IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2005-02-08

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VobliaI did a teeny weeny bit of crashtesting on schoolbell and found one bug:
Vobliain visualisation that is18:24
* tvon nods18:30
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tvonfixed in SVN20:25
* tvon wonders if it is too late to get it into 0.920:26
th1aIt is.20:26
* tvon nods20:26
th1aWe need to hammer a lot more on 1.0.20:27
bskahanI wish there was a good way to figure out how many people are testing20:28
th1aI don't think it is really happening at all at this point.20:28
th1aIt is a difficult product to casually test.20:29
th1aAnd I haven't pushed it very hard up to this point.20:29
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th1aThere is a reason there aren't small open source calendar server projects.20:31
th1aIt's unwieldy, in a kind of odd way.20:31
th1aBut it is also one reason why I think we should call SchoolBell a 1.0 product more quickly than we might.20:33
th1aTo push people to try it out.20:33
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tvon__eq__ is the only one that includes location, recurrence and duration.  is there a reason they are omitted from the other comparison operators?21:07
bskahan__eq__ can be used to remove dups, while gt, lt, etc is used for ordering21:13
bskahanso it only matters for eq21:13
tvonwhy does title matter for ordering but not description?21:14
tvonnm, I got it21:14
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