IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2005-04-26

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samylI'm a newbie on schootoll11:48
samylI've installed a sever on my local machine11:48
samylI try to use the server schooltool with a graphic client11:49
samylI've a little problem when I try to modify some parameters as roll_call11:51
samyland when I do it11:51
samyli've the message: Unuauthorized11:51
samylI'm connected in local with username and password empty11:52
samylI saw on the web site schooltool but I didn't try a solution to resolv my problem11:53
samylis anyone can help me11:53
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samylI'm a newbie on schootool12:54
samylI've installed a sever on my local machine, I try to use the server schooltool with a graphic client, I've a little problem when I try to modify some parameters as roll_call and when I do it, i've the message: Unuauthorized, I'm connected in local with username and password empty, I saw on the web site schooltool but I didn't try a solution to resolv my problem12:57
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samylI'm a newbie on schooltool, I've installed a sever on my local machine.13:04
samylI try to use the server schooltool with a graphic client and I've a little problem when I try to modify some parameters as roll_call  and when I do it i've the message: Unuauthorized.13:04
samylI'm connected in local with username and password empty and I saw on the web site schooltool but I didn't try a solution to resolv my problem, so is anyone can help me13:04
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samylHi, I'm a newbie on schooltool, I've installed a sever on my local machine. I try to use the server schooltool with a graphic client and I've a little problem when I try to modify some parameters as roll_call  and when I do it i've the message: Unuauthorized. I'm connected in local with username and password empty and I saw on the web site schooltool but I didn't try a solution to resolv my problem, so is anyone can help me13:21
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samylIs there anybody16:38
samylI'd like to ask something about schooltool16:39
FarcePestlogin as manager with password schooltool16:39
samylthanks, I found on the web site of schooltool16:43
bskahansamyl: it sounds like your using an old release16:43
samylI've some very basic question16:43
bskahango ahead16:44
bskahanthe only released package that should really be used now is schoolbell 1.016:44
bskahanschooltool 0.10 will be out at the end of may16:44
samylI've begining this morning with schooltool milestone 616:45
bskahanyeah, that's very old16:45
samylbut I believe that wasn't a good way16:45
bskahangrab schoolbell 1.016:46
samylNow, I've download on the web site schooltool/schoolbell 0.916:46
bskahanbetween 0.9 and 1.0/0.10 we moved from a homebrewed twisted base platform to a Zope3 platform16:47
bskahanthe thick client is temporarily deprecated and we're focusing on the web client for now.16:48
bskahanthe web services interface will open up in 1.1 again and the client could be updated to work again16:48
samylwith the "new version" 0.9 or 1.0, can i use the wx python client that i used this mornin with schooltool milestone16:48
bskahannot really16:48
bskahandefinitely not with 1.016:49
samyloh really, i must use only my web browser?16:49
bskahanthe web services interface (REST) wasn't finished porting in time for 1.016:50
bskahanits pretty much ready now for 1.116:50
samylwhat are the main difference between the version that i used this morning and the new version in a few words?16:50
samyli'm sorry for my newbie's questions but it's new for me16:51
bskahanschoolbell is the generic calendar server, schooltool is specific to schools.  1.0 is a very nice calendar server without things like attendence, etc16:52
bskahanschooltool 1.1 (out in may) will be a school specific calendar server with classes and timetables16:52
bskahanschooltool calendar 1.016:52
bskahanor some version like that16:52
bskahanI have to run for about 15 minutes16:53
bskahanI'll be back shortly16:53
samylok, no problem, thank you16:53
bskahanhey samyl17:04
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th1asamyl:  hi17:08
samylIn fact, I'm interested by schooltool17:09
samylI'm interested by the aspect "administration" of school17:10
th1asamyl:  I'm catching up on the logs from earlier today...17:10
samylAs i saw this morning with the version of schooltool milestone17:11
th1asamyl:  Yes.17:11
th1aWe decided in the short term to focus on just doing calendaring,17:12
samylok, you don't want to continue with the same function as milestone?17:13
bskahaneverything thatwas in the milestones (except maybe the wxPython client in a recognizable form) will be in schooltool at some point, I think17:13
th1aWe just decided that rather than try to do everything at once, we should start with a narrower focus.17:14
th1aAfter the next month or so, we'll be focusing on general school administration again.17:14
* bskahan curses his dieing spacebar17:14
bskahanhow do you know I didn't mean it turns my thumb green :-P17:15
th1abskahan's space bar is out in the back alley shooting craps.17:15
th1asamyl:  Just making an attempt at a pun.17:17
th1asamyl:  Do you work with a school somewhere?17:18
samylyes, in fact i work with a team that develop some solution for school17:19
samylunder free software17:19
th1aWhat does your schedule look like?17:19
samyllike fileserver, firewall17:20
th1aAre you doing student information system stuff, like attendance, grades, etc?17:21
samyli'm sorry thla, what in fact do you want to know17:21
samylah ok17:21
samylno, we provide fileserver with ldap, firewall...17:21
th1aOn Linux?17:22
samylwe build our distribution17:23
th1aI see.  Where in the world are you?17:24
samylI've seen an article to schooltool and I was very interested to read more and discover what is "schooltool"17:24
samylin france17:24
samyland you in south africa?17:24
th1aDo you have any experience with Python or Zope?17:25
th1aI am in the US.  Providence, RI.17:25
