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bskahansince teachers are often known by Mr/Ms/Mrs LastName00:00
th1abskahan:  +100:00
bskahanremember I was talking about pagelets, the apidocs say "TODO: write documentation."00:13
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th1amgedmin posted the same thing this afternoon.08:23
th1aMaybe we can use it.08:24
bskahanworth investigating08:25
th1aI've really avoided learning too much about the nuts and bolts of iCalendar :-)08:25
bskahanits lgpl not BSD though08:25
th1aOh yeah.08:26
th1aThat's right.08:26
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mgedmin doesn't even mention SchoolBell :(14:21
bskahanthat's pretty harsh14:39
bskahanmentions hula14:40
bskahanclearly we need better marketing14:40
bskahanparticularly considering we have all but one of the Use Cases covered14:43
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jagordonthe IT guys at my school are trying to install schoolbell for us...15:21
jagordonthey can successfully install it on our local server, but when they try to install it remotely on our main server, which is not on location, they get the following error:15:22
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jagordonhmm... got cut off...15:25
jagordonthey get this error:15:25
jagordonTraceback (most recent call last):15:26
jagordon  File "", line 28, in ?15:26
jagordon    import
jagordon  File "/opt/files-schoolbell-all/schoolbell-1.0/src/schoolbell/app/", line 58, in ?15:26
jagordon    locale_charset = locale.getpreferredencoding()15:26
jagordon  File "/usr/lib/python2.3/", line 417, in getpreferredencoding15:26
jagordon    setlocale(LC_CTYPE, "")15:26
jagordon  File "/usr/lib/python2.3/", line 381, in setlocale15:26
jagordon    return _setlocale(category, locale)15:26
jagordonlocale.Error: unsupported locale setting15:26
jagordonmake: *** [run] Error 115:26
jagordonany ideas what might be going on?15:26
mgedminthat looks interesting15:26
mgedminbroken locale configuration on the server15:27
mgedminone of LC_CTYPE, LC_ALL, LANG environment variables refer to a locale that is not supported by the system15:27
jagordoni think that they had trouble compiling it because some of the dependencies weren't there (?)15:27
mgedminwhat sort of system is it -- Linux? BSD? Windows? Mac OS X?15:27
jagordonso they had to install some of the packages manually15:27
jagordonwhen they installed it on the local machine, the packages were installed automatically, but the remote machine for some reason didn't do that15:28
jagordonLinux, should be15:28
mgedmindo you know which distribution?15:28
jagordoni'll check15:28
jagordonwe're in beijing, china15:29
jagordondon't know if that means we might have an unusual distribution15:29
mgedminit doesn't really matter that much15:30
mgedminsome distributions have some scripts that let you generate locales in an easier way15:30
mgedminone workaround is to start the SchoolBell server with this command line:15:31
mgedmin  LC_ALL=C ./schoolbell-server.py15:31
mgedminthe correct solution is to fix the locale configuration on the server15:31
mgedminto verify that this is not just Python/SchoolBell problem you can run perl -- it complains when the system locale is not supported by the C library15:32
jagordonhaven't gotten an answer yet about which distribution15:32
jagordoni'll get them to try to LC_ALL=C workaround you've suggested15:33
jagordonand get them to try perl15:33
jagordonif perl runs without a problem, would that suggest a Python/SchoolBell issue that I should report somewhere?15:34
mgedminit would probably suggest that something is wrong with the Python locale module15:34
mgedminbut I think that's very unlikely15:34
mgedminit is very easy to accidentally set LANG or LC_xxx to a locale name and then forget to actually compile the locale definition files with localedef15:35
mgedminI think that's what happened here15:35
jagordonit's 8:30 pm here, so we'll give it a try tomorrow morning15:37
mgedmingood luck15:41
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* faassen waves hi.15:46
* mgedmin waves back15:48
faassenI did a drive-by shooting on your mailing list today. :)15:48
mgedminI noticed your yesterday's blog post15:50
faassenah, good. :)15:50
