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FarcePest6367 people added, 5061 people deleted, 1307 people found00:23
FarcePest584 groups added, 500 groups deleted, 84 groups found00:23
FarcePest2494 members added00:23
FarcePestreal    0m59.176s00:23
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FarcePestsemi-useless knowledge: I can add or delete about 500 people or groups per second on my hardware01:20
th1aWell, I suppose that's nice to throw at people who don't think ZODB will be fast enough.02:01
FarcePestalso, the person index is about 200-250 people/s02:01
FarcePestugh, a couple of subcommits makes my import run twice as slow02:07
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FarcePestnow i know why the net seems slow today: microsoft black tuesday again02:46
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* bskahan wonders how he caused an error with dublin core16:15
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bskahantvon et. al.: how do people feel about moving the actions menu into the frame ala Plone16:48
bskahanI think having them in the frame helps people understand what the actions refer to16:49
tvonI want them in the frame16:50
bskahanif you look at the read only view of events...16:51
bskahanthe edit button should really be an action tab and delete should be an action in the 'edit' page16:51
bskahanthen looking at the view of a person...16:52
bskahanactions is just confusing as hell16:52
tvonHow do you get to the readonly view?16:52
tvonah, found it16:53
bskahango to the edit view,16:53
tvonedit view -> add note -> returns to readonly16:53
bskahanI haven't decided where/how the links get replaced16:53
bskahanit should16:53
tvonThe actions menu kinda needs to be split up, it's not well defined at the moment16:53
bskahanwhen you go to an item (event) you should go to view by default, with "Edit", "Add Note", "Frobnicate" action tabs16:54
bskahanthe tabs inside the frame should be reserved for actions performed on the object in the well16:55
bskahanits a wierd distinction though, and it gets screwed up in Plone products16:55
bskahanex. Open in iCal should not be in the frame, imho16:56
bskahanbe Add event probably should16:56
tvonWhat we want in the frame is "context actions", not "all actions"16:56
* bskahan nods16:57
bskahanand Actions, not Views16:57
tvonwe should have "context actions" and "non-context actions"16:57
* bskahan nods16:57
bskahanfor the moment, I think we should avoid actions on the calendar16:57
bskahanthey're harder UIwise16:58
bskahanmeaning, I don't want to wait on doing the menu for other things until we figure out a UI that works for context-actions on the calendar views16:59
bskahancurrently I have to figure out how my 1 line change to CalendarEvent broke 2 ftests by causing an error in dublin core ...17:00
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bskahanignas: is it important to remove the groups attribute from Groups?19:48
bskahanth1a: cool19:49
th1abskahan:  Explicitly removing sub-groups capability?19:50
bskahanyes, I'm promptly adding them back to class Section(Group):19:51
bskahanI'm all for removing the concept of subgroups from the user19:52
bskahanI'm just not sure about removing them internally19:52
bskahanthere's no way for a user to make subgroups (or even know its a posibility) now19:53
bskahanI think schooltool 1.0 or 1.1, whichever we want people to use in production next schoolyear should get a /. announcement19:54
bskahans/schooltool/schooltool calendar/19:55
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th1aYes.  I must come up with a systematic method for preparing and dispatching press.19:56
th1aHaving the last release fall during ETech kinda screwed me up, without a real system.19:57
ignasbskahan, well, dead code is bad19:57
ignasat least imho ...19:57
th1aignas:  I'm sure that code will spring to life soon enough.19:58
bskahanignas: ok19:58
mgedminth1a, I thought recursive group membership was dead for good19:58
bskahanI'm not 100% convinced I'm going to use it, but I can add it back in if I need to19:59
ignaswell, when it will, you will add the line back, but at the moment - it's there as a marker ... like "# XXX subgroup support will be added"19:59
th1aHaving a tree of groups as the central navigational metaphor is dead for good.19:59
bskahanmgedmin: Courses are groups of Sections and Sections are groups of Persons20:00
ignasbtw IGroup has no such thing as groups in it's interface ... only members ...20:00
th1aA teacher will need to create sub-groups within a class.  Reading groups A and B in my 9:00 section.20:00
bskahanI'm ok with it going away for now, just wondered why it was happening now20:01
tvonthe group subclasses should be the ones to implement it, there is no need for it in Group20:01