samylme, not really but we have some developpers who uses python everyday17:25
samylwith twisted and...17:26
samylthla, is it the best think to use "SchoolTool/SchoolBell 0.9" to test schooltool17:27
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th1aI don't recommend looking at anything other than SchoolBell at this point.17:28
samylyes, but as you understand i just want to test the aspect administration like absence tracking, etc..17:30
th1aThe SchoolTool branch in Subversion shows what we're doing with it now, but it is just getting started.17:30
th1aThere's no point in testing it at this point.17:30
samylcan i access to your subversion with my browser?17:31
th1aWe've already planned lots of changes in the next version, so its very hard to give feedback at this point.17:31
th1aYou can see the code at http://source.schooltool.org17:31
samyldo I choose "branches/schooltool-0.9.x" ?17:33
th1aSorry, is the current stuff.17:34
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th1asamyl:  The important thing for you to understand is that we're going to ba actively developing these administrative tools over the next year, and we'd welcome the participation and input of your team.17:38
bskahanok, working on the add view for sections17:40
bskahanto simplify life, sections can't be added except from a Course view17:40
bskahanI pass the Course id through the request to the SectionAddView17:41
th1aOK.  We'll see if that works in the long run.17:41
th1aRealistically, it is probably a good idea.17:42
bskahaneverything seems to work up to hitting the Add button, for some reason that calls view.update() and creates a new SectionAddView instance, but it doesn't pass the request through17:42
samyli understand but for the moment, it's a personal act because I find that your work is nice17:42
th1aGood!  Sorry if it seems like we're putting you off.  SchoolBell 1.0 is the only thing we feel solid about.17:43
th1aWe like it much more than the earlier releases.17:43
samyli understand17:44
samylI'll test schoolbell even if i'm more insterested by the aspect "absence traking" ..17:48
th1aIf you could write up some of your requirements for absence tracking, that would be helpful.  We'll probably be working on that again this summer.17:49
GaryPosterhi--quick question: I see on the schoolbell site and in schoolbell/calendar/README.txt on the trunk that you still need three things: - Timezones17:51
GaryPoster- All day events17:51
GaryPoster- Ready to use calendar as a Zope 3 content component, with browser views.  What of those are scheduled for 1.0, is SchoolBell 1.0 still ok for end of April, and are any of these actually implemented yet?  Thanks17:51
th1aIt doesn't look like we're going to release SchoolBell 1.1 until the end of May, but all those things are done in subversion.17:53
samylI don't know because I'm just a consultant for this team, my job is administration but if it's possible why not?17:54
bskahanGaryPoster: slightly off, but it has most of the features added between 1.0 and 1.117:55
GaryPosterok will look.  Thanks!17:56
bskahanthe major feature is the REST interface will be available in 1.1, while it wasn't in 1.017:56
samylthla, I hope that you aren't angry17:58
th1asaml:  I'm not angry :-)17:58
th1aSomewhat jetlagged.17:58
th1aI flew back from England yesterday, so it was a 30 hour day.17:58
GaryPosterOK, cool.  I also saw on the website that IE wasn't completely working, with Firefox being the primary target.  Has that changed?  Not Firefox being primary target, I understand that ;-), but IE not completely working17:59
bskahanits 96% working18:00
bskahan(I mde that up)18:00
samylI understand, i like plane but i prefer it to the holidays18:00
bskahanGaryPoster: there are definitely rendering glitches in IE18:01
th1aGaryPoster:  The biggest reason it isn't a target is that none of us use Windows, and we need IE users to nag us.18:01
th1aFeel free to nag.18:01
bskahanand file bugs18:02
bskahanI have access to a windows box now so hopefully 1.1 won't have issues18:02
th1aOf course, if you know enough about HTML and CSS that you can contribute patches for IE, that's ideal ;-)18:03
GaryPosterbskahan: understood, me either, but we need that support.  OK, so I am to understand that IE support is a priority if bugs are filed against it, but not something that will happen "naturally"...until maybe 1.1 :-) ?18:03
th1aWe are trying.18:03
GaryPoster"me either" == not a Win user; took me too long to write the reply ;-)18:03
bskahanits a very high priority for 1.118:03
th1aIt isn't the policy to not support IE.18:03
GaryPosterno criticism implied, btw, trust me; I just need to get a feeling for things.  OK, cool.18:04
bskahanit was late in the release cycle when we realized how many problems there were18:04
bskahanfor 1.018:04
GaryPosterOK, great, thanks you all.  I'll look around some more later and probably have some more questions. :-)18:05
bskahanGaryPoster: thanks for fixing pytz btw18:06
GaryPoster:-) cool18:07
GaryPosterglad we are all using it18:07
samylthal, bskahan, have a nice day18:13
bskahansamyl: you too18:16
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bska|mobileanyone know what test setup is required to get around this error:21:56
bska|mobile    ComponentLookupError: ((<zope.schema._field.Object object at 0xb70dcfcc>, <zope.publisher.browser.TestRequest instance URL=>), <InterfaceClass>, u'')21:56
bska|mobilefor something that works in reality21:56
mgedminno, but I know how to find that out21:59
mgedminfind the zcml file in zope that defines a view for IObject, providing IInputWidget22:00
mgedminthen rewrite that view registration with ztapi.browserViewProviding in you test setup22:00
bska|mobilemgedmin: thanks22:00
mgedminfind -name '*.zcml'|grep -v .svn|xargs grep for=IObject22:00
mgedmins/for=IObject/for=.*IObject/ actually22:01
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th1aI'm becoming very frustrated by my inability to figure out how to get the ubuntu-calendar backgrounds to work.23:51
th1aDo I have to find them and add them?23:52
th1aI did the apt-get.23:52

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