IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2005-03-10

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tvonshould I be putting a Choice() widget in ?00:18
tvonI ask because most of what is defined in there is pretty simple, Choice would require importing vocabulary and SchoolBellMessageID.. unless I can just define a skel Choice()00:19
mgedmintvon, schoolbell.calendar.interfaces uses Choice already00:21
tvonah, okay00:21
mgedminand imports it -- perhaps it used to use it some time in the past00:21
mgedminbtw Choice is a field, not a widget00:21
mgedminyou confused me for a minute00:21
tvonah :)00:22
mgedmingood night00:22
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th1aOh, dammit.00:30
th1aIf you search for Python UK 2005, the first link takes you to the info for Python 2004, under a banner saying "ACCU 2005."00:31
th1aAs a result, I booked my flights for the wrong days.00:31
tvongah, suck00:35
th1aWhat I need is a calendar to help me manage these things.00:35
tvonsomeone should write one00:35
th1aNo shit.00:36
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th1abakahan:  I was wondering if we were still creating valid XHTML.  It would be cool if that could be integrated into our functional testing.04:03
bskahanI'm doing a validation marathon tonight (which is tedious, but important)04:11
bskahanI'm not sure how we could get ftests for that, but it would be really good to do04:12
bskahanits to easy for it to get lost04:12
tvonthat would be cool06:38
bskahanPRODID:-// SchoolBell//EN06:43
bskahanDTSTAMP: 20050310T012856Z06:43
bskahanwrong window06:43
th1aiCal overload.06:44
bskahanon the bright side, looking at it here I think I see the problem06:45
th1aWhatever it takes.06:46
th1aAh.  Got vim running on my Virtual PC.06:47
th1aIt's the little things that count.06:47
tvonheh, nice06:48
th1aNot actually a challenge with Cygwin, but I had forgotten to do it.06:49
bskahannot running vim for windows?06:49
th1aI think I have the Makefile properly tweaked now.  It should just take 'make test' and about five hours of the G4 pinned at 100% to see if the alga's fixes work.06:50
th1abskahan: I've got Cygwin, so that's probably easiest.  I don't spend a lot of time tweaking my virtual Windows.06:51
th1aI need some kind of super-cheap, super small Windows box & monitor.06:51
bskahanI'm unconvinced that evolution's VFB parser works06:54
th1aThat invoice you sent me just has little grey boxes where the characters should be.06:56
th1aStrange, since that hasn't happened with the previous ones.06:56
bskahanmystery invoicing, its a new technique06:57
tvonits a PDF this time06:57
th1aYes.  Did you send me a .doc before?06:57
bskahantoo bad apple has so much trouble with pdfs06:57
tvonlast time it was an XLS from OOO06:57
tvonor gnumeric actually I think06:57
th1aIs this from OpenOffice?06:58
tvongnumeric as well, but a PDF this time since I'd rather not use xls if I can help it :)06:59
tvonI'll send another in some other format07:00
th1aOK.  Did you do a "print to pdf?"07:01
th1aOr does Gnumeric export in that format?07:01
bskahanoddly, you fowarded it to me, and it was fine in evince07:02
bskahanI probably would notice little grey boxes07:02
tvondid print to pdf07:02
th1aIt isn't like Apple doesn't support PDF well.  Their whole damn display engine runs on PDF.07:02
tvonsending you an .xls and a .ps for kicks07:03
tvonyeah, worked here too... probably some encoding thing or something.. thats usually what boxed chars are about07:03
th1aLet me see if it works on Acrobat Reader.07:03
bskahanI like OOo's direct "Dump to PDF" button07:04
tvonk, its off07:04
th1aOK, it works in Acrobat, so we'll blame Apple's Preview, which otherwise is a kickass pdf viewer.07:06
tvonheh, cool07:07
bskahanth1a: can you hit this url?07:22
th1aGot it.07:32
th1aI was pacing around going over my ETech talk in my head.07:32
th1aIt works.07:35
bskahancool, thanks07:37
bskahanthat makes it much easier to validate pages07:39
