IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2005-04-04

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bskahanignas: thanks for catching those time/date test errors16:22
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bskahandoes lithuania have daylight savings time?17:28
th1aWhoops.  I just asked the same question on zope3-dev.  I thought I was over here.17:29
bskahantakes me 3 months to adjust17:29
th1aI should have gone to be before 4 am.17:29
bskahanfound out I was using pytz wrong because of it though17:29
tvonyou can sleep another hour :)17:29
th1aDid you determine that LIthuania hasn't switched?17:30
bskahanI'm pretty sure they don't17:30
bskahansince the tests that used "Europe/Vilnius" didn't break yesterday17:31
FarcePesti think most of europe switches a week before the US, or perhaps just italy, it probably varies17:31
* bskahan is opposed to daylight savings time, time zones, and non-metric measurements17:32
FarcePestlithuania switched last week17:32
tvonah, thanks17:34
tvonof course evo didn't know the meeting event was based on UTC so now it's an hour off for the rest of eternity17:34
FarcePesti used to live in indiana, so I am somewhat sensitive to DST issues17:34
bskahanindiana doesn't do DST right?17:35
FarcePestmost of it doesn't17:35
FarcePestthe northwest corner is on CST with DST17:35
FarcePestmost of the rest is on EST without DST17:35
FarcePestsome of the rest is on EST with DST17:36
FarcePestfor awhile I lived in South Bend, which was in the EST-no-DST region, and is just south of Niles, MI, which is EST-with-DST, television listings were interesting17:37
FarcePestmostly I lived around Gary, which was always on the same time as Chicago, IL, but only on the same time as Indianapolis half the year17:38
* bskahan notes evo does handle the time correctly if you specify the event is UTC17:40
tvonwhere can you specify utc?17:47
bskahannext to duration, there's a button17:48
* FarcePest wishes he had some google gulp today17:48
bskahanin general evo calendar > evo mail17:51
bskahanFarcePest: me too, but apparently I'm not cool17:52
Aistewe do have daylight savings17:52
Aisteand switch on the last weekend of March17:52
* tvon takes back mocking of evo calendar17:52
bskahanAiste: thanks17:52
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* th1a is looking a Etria's new proposal.18:03
th1aUsers who set their calendar to publicly viewable can subscribe to an atom.xml18:04
th1acalendar URL to get updates for the remaining events for the current week.18:04
* bskahan nods18:04
th1aPresumably you mean that other people can subscribe to a publicly viewable calendar as well.18:05
th1aOK.  That looks fine.18:07
th1aI'd rather if you'd just merge the two "misc" days into the rest of the estimates.18:08
th1aAiste:  Have you been able to look at the stories for SchoolBell 1.1 and SchoolTool Calendar I sent?18:10
* tvon goes to walk a dog18:12
AisteAlbert is responsible for this18:12
th1aI'll nag him.18:13
AisteI know that marius and Albert have looked through the proposal last week18:13
Aisteif we are talking about the same thing18:13
th1aI imagine we are.18:13
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th1abskahan:  Perhaps we shouldn't finalize the contract until I hear from POV, in case we need to rebalance the workload.18:16
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bskahanth1a: makes sense18:35
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bskahanth1a: meeting today?19:20
tvonmaybe its a Pope holiday19:22
bskahan6 days a national mourning in Poland19:22
tvonI suppose that could be whats going on19:26
* jinty decides supper is a better option than sticking around19:29
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* bskahan wishes the Schooltool server move coincided with plone 2.119:32
bskahanshould schooltool svn prop:external schoolbell into src/19:34
bskahanth1a: ayt19:42
th1aI am now.19:43
bskahancan we agree on a few stories of the contract, that can be started now19:43
bskahanmaybe just the schoolbell 1.119:44
th1aOh, the meeting time is based on UTC, so even though we all changed time equally, the time shifts in relation to UTC.19:44
bskahanpov wasn't here either19:44
th1aWe shouldn't need to change what you've got.  We may only want to add something.19:45
th1aYeah, the weekly meeting doesn't really work when POV is doing other stuff.19:45
bskahanI don't mind rescheduling/canceling, I'd like a heads up though19:46
tvonth1a: add something?19:46
th1aIf we want to shift one of POV's tasks over to you.19:47
FarcePestso i finally got my room data (in CSV): 52025 rooms (includes bus shelters, parking decks and some off-campus sites)19:51