mgedminout of curiosity, have you looked at vobject (Chandler's iCalendar library) when you were looking for Python iCalendar libs?15:51
faassena blog is a very useful propaganda tool.15:51
faassenno, I didn't run into that one. the vobject guy posted a comment on my blog.15:51
mgedminwe had an email discussion a while ago, about collaborating towards a single Python iCalendar library15:52
mgedminSchoolBell's iCalendar code is GPLed, which prevents more liberally licenced iCal projects from using our code15:53
mgedminMark didn't want to relicence bits of SchoolBell under a different licence just now15:53
mgedminand the discussion petered out15:53
faassenanyway, just glanced at vobject. it seems at first glance a bit lightweight on the tests.15:54
mgedmin(the discussion was with the vobject guys -- I forgot to mention this)15:54
faasseniCalendar has extensive doctests.15:54
mgedminI looked at the usage examples on the iCalendar web page15:54
mgedminit looks like it would be a very simple matter to use iCalendar (not a very good name BTW) instead of our own iCal parser in SchoolBell15:54
faassenyeah, I realize the package name is confusing.15:54
faassenyeah, I don't think it'd be hard to adjust schoolbell.15:55
faassenI mean, it's good as a package name.15:55
faassenit's not good as a project name.15:55
faassendarn, seems to be a bug in the code I forgot to adjust, that readme doesn't get doctests.15:55
faassenfixed it.16:00
faassensmall bug in example code. :)16:00
faassenshould get the readme doctested but that's something for later.16:00
mgedmindo you have viewcvs on
faassennope, codespeak unfortunately doesn't have that.16:07
faassenI need to bug the maintainers. :)16:07
faassenbut you can check the sources through raw svn.16:07
mgedminraw svn doesn't highlight syntax ;)16:09
mgedminI'm spoiled16:10
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mgedmin mentions schoolbell17:49
bskahanif Zope 3.1 makes it into main then school[tool|bell] should be able to as well17:54
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ignasth1a, ping19:06
ignasfreshmeat page for schooltool is very outdated ...19:07
ignaseven if only a small amount of users find schooltool through there i think ST 0.8 is a bit too old ;)19:08
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bskahanin schooltool I created an ISchoolToolGroupContainer as a subclass of IGroupContainer to add ISection and ICourse to the contains constraint20:09
bskahandamn, have to run20:10
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* bskahan cheers 353121:08
bskahanback to the question I started to ask earlier21:44
bskahanwhat's the appropriate way to provide multiple types of FileFactories for IGroupContainer21:45
algafile factories?21:46
bskahanApplicationObjectFileFactory subclasses21:46
mgedminbskahan, are you talking about creating different sorts of thingies from the REST interface?21:47
mgedmingroups, sections, courses -- that sort of thing?21:47
bskahanyes, creating multiple types of objects in one container21:47
th1abskahan:  just pinged Tollef at UBU about SchoolBell & calendar sync.21:47
bskahanth1a: cool21:47
mgedminbskahan, just use one factory21:49
mgedminmake it look at the XML it received21:49
bskahanspecify the type in XML21:49
mgedminand then return different kinds of objects21:49
bskahanjust wanted to make sure that was the right way (tm)21:50
algawhat should the type depend on?21:50
mgedminmaybe the top-level element?21:50
mgedmin<group title="..." />21:50
mgedmin<course title="..."> extra data whatever ... </course>21:51
algayeah, looks fine21:51
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algathe course will also have to be added to the courses group, won't it?21:52
bskahanalga: I'm not sure about that yet21:52
bskahanI think the courses group can go away in favor of filtering for ICourse21:53
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bskahan<element name="object"><group><attribute name="title"><text/></attribute></group></element>22:07
bskahanalga: something like that?22:07
bskahanhave to run again, ttyl22:10
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algayou'll want to use <choice> for a list of different tags accepted there22:34
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