests break, now that you mention it16:52
bskahanbecause schema required="True" isn't enforced over rest16:53
bskahani guess16:54
bskahanignas: title isn't optional in the RNG grammar16:54
ignasoh, i thought it was16:55
ignasmaybe i am confusing it with courses16:56
bskahansince it was required via rest but not in the browser, I guess it was a bug before16:57
bskahanfixed now16:57
bskahanignas: your probably thinking of the course attribute in the section grammar17:13
bskahanit isn't used, and you made it optional at some point (thanks)17:13
bskahanI need to hook it up to add a section to a course on creation17:14
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matiasVHi People, I'm playing with schoolbell to use as a workgroup calendar and I have only one showstopper... I need a way to display the joint calendar of all group members17:56
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matiasVI was thinking in hacking the "Group" class as we do not need a separate calendar for the group... is this the best way to do it?17:57
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bskahanmatiasV: hey18:03
bskahanwhy not make a group with just those 2 members?18:03
bskahanmisunderstood the question18:03
bskahanyou want to combine all the users individual calendars in one view?18:04
matiasVbskahan, yes18:04
bskahanthere's no simple way to do it18:04
bskahanyou could overlay all the members calendars through the overlay portlet on the left side of the calendar views18:05
bskahanif you wanted to hack something in I have an idea for a good way to do it18:06
bskahanbut its not trivial18:06
bskahanthe "right way" would be to change the calendar subscription behavior so that when you subscribe to a groups calendar you also subscribe to all of the direct members of that group18:08
matiasVBut I do not want to see all the members list in my subscription18:09
bskahanfor punkrock points it would have a nice javascript tree expander in the portlet18:09
bskahanyeah, that's why the JS tree would be nice18:09
matiasVmy JS skills are non-existent :(18:11
bskahanits a feature that was just recently discussed, but I don't see it happening until August18:11
bskahanits something that I'd like to see though18:12
matiasVand other requirement is that non schollbell users need to see the overlayed calendar18:12
bskahanvia iCal?18:12
bskahanor through the web?18:12
matiasVweb would do it18:13
bskahanthere's no way to do that easily18:13
matiasViCal is a plus18:13
bskahanthe best was to do it would be to stress that people should use the group calendar for events that everyone should see18:13
bskahanthen you could give public access to that group calendar18:14
bskahancurrently there's no way for anonymous users to view a combined set of calendars18:14
bskahangood feature request though18:14
matiasVWhat would be the way to request that? I can speak some python/ZODB but nothing about Zope/JS18:16
bskahanfile it in the issue tracker
bskahanthat's the best way for it not to get lost18:17
bskahanI'd file both of those seperately18:18
matiasVgreat, thanks bskahan! Will file both now18:18
bskahanI like both ideas18:18
* matiasV will add to the feature request: "I like both ideas <dixit: bskahan>"18:19
bskahanth1a is the person who needs to be convinced18:20
bskahanI think he liked the tree in the portlet too18:20
bskahanspeak of the devil18:21
th1aThe devil is out of bed.18:21
matiasVHi Mr Devil18:27
th1aHi matiasV18:27
matiasVI'm filling the feature request right now.... any comments?18:28
th1aI don't know how many additional calendaring features we can add (with paid work).  We've got a lot of other school related functionality to start working on.18:28
matiasVor you need some good cups of coffe befor answering?18:29
th1aI'm going to finalize the plans for the next batch of development today, but I don't think I can squeeze anything else in.18:30
bskahangood stuff to add to the available tasks though18:30
matiasVI will add the feature as is... maybe I can make some time to play with it a little18:32
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th1aRight.  Something for our students to work on.18:33
bskahanth1a: the list of features we'd like to see will be helpful18:35
bskahanhaving some hint to get people started on each would be huge18:36
th1aWe need a wiki, I think.18:36
bskahanI think we should use a real wiki (moin or something) rather than zwiki18:36
bskahanon the new server18:37
bskahanzwiki leaves something to be desired18:37
mgedminin what way zwiki is not a real wiki?18:40
erchachezwiki is a shit18:41
erchacheexcuse me :D18:41
erchachezwiki is a pseudowiki18:41
bskahanzwiki feels cumbersome18:41
erchachea cms convert on a wiki18:41
bskahanI'm not sure we need a wiki18:41
bskahanplone allready provides CMS18:42
bskahanpeople can join and contribute documents18:42
bskahanwe can make some documents editable by any site member18:42
th1aWe need a friendlier issue tracker, really.18:42
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bskahanI'm not sure what zwiki really provides in a plone site18:43
bskahanthe easy links are nice I guess18:43
th1abskahan:  Yeah, a Plone site is an odd context for a wiki.18:43
th1aIt does get confusing.18:43
mgedminin what way zwiki feels cumbersome?18:43
bskahan<- not a big fan of wikis18:43
bskahanmgedmin: the document interface in zwiki pages is more complex than the standard CMF/AT document interface18:45
bskahanand I don't think the aditional features (undo, wiki links) are worth it18:45
erchachei use a plone with zwiki and smell very very very bad!18:45
erchachefor a wiki....mediawiki18:45
mgedminah, the zwiki-inside-plone thing18:45
mgedminI never understood the purpose of that18:46
erchacheif you want to use php instead zope18:46
bskahanI'd rather just use plone18:46
bskahanI was hoping that the delay getting the server would push us into plone 2.1 timeframe, but its not looking likely at this point18:46
th1aSteveA:  ayt?18:47
bskahansince it sounds like plone 2.1 is going to get delayed some more18:47