FarcePestthat's a lot of resources...19:52
th1aGood lord.19:52
bskahanstress test data19:53
FarcePestkinda what I had in mind, eventually I'll do some filtering19:53
tvonth1a: we can take deleting.. which will give us all of SB1.1 so POV can focus on ST-z3 work20:02
th1aThat makes sense.20:03
bskahanmaking a working schooltool tree worked as expected20:07
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bskahanth1a: does csv import for person/group/resource go in SB or ST20:43
FarcePestseems like a SB function to me20:46
* bskahan agrees20:47
FarcePesthowever, it also seems like there's some overlap, and ST would probably import more attributes than SB for person20:55
* bskahan nods20:59
bskahanmostly wondering if SB needed CSV import at all20:59
bskahanor if it would just go in ST20:59
FarcePestmaybe it should be a seperate component or stand-alone?21:01
* FarcePest never got any google gulp, so he doesn't know the right answer21:02
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bskahanshould CSV upload for groups/resources provide for Descriptions?22:11
* bskahan nods22:19
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* th1a wakes up from his daylight savings time induced nap.22:42
FarcePestyeah, doesn't really save any daylight if you need a mid-day nap22:43
th1aNo shit.22:43
th1aThe CSV import just needs to instantiate the objects.22:45
th1aAnd the object's built in attributes.22:45
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th1aIn SchoolTool the additional info will need to be added separately.22:47
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FarcePesti take it back. life would suck without daylight savings time, unless you like sunrise at 6 a.m. or earlier22:54
FarcePestit's switching between the two that sucks22:54
th1aIt is a pain if you're developing a timezone-aware application.22:55
FarcePestlooks like in atlanta, longest day is about june 21, sunrise and sunset are 6:27 am and 8:51 pm with daylight savings time22:57
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FarcePestwithout DST, that would be 5:27 am and 7:51 pm22:57
bskahanit sucks22:58
FarcePestlast thing I need at 5:30 am is bright light22:58
FarcePestlet alone 6:30 a.m22:58
bskahantakes me 3 months to readjust22:58
algath1a: sorry about the meeting today23:05
algagot out of my head completely23:05
FarcePestth1a, midday nap might be a good thing for you, metaphysically-speaking23:05
FarcePest <-- read about demons of noon23:06
th1aIf I was going to start doing it regularly I'd need to get up earlier in the morning.23:06
th1aalga:  I wasn't too worried about the meeting or I would have sent out a reminder.23:07
th1aI'd like some time estimates for starting and finishing the next contract, though.23:07
algaI'll try to provide you with them by the end of tomorrow23:10
algaDo, or do not. There is no 'try'. - Yoda23:10
th1aAlso a favorite of my wife.23:11
algaThe next contract will be only SB 1.1?23:17
algaErr, Will there be only SB stories on the next contract?23:17
th1aalga:  It looks like Etria is going to handle all the SB 1.1 stories and you guys will do the SchoolTool calendar stories, since you understand how all the timetable related stuff works.23:24
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algaah, ok23:30
th1abskahan suggested earlier that they take the delete objects story, which sounded like a good idea to me.23:31
algayeah, fair enough23:31
algado we have all-day events yet?23:32
th1abskahan: do we have all-day events yet?23:32
th1aI think we do...23:32
th1aI haven't actually tried it yet.23:33
algahm, maybe I just missed it, but where are the contracts of Etria announced?23:33
algaI barely know what they are doing23:33
algamostly from checkins and IRC23:33
th1aPerhaps I haven't kept up with posting them on the website.23:35
algaOh, the website has one more major omission: no screenshots of our new beautiful software23:36
alganone that I could find at least23:36
bskahanthey're in23:40
bskahanI'm looking at "almost working" timezone rendering at the moment23:40
bskahanif events before 9am didn't appear somewhere north of the browser, they'd be better though23:41
bskahanum, "they're" referred to allday events23:41
th1aThere are screenshots on the SchoolBell page:
bskahanfeature highlight screenshots and marketing language23:46
bskahanmy connection is crappy23:47
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bskahanth1a: did that link with the image tarball come through before?23:51
th1aOh, yeah.23:52
th1aThere are some all-day events.23:53
algath1a: brilliant!23:54

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