IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2005-01-24

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gintasth1a, ping14:50
gintaswould it be possible to change the time of the meeting?14:51
gintasPerhaps start it a few hours later or maybe postpone it for Tuesday14:51
gintasMarius and Albert may not be back from university by 16:00 UTC, and I'll have to leave for university at 16:15 UTC14:52
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th1agintas:  that shouldn't be a problem.17:03
gintasthen do we hold the meeting later today or tomorrow?17:04
th1aWhen could we do it later today?17:04
gintasI'm not sure17:04
gintasI suppose that 17:00 UTC could be more convenient for Marius and Albertas17:05
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gintasbut they have already gone17:05
th1aWhat's everyone's schedule tomorrow?17:06
gintasI would suggest to plan starting at 17:00, and if Marius and Albert don't show up, then postpone it another hour or so, if it's not too much trouble for you17:06
th1aOK.  We'll try that.17:07
gintasI'm free tomorrow, but I thought I heard Albert say something about some university business tomorrow17:07
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th1ajinty:  what's your schedule like?  The Lithuanians would like to push the meeting back an hour.17:27
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jintynot a problem.17:30
gintasyep, orders from the president17:33
gintasall Lithuanians are to push meetings back for an hour today ;)17:34
jintyI think there was a south american country that started to have national punctionality days17:35
jintys/punctionality/punctuality/ :)17:37
tvonSo whats going on? Is the meeting delayed?17:45
jintyyep, apparently so17:46
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th1aThe meeting is delayed an hour.17:59
th1aEveryone's hung over from drowning their sorrows after the Steelers' loss.18:02
th1aOr perhaps that's just me.18:03
Aistewho/what is Steelers?18:22
th1aMy favorite (American) football team:  http://steelers.com18:23
Aisteoh :)18:28
AisteI probable haven't even seen an american football game18:28
th1aI wouldn't think so.18:28
tvonbskahan: you on jabber?18:32
tvonbskahan: deb unstable/18:32
tvonsources.list line for f-spot 0.6 debs18:32
th1atvon and bskahan:  Did you do the upgrade hooks for the database?18:34
th1aOK  let's get started and hopefully mgedmin and alga will get back soon.19:01
gintasI just returned19:01
gintasMarius and alga should show up soon19:01
th1atvon & bskahan:  ayt?19:01
gintason the other hand, I'm not sure we can do much without them ;)19:02
th1aWe'll see.  If tvon and bskahan have wandered off, we really can't do much.19:03
* jinty comes back from a 5 min enforced typing break19:06
jintyLive cd's?19:06
th1aWhat are the issues?19:07
jintyAh yes, where can I put them?19:07
th1aAre you going to make one?19:08
th1aActually, now that I think about it for a second that might be really helpful.19:08
jintyI wrote the ubuntu howto, so I made one during that. 0.8 based though.19:09
th1aBecause I want an easier way for Windows users to test SchoolTool, but particularly at this inbetween state with Zope, it is kind of a pain.19:09
th1aIf we did a live cd, it would take a little trickery to actually save anything, though, right?19:09
th1aIt wouldn't be obvious to the non-technical non-Linux user.19:10
jintyThe ones I have come with a pre-imported sampleschool. The user can play around with. But, of course, no changes will be saved.19:10
th1aOK.  That makes sense.19:11
jintyAlso nifty little icons on the desktop to start up firefox pointed at the server19:11
gintasare you talking about Ubuntu live CDs?19:12
th1aYou can make temporary changes, just to see how it works, right?19:12
jintyyes, to both19:12
gintasI suppose that we could also put a live preconfigured SchoolTool instance on the CD19:13
jintybased on the hoary liveCD's19:13
gintasthat could be run without installation from Windows19:13
gintashaving to reboot your computer is a pain19:13
th1agintas:  that's not a bad idea.19:13
gintasI saw some discussions on zope3-dev about Zope3 on read-only filesystems19:14
gintasthey might be pertinent19:14
th1aOn the other hand, I could just create a big honking stand-alone installation, zip it up and put it on the website.19:15
* jinty knowing little about windows runs for cover19:15
th1aThe problem here is that nobody working on the project likes or uses Windows.19:15
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th1atvon:  ping19:18
th1abskahan:  ping19:18
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th1atvon:  can you hear me now?19:19
