IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2005-04-25

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jagordonHi, I'm from a school in Beijing, China that is considering schoolbell.  Any specifics on when 1.1 will be coming out, or details about what it will include?12:14
jagordonSuch a cool and exciting project!12:15
stockholmyes, really neat.12:17
jagordonWe're thinking of using it primarily for scheduling teachers and classrooms (once the resource allocation stuff works).12:20
stockholmjagordon: do you have a big school?12:27
jagordonwell, we're a private english language school, and we do mainly short term training12:28
jagordonat any one time we have several hundred students12:28
jagordonwe'd be using schoolbell to keep track of teachers' schedules12:28
jagordonprobably around 10-15 people initially, but maybe 50 or more by the end of the year12:29
jagordonwe'd like for it to be able to scale12:29
jagordoni think it would without much trouble12:30
jagordonwe'll also have resources such as classrooms, projectors, computers, etc., that would be associated with the classes12:31
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th1aI missed my damn flight.14:13
th1aHowever, I'd already paid for a week of wireless access via TMobile, and I've got a chair next to a power outlet, so an afternoon at Heathrow is frighteningly similar to an afternoon at home.14:15
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algath1a: hi14:27
th1aalga: hi.14:27
th1aI guess I should be around for the meeting today after all.14:28
algawhat did you mean when you wrote about some links to the relationships?14:28
th1aIn SchoolTool 0.x, when you viewed, say, a person, there was a reference to their relationships URL.14:29
ignaswhy would one want such link in SchoolBell14:29
ignasthere are only group-member relationships anyway ...14:29
ignasoh, and overlayed calendars ...14:29
th1aIt is helpful if you're exploring the system.14:29
algaI think we have a nice, simple UI for membership14:30
algacause that's all we need14:30
th1aMaybe you guys don't understand what I'm talking about.14:30
ignasyep, at least i don't ;)14:31
th1a...I don't think I have a copy of 0.9 handy.14:31
algawhat do you mean by 'relationships' then?14:31
algain 0.9, there were membership and teaching relationships14:32
th1aWhat I mean is, if I'm trying to figure out how SchoolTool and it's REST interface works, I used to be able to point at a person,14:32
th1aand see, "ah, this person has something called 'relationships,' and they're at '/persons/tom/relationships'"14:33
ignasi see14:33
th1aIt just makes the system a little more transparent.14:33
ignasworking on it14:34
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th1aHere's a little iCalendar implementation trivia:
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th1aI wasn't figuring on being around for a meeting today, so I didn't send out an announcement.17:56
bskahanth1a: in cases like that, would you mind sending out a 'not happening' announcement instead17:57
th1aWell, had I sent an announcement, it probably would have been a "why don't you guys meet without me" announcement, but point taken.17:58
th1aJust got an email about a sparklines library for python:
th1aIt uses matplotlib.  Whether or not that would be a good thing for us remains to be seen.18:01
th1aWe'll need to do other kinds of graphs, so it may be generally useful.18:01
bskahanapparently everyone got your cancelation email ;)18:11
th1aIt must be a holiday in Lithuania.18:12
bskahanalga and aiste were on earlier18:12
bskahanwe have courses and sections now, you just have to hack the application object if you want to see them18:13
th1aOne thing I was thinking is that sections need to show up in the access control view.18:14
bskahanhow so (beyond they're default)18:14
th1aI mean, I should be able to, say, allow the students in all my classes to view my calendar (if I'm a teacher).18:15
th1aPerhaps the full implications of that statement are more complex than I realize.18:16
th1aBut for now, they should show up in the acl view like groups do.18:17
th1aPerhaps they do already.18:17
bskahanthey probably are, and alga knows what they are better than I do18:17
bskahanthey do18:17
bskahanthey function as groups18:17
th1aThat's all I'm worried about for now.18:17
bskahanI think that's covered18:17
th1aThere will be plenty to drive alga crazy later on.18:17
bskahanthere's some role/acl stuff that probably needs to get schooltool specific though18:17
jagordonany news on when schoolbell 1.1 will be completed?  will there be a release candidate first?18:19
jagordon(apologies if that's an annoying question)18:19
