IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2005-04-02

FarcePestsure has been a bust day for doing anything with the trunk00:46
th1aBecause Zope3 broke things?  We'll all be happier when 3.1 is out.00:47
FarcePestthere's a lot of churn between 3.0 and 3.1, probably because people are actually trying to make some apps (i.e. use cases)00:48
th1aI've been working on learning Python for Series 60 all day.00:49
FarcePesthopefully by monday, I will have a CSV file with every room on campus, plus enrollment data, and i'm going to shove it all into schoolbell and see what happens00:49
FarcePestwell, we'll see00:50
th1aHow are you going to do the shoving?00:50
FarcePestthere are easily over 100 buildings (some are bus stops) and 25K students00:50
th1aWell, that'll give us a nice performance test.00:51
FarcePesti'll have to cobble together something, but i'll probably just use ZODB directly00:51
th1aThat's not really our current target size.00:51
FarcePestit's that or the REST interface, ZODB should be faster for something like this, and probably easier00:51
FarcePestyeah, so I'm stress-testing it00:51
th1aWe'll have the proper tools in the next release.00:51
FarcePestfor our college we'd only have about 4 buildings, maybe 2 dozen classrooms, and 5k students tops00:52
FarcePesti figure if it doesn't choke on the full load (that sounds pornographic) we should be safe for our college00:53
FarcePestso... i guess i'll find out if the user/group/resource listings do any paging...00:53
FarcePestmight have to implement that, or searching00:53
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