IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2005-03-04

mgedminjinty_reading_irc_logs: I've created a keyword "SB1.0 backport candidate" in the issue tracker so you can do queries for it00:02
mgedmingood night all00:02
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mgedmininteresting stuff on automated functional testing with a browser:
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mgedminI wish viewcvs folks made a release17:31
th1aI wish viewcvs didn't suck.17:31
mgedminI wish there was a web frontend for subversion that didn't suck17:34
mgedminviewcvs is not too bad, although it could be better17:35
*** ignas|home is now known as ignas17:51 now runs SB 1.0rc218:16
th1aNo snags in the upgrade?18:16
mgedminactually, a very very minor one18:17
mgedminI copied and pasted the url for the rc1 tarball18:17
mgedminreplaced rc2 with rc2 in both places18:17
mgedminand got a 404 error18:17
mgedminthen I went to the web and noticed that rc2 tarball does not have a /files/ in the URL18:17
mgedminbut this one doesn't really count18:18
mgedminuh oh18:19
mgedminI see a bunch of events titled "empty calendar"18:20
mgedminand calendar event colours do not work in the weekly view18:20
th1aDid they previously?18:21
mgedminnot in 0.9, I think18:22
mgedminslight problem with Zope3 bundled with sb1.0rc2 --
mgedminif a user's title contains non-ascii characters, any tracebacks found by that user will not appear in the error log file18:29
mgedminI did not notice "empty calendar" events because they are zero-length and occur at midnight18:41
mgedminone bug hid another18:42
th1aI thought it was something like that, but I couldn't articulate it.18:42
mgedminwaah, cal_weekly has one semicolon missing18:44
mgedminthat's why colours are hidden18:45
th1aThat's what makes it a release candidate.18:45
mgedminahh, it feels so much better to develop in a clean tree18:49
mgedminwhere 'make test ftest' works, where ctags and tab completion are not cluttered with things in src/schooltool18:50
th1aI would imagine.18:50
th1aI'm just glad we rebuilt from scratch instead of trying to convert to Zope 3 "in place."18:50
th1aThat would have been a disaster.18:50
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mgedminI believe we did something in the middle18:52
mgedminI'm glad that we had two working versions all the time, instead of one half-broken18:52
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* mgedmin moved SB 0.9->1.0 migration scripts into /trunk/schoolbell19:01
mgedminif someone has time, I'd appreciate some testing on
* mgedmin triages bugs in the issue tracker19:24
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* mgedmin resolves a bunch of old issues19:46
mgedminwaah, roundup doesn't let me make a query for all issues that don't have the "SchoolBell" keyword19:49
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mgedminuh oh, everyone received a bunch of emails from my issue tracker activity, but I didn't20:25
mgedminI suspect I have problems with my mail20:25
mgedmin*phew*, roundup just doesn't include me in the To: list if I add a comment to a message20:31
* mgedmin just sent an important email to schooltool-dev@20:51
th1aGot it.  I'm going over bugs now.20:52
th1amgedmin:  Is there any way to tell from the ZMI which version of SchoolBell is being used?21:27
mgedminactually, there isn't any way to tell that from either21:28
mgedminfile an issue?21:28
th1aOkay.  Should rc2 be making the size of events more finely grained to match their duration (to the pixel instead of 15 minute increments)?21:29
mgedminI'd love that21:30
mgedminask jinty21:30
mgedmintechnically it is not a "critical bugfix"21:30
th1aOh, you committed it but he might not have backported it?21:30
mgedminI committed it21:31
mgedminI didn't notice jinty backporting it21:31
mgedminrelated nice to have feature:
th1aWe can live with or without either in 1.0.21:35
mgedminoops, I accidentally sent a bunch of emails to schooltool lists with my home address21:43
* mgedmin puts on his approving moderator hat21:43
* mgedmin wonders if anyone tried running sb 1.0rc2 tests on win3222:08
th1aI spent yesterday evening screwing around on win32.22:08
th1aIt is a slow process on Virtual PC on my Mac.22:09
th1aI ended up installing Zope 3 from SVN and setting up SchoolBell as a product.22:10
th1aIt seemed to work ok.22:11
th1aI'm planning on swapping 1.0rc2 and zipping the whole damn thing up.22:11
th1aThe fact of the matter is, I don't see how you could use SchoolBell on Win32 in production since Zope3 doesn't run as a service yet.22:12
th1aIs there some other way to make it start on boot?22:13
* mgedmin doesn't know22:16
ignasth1a, well i don't know we can allways fake something with systray icons, hidden windows and startup22:21
th1aWell, it is more of a Zope 3 problem than our problem.22:22
mgedminiirc cygwin has some utility that lets you use any windows executable as a service22:22
th1aZope 2 runs as a service, I think.22:22
th1aThere are Python libraries to do it.22:23
th1aIt isn't terribly hard.22:23
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mgedminif you add a comment to a resolved issue, roundup reopens it (changes the status to 'chatting')23:51
mgedminit is very annoying because you don't know if this reopening was intentional or not23:51
tvonshould we be working on trunk/schoolbell now?23:52
tvonI didn't think so but the script hsa been removed... so I thought I'd ask23:53
* mgedmin checks23:55
mgedminyes, schoolbell is now in trunk/schoolbell23:55
mgedminand has been removed from trunk/schooltool23:55
mgedminmaybe you noticed a stale .pyc file?23:56
tvoneh?  I just want to make sure I commit to the right place :)23:57 and README.schoolbell were not moved23:59
mgedminI just moved images/schoolbell.svg23:59

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