IRC log of #schooltool for Sunday, 2005-03-06

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matziehello, anyone online? Question about schooltool vs bell and application to non-educational situation...18:30
ignasanyone is online18:30
matzieok anyone, I'll tell you my qn...18:30
matziei have the RC2 release of SB running18:30
matzieand i can view calendars etc18:31
matziei can add events to the calendar i'm logged on as18:31
matziebut is there a way of saying 'this event should be added to everyones cal' or everyone in a group etc.18:31
matzieor is that an s*T* funciton?18:31
ignasyou can put some peeps into a group18:31
ignasand then - add the event to a groups calendar18:32
ignasand overlay the calendars18:32
matzieso a group has a calendar, and a person is in a group...18:32
ignasso you will see all the events of your personal and of the group18:32
ignaswe do not support multi participated events yet18:32
ignasso it's kind of a workaround18:32
matziei c18:33
matzieWhat I'm really trying to do...18:33
matzieis schedule the activities of a group of software QA engineers, and some resources18:33
matzie(our beta and gamma testing platforms)18:33
ignasi see18:33
matzieand let people (developers) know when the gamma etc are available18:33
ignaswell i guess creating events in the calendars of the groups would be the right idea it seems18:34
matzieearly days yet but looks promising so far18:34
matzieand I work in one of those places where a little eyecandy goes a long way...18:34
matzieso the fact that the calendar view is just gorgeous really helps18:35
matzieok well i'm going to experiment some more... bfn18:35
ignaswell in two weeks, or one week we should have resource booking as well, so that might ease your task a bit18:35
matziereally? is that stuff thats in school Tool proper? I don't really understand the distinction...18:35
ignashope it will make it's way into sb 1.018:35
ignaswell i am not 100% sure about these things, so i don't want to mislead you ...18:36
matzieno worries... I was expecting to have to basically fork the project for my needs anyway... sounds like that won't be necessary18:36
bskahanhopefully the distinction (in calendaring) is mostly just that ST will use language and workflows that make sense in a school setting18:37
matzieone thing i will have to do is write an exporter from our customer intranet 'room booking' system.18:37
matziei see.18:37
matzieI used to be a teacher actually so i tend to put my tasks into an edu framework anyway!18:37
matzie(i mean in my head i treat this scheduling task like scheduling Exam Week)18:38
matzieok well see you later.18:38
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ignascool :)18:38
ignaswe have a user :)18:38
* bskahan wonders if that means all managers set deadlines for the same week18:38
bskahanone down, 99k to go18:39
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