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erchachethla: you want a wiki to share information with the rest of comunity users?18:50
erchachefor a wiki the best is mediawiki software...i use it on my enciclopedia18:50
erchacheis simply.....the best!18:50
erchacheand i dont get any money for publicity ;)18:50
th1aerchache:  I like MediaWiki too.18:51
ffsnoopypardon the interruption, but when changing a person's details (nickname, email. phone, etc.), where is the code to process the request located?18:52
erchache:? im not a programmer18:52
ffsnoopythe question was to anyone in general18:52
bskahanffsnoopy: off the top of my head,
bskahanI don't think there's a seperate readonly view18:53
ffsnoopybskahan: I see it, thank you very much18:54
bskahanyeah, its something like that18:54
bskahanperson schedule adds the user to the sections but it doesn't create a timetable19:12
bskahanis that the correct behavior?19:13
th1aOh, NO.19:13
bskahanI've been trying to figure out the right way to handle updating timetables on section membership events19:14
bskahannow I understand why I was confused, but I'm not sure what the correct behavior is19:14
bskahanmgedmin: have a minute?19:16
mgedminbskahan, ok19:22
bskahanstill reading19:23
bskahanactually, yeah.  should PersonTimetableSetupView create a timetable for that person?19:24
bskahanI'll add it if it should, I'm just concerned that I'm not understanding something19:24
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mgedminerr, I meant no19:27
mgedminthere are timetables and composite timetables19:28
bskahanbecause it's inherited in the composite timetable?19:28
* bskahan nods19:28
mgedmincomposite timetables automatically include all activities from all sections that a student belongs to19:28
mgedmina person's timetable will usually be empty19:28
bskahanwhen would a Person have their own timetable?19:28
mgedmina section's timetable will be non-empty19:28
mgedminprobably never19:28
bskahanok, that's what was confusing me19:29
bskahanso I need to add a TTSource for instructors19:29
bskahanso they'll get their sections in their Composite TT19:30
bskahannm, its allready there19:30
* bskahan is apparently still confused19:31
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dwooI have a question- what does this mean? ComponentLookupError: ((<zope.schema._field.Dict object at 0x2a9a559650>, <zope.publisher.browser.BrowserRequest instance URL=http://localhost:7080/persons/Homsar/@@pizza_toppings.html>), <InterfaceClass>, u'')19:52
* th1a pokes bskahan19:57
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bskahandwoo: hey20:05
bskahandid you update the view code to match your changes to the preference object?20:06
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th1adwoo:  If you work hard and eat your vegetables, someday you too may be able to sit around in your pajamas until 1:00 and get paid for it.20:12
th1aI'm working on my inspirational pitch for young open source developers.20:13
th1aPerhaps it needs some work.20:15
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* bskahan is up dressed and working by 07:3020:15
bskahanrather than until 01:00 ;)20:15
th1a|unchI'm up, dressed and working at 3:00 AM.20:16
th1a|unchThen I go to bed.20:16
bskahanif magda didn't leave for work at 7 I probably would work a different schedule20:17
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REdOGive installed zopex3 and schoolbell but I get an error21:33
REdOG    from zope.component import provideAdapter, adapts21:33
REdOGImportError: cannot import name provideAdapter21:33
REdOGits not a path problem, the zope install does not have provideAdapter in zope.component.21:35
bskahanREdOG: schoolbell requires Z3 from svn21:41
REdOGah ha!21:45
bskahanREdOG: the release packages off the schooltool website include a Zope snapshot21:46
REdOGyes I saw that, but I was trying to use the one I already had :-?21:47
REdOGis it just me or is there a reason that svn co isn't working?21:49
mgedminwe once had a problem like this21:52
mgedminit turned out that the firewall (shorewall) on our office router blocked some IP address ranges21:52
REdOGI can see the svn repo in http://21:53
mgedminthat were officially unassigned a few years ago but were later assigned to some ISP in the US21:53
REdOGbut svn gives me21:53
REdOGsvn: REPORT request failed on '/svn/!svn/vcc/default'21:53
REdOGsvn: REPORT of '/svn/!svn/vcc/default': 400 Bad Request (
mgedminREdOG, what version of svn do you use?21:53
mgedminI have 1.1.1 here21:54
mgedminsvn ls works, let me try svn co21:54
mgedminworks too21:55
REdOGI bet its my proxy21:56
mgedminlooks like it21:57
mgedminI see no REPORT of /svn/!svn/vcc/default from SVN/1.1.3 in the server logs21:58
mgedminthere are two successful REPORT requests for that url, one from SVN/1.1.1 (my test), one from SVN/1.2.021:58
mgedmin(in the last hour)21:58
REdOGok, thanks Ill wait till i get home and try again21:59
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th1aAnd now I shall attempt to resize my Mac OS partition and install Ubuntu PPC.  Wish me luck.22:15
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bskahanthat was quick22:20
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th1aI'm on my Linux box.22:27
th1aStep #1, Clean up Mac partiton using newly purchased DiskWarrior software.22:28
th1aDoesn't work with Tiger.22:28
th1aActually, that's step 1a.22:28
th1aStep 1 was to defragment the drive.22:28
th1aThat failed, reporting some glitch in the hard drive structure, leading to step 1a.22:29
th1aOK, looks like I can download an update.22:31
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bska|mobileworth taking a look at23:15
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th1aOK, that was probably very bad.  The computer just crashed in the middle of rebuilding the disk directories.23:48
th1aSteveA:  ping23:49
SteveAi'm about to go to bed23:49
SteveAfor it is almost midnight in .lt23:49
th1aAre you going to EuroPython?23:50

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