IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2005-02-12

mgedmintry running in the top-level directory00:35
mgedminwho knows, it might even work00:35
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mgedminmemo to self: if you have a functional test that tries to create 'frogpond' on a real live server, make sure the real live server does not already have 'frogpond'19:52
mgedminoh, fun19:53
mgedminif I get content-length wrong when POSTing a form of type application/x-www-urlencoded19:54
mgedminthen I will create a resource called '\n' (aka %0A in url-speak)19:54
mgedminall tests in app.txt passed on z3schoolbell.py19:55
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mgedminvery strange21:59
mgedmincal.txt ftest is not deterministic21:59
mgedminoccassionally I get TraversalError: (< object at 0xb4c15eec>, 'original')21:59
mgedminbut not always21:59
mgedminit *is* intentionally nondeterministic22:02
* mgedmin slaps gintas with a wet fish22:02
mgedminok, I see -- the add form doesn't work yet, so the functional tests uses our temporary debugging hook to create a bunch of calendar events22:04
mgedminif an event happens to fall on today, ftest fails because I broke the daily view with one of my recurring event refactorings22:05
mgedminand I did not know I broke something because all tests passed22:05

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