IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2005-04-28

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bskahananyone seen this error?14:29
bskahan    TypeError: There isn't enough context to get URL information. This is probably due to a bug in setting up location information.14:29
ignasa lot14:30
ignaseither IContainmentRood.directlyProvide is missing14:30
ignasin unit tests14:30
ignasor you haven't  set __parent__ somewhere in running environment14:30
bskahanignas: thanks!14:31
bskahanits the IContainmentRoot14:31
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bskahanignas: are you guys working on "Forms"?16:04
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ignasbska|mobile, Forms ?16:19
bska|mobilesomething th1a had mentioned, groups of students who share a timetable schedule16:23
bska|mobilethere's a reference to it in one of our stories but it seems like there's more setup required than the story actually talks about16:25
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algabska|mobile: we will do the whole timetabling workflow, basically16:33
bska|mobilethis is the story I'm working on16:34
bska|mobileWhen you create a section, you can16:34
bska|mobileassign the members of a group all at once (a form, for example).16:34
bska|mobilejust trying to figure out if the form is something other than a regular group16:35
algait is not16:37
algathe're will be a view for mass-setup via CSV rosters or smth like that16:37
algaand a view for individual sections setup16:38
algaso if you do the regular group UI it will be plenty16:39
bska|mobiledo you need anything else from us for timetabling?16:39
algaerr, I think that's about it16:39
algaI'm working on the core tt functionality still16:39
algaIt's mostly ported16:39
algaa couple of failing unit tests left16:40
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bska|mobilean Attribute in an interface can be implemented by a property()?18:21
bska|mobileor do I need to set it to something other than Attribute in the interface?18:21
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th1amgedmin:  Did you see Jim Vine's traceback on the mailing list?19:17
ignasth1a, I have added the links you have asked for in the RESTive interface19:23
th1aignas:  Thanks.19:24
th1aDo you understand why I want them?19:24
ignasyes of course19:24
mgedminth1a, not yet19:24
th1aHe's getting one unicodedecode error on iCal import.19:24
th1aAnd another more cryptic error.19:25
mgedminRFC 244519:26
mgedmin4.1.4 Character Set19:26
mgedmin   There is not a property parameter to declare the character set used19:26
mgedmin   in a property value. The default character set for an iCalendar19:26
mgedmin   object is UTF-8 as defined in [RFC 2279].19:26
mgedmin   The "charset" Content-Type parameter can be used in MIME transports19:26
mgedmin   to specify any other IANA registered character set.19:26
th1aSo is it a Sunbird bug?19:27
mgedminnot sure19:27
mgedmindid it specify the charset in the Content-Type request header for the PUT request?19:27
mgedmindid schoolbell ignore it?19:27
th1aWe've just got the traceback at this point.19:28
mgedminI have tried entering non-ascii chars in mozilla calendar, and it worked for me19:28
mgedminbut then my locale is UTF-8, and UTF-8 is what we expect to see in iCal files19:28
mgedminmaybe sunbird uses the user's locale instead of UTF-8?19:28
th1aignas:  Do you understand what we need for api docs?19:30
th1aREST api docs?19:30
mgedminah, Zope 3 has a FilePUT view that we rely upon19:30
mgedminit calls our adapter and passes the request body, but it doesn't pass us the Content-Type header19:31
th1aThat sucks.19:31
mgedmindid anybody file an issue at
th1aNot as of yet.19:31
mgedminplease do so, I'm a bit busy on other matters at the moment19:32
th1aOK.  Should I ask him to send a copy of the file, if it isn't private?19:32
mgedminI don't think that's necessary19:32
th1aOK.  Good.19:33
th1aI think the mission of the monday meeting will be to clean up RoundUp.19:34
th1aI think most of these bugs are fixed.19:35
ignasth1a, "Do you understand what we need for api docs?" ? do you mean "SchoolBell needs REST API docs" ?19:35
th1aYeah.  There's an overview in SchoolTool that you can use.19:36
th1aAs a model.19:36
ignasth1a, well fdoctests are functional DOC tests ...19:36
ignasi would use them if i wanted to find out how to use the system19:36
th1aWhere are they?19:36
th1aWhere are the relevant ones?19:36
ignasall of them are more or less relevant ... you can see how to create application objects in app.txt19:37
ignasyou can see how to manage relationships in relatioshpis.txt19:37
th1aAha.  I forgot to look there.19:37
th1aI was looking hopefully for doctests.19:37
th1aOK.  We're done!19:39
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mgedminobligatory links to other Python iCalendar implementations:23:22
mgedmin (the one used in Chandler)23:23
mgedmin (same thing, one step backwards, gives some links to other software too)23:24
mgedminit would be nice to have one canonical robust well-tested iCalendar implementation for Python23:24
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bskahanwe should probably break the Person name into first/last before schooltool calendar release23:59

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