bskahanjagordon: not an annoying question, and there should be a release candidate in the middle of may18:20
bskahanand the final release at the end of may18:20
th1ajagordon:  Many of the changes are already done.18:21
jagordonis there a "nightly" build or something of that sort that we can play with? :)18:21
bskahani think the only feature missing is CSV upload18:21
bskahanjagordon: you can check it out of subversion18:21
th1aDo you know how to use subversion?18:21
jagordoni know enough to get it running from the downloadable package18:22
jagordonit being schoolbell18:22
th1aWhat OS do you use?18:22
jagordoni could probably figure subversion out, though...18:22
jagordoni'd be testing it out on os x, and if we decided to test it out on a larger scale we'd be installing it on linux18:23
th1abskahan:  Speaking of which, I need to update this page:
* bskahan nods18:23
th1aOK.  Subversion on Mac OS X isn't a big deal.18:24
th1aDo you use fink?18:24
th1aah, then 'sudo apt-get svn-client' should get you started.18:25
th1abskahan:  is this right for the new schooltool tree: svn checkout
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bskahanth1a: yes18:29
th1aAnd you'd just replace the last 'schooltool/' with 'schoolbell/', right?18:30
jagordonfor some reason, i keep getting "E: Invalid operation svn-client"18:32
jagordoni'm a bit of an idiot on the command line18:32
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th1aMy bad.18:33
bskahansudo apt-get install svn-client18:33
th1aI'm the idiot.18:33
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th1abskahan:  yep.18:33
jagordonyou folks are great18:34
th1aWe like to make simple mistakes the first time so we can seem even more clever when we quickly figure out the problem.18:35
th1aIt's all part of our clever marketing strategies.18:35
th1aThat, and taking the 'X' out of Zope X3.18:36
bskahanalga: what else do you need from the app for timetables?18:36
bskahanthe X is a dumb idea anyway18:36
th1aSeemed like a good idea three years ago.18:36
* bskahan nods18:36
th1aI believe the subversion instructions are up to date now:
th1ajagordon:  Oooh... there are a couple more issues relating to using MacOS X, I'm afraid.18:38
jagordonbring em on18:39
th1aTrying to think of the easiest way to handle it...18:39
th1aalga:  is gintas doing i18n?18:40
th1ajagordon:  Basically, the version of Python that ships with Panther just doesn't work with Zope 3 (and therefore SchoolBell) for no reason I understand.18:42
th1aSo we ship our own python with the package you download from the site.18:42
bskahanwhat version of python is it?18:42
th1aIt is 2.3.something, but it throws this cryptic 'bus error.'18:42
th1aIt _should_ work.18:43
* bskahan is glad he didn't get a powerbook18:43
jagordoncould i just download a new version of python?18:44
th1aSo I would copy from your old SchoolBell the 'bin' and 'lib' directories.18:45
th1ajagordon:  You can compile one from source.18:45
jagordonor just use the old schoolbell bin and lib18:45
jagordoni'll give it a shot18:46
jagordonthanks again for the help!18:46
th1aAnd copy the Makefile and the...18:46
th1awhat's that script I wrote?  '' I think.18:47
th1aOK.  I have to go make sure I don't miss two flights in one day.18:47
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bskahanhey marius, how was england?19:18
mgedminEngland was nice, but somewhat expensive19:35
stockholmdoes schooltool have a way to schedule meetings accross different time zones?19:42
stockholmwith the people attending indicating when they are available and the intersections are highlighted, somehow?19:43
bskahanstockholm: there isn't a scheduling utility currently19:54
bskahanyou can overlay multiple calendars together though to see when the people you need are free19:54
bskahanschoolbell 1.0 doesn't handle timezones, but 1.1 (out next month) does19:55
stockholmbskahan: i want to use this tool for scheduling times for international irc meetings20:02
stockholmi thought that you might have come up with one20:02
bskahanwith schoolbell 1.0 you just have to set the meeting time in UTC20:03
stockholmi dont want to *set* but to *find* possible meetingtimes. everyone is pretty busy.20:04
bskahanjust subscribe to everyone's calendar20:04
bskahanand see what spots are empty20:05
bskahanits not ideal, but it works in a pinch20:05
stockholmcan i superimpose them?20:05
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bskahanwhat's the easiest way to get a Group object if all I have is the id string?20:34
bskahanreturn = ISchoolBellApplication(self.context)['groups']['id']20:38
mgedminyeah, probably20:40
algaalthough probably we should use ISchoolToolApplication...20:57
* bskahan nods20:58
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