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ignas_i am so lonely, that i have decided to join you in this cosy channel :)11:58
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stanhow can u get reminders, possibly via email, from schoolbell?13:44
ignas_iirc we do not have it implemented in schoolbell 1.014:00
ignas_at least the email part14:00
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* tvon pokes th1a 14:08
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regebroHello peoples! I'm probably gonna pester you with a bunch of questions today. ;)14:14
regebroQ1: Why are recurrence rules immutable?14:14
gintasdo you have the old SchoolTool or the new SchoolBell in mind?14:15
regebroOh, SchoolBell1.0.14:16
gintasas far as I remember, in SchoolTool we had calendars as sets of events, so events had to be immutable, therefore parts of events, such as recurrence rules, too14:16
regebroI forgot to even check if there is a special channel for that, i sthere?14:16
gintasI think CalendarEvents are mutable now14:16
gintasI wonder14:16
ignas_no there are no special channels for schoolbell14:16
regebroOK, great.14:17
gintasit looks like it's a legacy thing14:17
gintaswe reused much of the old SchoolTool's code in SchoolBell14:17
regebroOK, that's good, because I couldn't see why it was like that. Thanks! I'm back to the code! :)14:17
gintasCalendarEvents were made mutable, but we might have missed recurrence rules14:17
gintasthere's probably no good reason to have them immutable any more14:18
ignas_i guess it was done to save some time/complexity and increase the code reuse ...14:18
ignas_the recurence rules are objects of different types so one should replace one rule with another if the rulk would change from daily to weekly14:19
ignas_it's either reimplementing recurrence rules from the ground to make them truly mutable, or just reuse the old code (inheriting the immutability of rules ...)14:20
gintaswe just missed them, it should be no big deal to make them mutable14:33
regebroAs you may or may not know, faassen snitched your recurrence implementation for use on our calendar. ;)14:38
regebroBut I want them to be mutable...14:38
regebroSo I'm looking into that. I may make some other rearrangements as well, but the implementations should be quite compatible anyway.14:39
gintasI think just turning the r/o properties into normal attributes would be fine14:43
gintasjust take care not to break the restrictions coded in _validate().14:44
ignas_and i think one should refactor DailyRecurence WeeklyRecurrence and others into one class ...14:44
regebroDaily and Weekly could be the same, but Monthly and Yearly can't.14:45
gintasthey're quite different, it's a bad idea to merge them14:46
regebroIn any case, this is also a UI question, how to select which rule should be used?14:46
ignas_that's why i think it is weird making them mutable ... like you had to replace Daily with Daily when modifying it ...14:46
ignas_aftermaking themmutableyou will be capable to modify the daily recurrence, yet you will have tu replace it with a new rule if it changes to monthly14:47
* ignas_ had not enough sleep tonight, so you can just ignore him ;)14:47
gintasregebro, just do whatever you find most convenient14:47
gintasif immutability gets in the way, get rid of it14:47
regebroI didn't have enough sleep either, and faassen is sick. not a good day, this.  ;)14:47
regebroI'll test around a bit.14:48
regebroIntuitively, I would merge them all into the same object and have a drop down to change the recurrence type.14:49
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regebrobut... that makes the expansion rules big and unwildy, and I don't want to do that.14:49
regebroI want to keep the flexibility to replace it with new recurrences like "easter" recurrences and stuff.14:49
regebroAnyway, I'll see what I can figure out on how to make a UI to replace them. In worst case, I'll just skip that part, and not make it possible to change the recurrence type.14:50
regebroIt's not in this projects specifications to do that. ;)14:50
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gintasregebro, OTOH ignas is right in that treating recurrence rules as immutable is easier14:58
gintasI still think that enforcing that in code is a leftover from SchoolTool14:59
ignas_mgedmin, logs?14:59
regebroDoes Zope3 transparently handle immutables with replace()? Or do you need to make special stuff for that?14:59
mgedminZope 3 doesn't15:00
mgedminbut I think our calendar event editing form is a bit too complex for zope 3 to handle automatically15:00
ignas_a bit is a little understatement ;)15:02
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regebroOK, Q2: in your recurrencerule.apply() you pass event and enddate. Why event, and not startdate?15:35
regebroAny reason?15:35
regebro(All you ever do is cur = start = ;)15:35
ignas_regebro, file and line would be more helpfull15:42
ignas_i am working on anotherparts of the application ofthemoomentso switchingcontextsis kind of difficult15:42
mgedminregebro, no reason, I guess15:42, many lines. ;)15:43
regebrofor example line 115, ignas_15:43
regebromgedmin: OK, just wanted to make sure, so I'm not missing anything important. Thanks.15:44
mgedminI guess the only theoretical reason is that a hyphotetical recurrence rule might possibly want to use other fields15:44
regebroHmm. OK.15:45
ignas_simple - we do not have the enddate the file you mentioned line 25915:45
ignas_for example15:45
ignas_ooignore the simple and the stuff :)15:45
ignas_too much coffee, not enough sleep15:46
ignas_but yess that place is the only instance of any other attribute of event being accessed in the generator15:47
regebroright.... OK, got it.15:48
regebrothanks ignas_15:48
regebroIt makes it complicatedif your startdate is not the same as the date in the event, though. event, startdate and enddate would be useful parameters.15:50
regebroAh, well, details...15:50
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