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tvonI'm a bit confused about the right way to do something here17:54
tvonNotes now store 'creator' and 'privacy' to determine who can view a note.. so I need to restrict __iter__ to only return items where creator == or privacy == 'public'17:55
tvonhowever, I'm not sure how to do this right in z317:55
tvonI'm not even sure if I should ditch or touch __iter__ or if I should put this functionality in NoteView17:56
tvonI thought of altering the adapter, but then INotes(context) would have to return a modified version of the annotation, so that seems to be out17:58
tvonsticking it in NotesView18:10
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mgedmintvon, either stick it in the NotesView (like you did), or create a new method in INotes18:56
* tvon nods18:58
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tvon|x31someone try out the new notes UI stuff with Safari please20:36
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tvon|x31have a bit of a rendering issue when there are enough notes to hit the bototm of the page20:43
tvon|x31er, bottom20:43
tvon|x31they go under the footer20:43
bskahanthere are other similar issues with the footer20:46
bskahanI can't recall how I made them show up atm though20:46
tvon|x31I'm talking about the footer20:47
tvon|x31or did you mean something else20:47
tvon|x31btw, you stole my lighter20:47
tvon|x31I think the notes issue is because they're floated so they don't push the footer down20:48
th1aThe footer generally overlaps stuff in Safari.20:49
tvon|x31we are doing some voodoo with it ti keep it at the bottom of the page... might have to drop that20:49
tvon|x31some margin below #notes would do it20:51
th1aIt seems like there is too much voodoo going on in the footer.20:52
tvon|x31actually, if we put a decent margin-bottom on column-center it should fix it20:52
mgedminI think there is a <div style="clear: both"></div> just before the footer20:53
mgedminand if there isn't, there should be20:53
tvon|x31nm about the column-center thing20:54
bskahantvon|x31: I was talking about the footer, and I did not steal your lighter ;)20:54
tvon|x31mgedmin: it's there20:54
bskahanI made the same footer overlap thing happen on person view or something similar20:55
bskahanth1a: have a python prompt on windows handy?21:04
bskahancan you try a python snippet for me?21:06
bskahan>>> from datetime import datetime21:06
bskahan>>> dt =
bskahan>>> dt.strftime('%I:%M %p')21:06
bskahanOut[6]: '02:06 PM'21:06
bskahan(the 'Out[6]:' won't be there, but the '02:06 PM' should be)21:07
th1aThat's what I get.21:07
th1aExcept it is 2:07 now :-)21:08
mgedmin21:08 here ;)21:08
bskahanstupid windows bugs21:10
bskahanmgedmin: used ipython at all?21:12
mgedmintried it21:13
mgedminwasn't hooked21:13
* bskahan nods21:14
bskahanI've become a big fan21:14
th1aDo you use it as your regular shell?21:15
bskahanI use it in place of the python shell mostly21:15
bskahani use zsh as my regular shell21:15
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bskahan1.0rc2 has some serious rendering bugs in IE21:18
* mgedmin suggests an issue in the tracker21:23
mgedminI see ignas already filed two: issues 201 and 20221:23
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th1amgedmin:  Does SB 1.0 not have full i18n support?23:39
bskahanit hasn't been audited for i18n23:47
bskahanthere was a mail that mentioned it in the last few days, can't track it down now23:48
th1aIt doesn't specifically _not_ support i18n in some way?23:48
mgedminwe have no documentation for i18n23:49
mgedminno tools to extract .pot files from the source tree23:49
th1aAnd are those the files we need for Rosetta?23:50
mgedminand we probably have a bunch of strings that aren't marked for translation23:50
mgedminyes, I think Rosetta needs .pot files23:50
th1aOK, that's important for me to know.23:50
mgedminok, see ya23:59
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