ignasso it is dead code, that makes you think that there is something implemented which is not true ...20:01
th1aIt is something that will be needed in SchoolTool, but not SchoolBell.20:01
tvonwe talked about it when I was doing the 0.9 migration code... subgroups are not retained there20:01
th1aMaybe I'm confused about where we are now.20:02
bskahanignas: ok, I wasn't really unhappy about it, just curious20:02
ignasbskahan, well i was curious, the i removed them and all tests passed which assured me that the functionality was not used in SB ...20:03
* bskahan nods20:03
ignass/curious, the/curious too, then20:03
bskahanit makes more sense when I remember that Sections are never going into that tree anyway20:04
mgedminhas anyone seen jinty lately?20:05
mgedmin(on irc)20:05
bskahanearly this morning or yesterday20:05
th1aHe's been in and out.20:05
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ignasbskahan, borkent tests ?20:18
bskahanignas: yeah, adding IAttributeAnnotatable to CalendarEvents implements() broke 2 calendar tests20:23
bskahantrying to figure out why20:23
* bskahan forgot to run ftests before committing20:23
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algabskahan: have a look at , might be related20:36
bskahanalga: thanks20:46
* bskahan goes to look20:46
bskahanlooks like I hit the same thing on the Creator adapter20:48
bskahanI'm not sure why it fails in ftests but work in practice20:50
algadoes it work in practice?20:51
bskahanthe failed test in cal-security is editing an existing event by the creator of the event20:52
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ignascould someone please make the Readonly event view a bit more informative ?21:13
ignasand maybe even more beautifull ...21:14
ignasi was hoping for something like class="standalone" + a fieldset with a label ...21:14
ignasbecause one can get more info about the event in the resource booking view ...21:14
ignasthan in the Readonly view21:14
bskahanignas: yes21:15
bskahanits on my list21:16
ignasand i would prefer seeing the booked resources in the readonly view too ...21:16
* bskahan agrees21:16
ignasbecause at the moment one can only see this kind of information only when one has the editing permission ...21:16
algait does not even show the date when the event is happening21:16
bskahanYou'll see at least as much info in the view as you see in DailyCalendar view21:17
bskahanas for beautifying it, I'm against making it look like the form, something involving the calendar colors is probbaly good21:18
bskahanI'm not sure how easy that will be though21:19
ignaswell the form style is like "bare expectedminimum", if you can come up with something beatifull just for this occasion, i'll be happy ;)21:19
bskahani agree its ugly at the moment21:21
bskahanI want to fix the beauty issue in conjunction with PersonView and the other readonly views21:21
bskahanalga: I fixed the cal-security.txt failure the same way you mentioned in that bug21:23
bskahanby removing calling removeSecurityProxy on the dc adapter in
bskahanit doesn't break any tests, would you be willing to commit it?21:24
bskahanI don't have access to zope svn21:25
algabut if it works in reality, it should be working in ftests as well21:28
bskahanthat does not seem to be the case21:29
algawe have complete control over the ftest fixture :-)21:29
algathat bug is still open, and some people were very unhappy about my hack21:30
algaI know21:32
bskahancan we make schoolbell.edit include
algain reality it only works for manager21:32
bskahanthat was confusing21:33
algathat's what the security ftests are for21:33
algafor trying out stuff with different users and permissions21:33
bskahanactually, the removeSecurityProxy hack fixes both ftests21:40
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bskahantvon: did you see the discussion about event view being ugly?22:26
bskahanI want to make all the read view's consistent the way all the forms are22:27
tvonhow so?22:27
bskahanshould the all use a style similar to .standalone?22:27
tvonhow are they not consistent now is what I mean?22:27
tvoner... I can't speak english today22:28
bskahanthey're consistently ugly22:28
bskahanI'd like to make them cosistently purdy22:28
tvonwhich views here... like group, person, resource, event ?22:28
bskahanas ignas put it, .standalone is the minimum expected attractiveness22:28
bskahanthose, exactly22:28
tvonI spose we could stick them in a box22:32
tvonThe problem is there isn't a lot of information to be displayed22:32
tvonat least not that we are displaying22:32
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tvonlost net, whad I miss?22:33
tvonapparently nothing22:35
tvonI'm leaving here soon22:42
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