IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2005-03-25

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regebroHiya guys!17:35
regebroThanks for teh help yesterday with the recurrence stuff. I have our calendar working with recurrence now.17:35
regebroI made some changes to your recurrence implementation.17:36
regebroWhen I have it cleaned up I'll send it to you if you want to look at it.17:36
regebroBasically there are two changes:17:36
regebro1. No recurrence is now a recurrence rule. ;)17:37
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regebro2. Event have a recurrence_type field where you select what recurrence you want.17:37
mgedminwhat are valid values?17:37
mgedminstrings? classes?17:37
regebroI then set things up so I use a separate edit page for changing the details of the recurrence rule.17:37
regebroWell, currently it's strings.17:38
regebroI guess using some sort of vocabulary where you can register the recurrence rules would be the right way to do it,17:38
regebrobut I haven't done that yet.17:38
mgedminthat's an idea17:39
regebroand besides, it's Five, which tends to make things a bit more complicated. :P17:39
mgedminrecurrence types could be named utilities, I guess17:39
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regebroYeah, that's what I thought too.17:39
regebroYou guys are lucky that don't have Zope2 to drag around. :D17:40
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bskahanmgedmin: was that someone running schoolbell with 5?19:08
regebroMartijn Faassen tried but failed.19:15
regebroWe have another calendar upp running under Five, though, bskahan, but it's not finished yet.19:15
bskahancool, its been on my list of things to try for the last week19:17
regebroYeah, it won't work, to many things need to be fixed. Loads of new-class dependencies and such...19:18
bskahandoesn't 2.8 allow new-style classes?19:18
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regebroYes, so under 2.8 it will probably be easier.19:19
regebroIt still won19:19
regebrot't work though, but there will be less things to fix.19:19
* bskahan goes to try19:20
regebroWe are still quite a bit away from the goal of being able to make products that works under both Zope2 and Zope3.19:20
* bskahan nods19:23
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