tvonYeah, hey19:19
th1aWhere's bskahan?19:19
tvonI'm hunting him down right now19:19
jintygintas: this live preconfigured instance - could you send me some links?19:19
gintasjinty, that was just an idea19:20
th1aOK.  Let's plow ahead, shall we?19:20
th1a0.9 issues...19:20
jintyok then..19:20
th1aWe don't have database upgrade hooks done, do we?19:20
jintyTh package currently deletes databases.19:21
jintyshould it?19:21
th1atvon & bskahan:  do you know what needs to be done?19:23
gintasjinty, I think I was recalling
gintasit's not much, but the message implies that it's possible to run Z3 from a CD19:23
bskahanth1a: I think so, I thought decision was to do import/export for now though19:24
th1aI haven't been very decisive and/or clear about this, apparently.19:25
tvonI also understood we were going to be doing import/export19:26
jintygintas: thnx, but looks like it will be a lot more work than my current 30 line makefile. Especially since i think I would have to install windows.....19:26
th1ajinty:  I'll worry about Windows.19:27
th1aOK, well, I guess I mostly talked to mgedmin about doing the db upgrade stuff.19:27
th1aBut you didn't have time to do it last week anyhow, so it is no big crisis.19:28
th1aBut perhaps we can get it done quickly.19:28
bskahanI have to reread something marius sent me about it19:28
bskahanbut I think it can be done quickly19:29
th1aIt's nothing complicated.19:29
th1aBut it should be in the release candidate.  mgedmin and I discussed it here: toward the end.19:30
th1aand the easiest way is to write a conversion script in ensureAppExists19:31
th1athat would recreate new objects with data extracted from old objects19:31
th1aI guess I can't really paste directly from the web page :)19:31
th1aOther loose ends, problems before we do a release candidate?19:32
jintyChanging the default server ports for schoolbell.19:32
jintyany reason why schoolbell and schooltool should listen by default on the same ports?19:33
th1aI don't think so.19:34
th1aWe might as well make them different by default.19:34
mgedminI have a question19:34
jintyGood, It is one of the things stopping them from being installed together.19:34
tvonhow would that translate into z3 though?19:34
tvonMeaning, at some point they will run however z3 runs, correct?19:34
th1aYeah, I guess that's stop being an issue soon.19:35
mgedminI think we will want to have standalone executables for schooltool and schoolbell, with separate config files19:35
mgedminif people want to add schooltool/schoolbell into an existing zope instance, they will have to change the ports in zope.conf19:35
mgedminin any way, it is a config file issue19:36
mgedminback to my question:19:36
mgedminwhen a manager logs into schoolbell, how does he find the administrative actions now that the start page is hidden?19:36
mgedmine.g. looking at lists of persons/groups/resources, adding new ones19:36
tvonthere is a 'manage site' link in the upper right area of the calendar view (which is now where everyon starts)19:36
bskahanits above the calendar navigation19:36
mgedminoh, I see19:37
mgedminI didn't notice it19:37
th1aIt could probably be in a better place.19:37
tvonIt should be placed better19:37
mgedminI expected it to be placed in the navigation box on the left19:37
th1aUnder the navigation links, I guess.19:37
tvonI'll move it19:37
th1aOK.  Let's talk timezones.19:38
th1aI don't want to spend more than two developer/weeks on timezones.19:39
th1aAt the most.19:39
mgedminstrawman proposal 1: we store time in UTC, let the users choose their timezone, convert all times into that timezone on display19:40
th1aI'd rather spend one developer/week.19:40
mgedminthis proposal breaks with the "breakfast in london, dinner in new york" use case19:40
bskahanI prefer that model over any others I've heard19:40
gintasI think that's quite OK19:40
mgedminstrawman proposal 2: we store time + timezone in the database, and always show that time + timezone to the user19:41
mgedminthis is clearly not acceptable for "distributed developer team schedules IRC meetins19:41
mgedminmeetings" use case19:41
th1aI'm not sure what you mean by time + timezone.19:42
gintase.g., the user says that "Lunch" will happen at 2PM EEST19:42
bskahanstoring in UTC with the time zone as an optional value in the form for events is a nice solution19:42
mgedminI mean that for every timestamp stored in the database we would store (yyyy, mm, dd, hh, mm, ss, timezone) rather than assuming a fixed timezone19:42
gintasand whoever looks at that event sees 2PM, right?19:43
mgedminproposal 1a: the user can choose a number of timezones for a short drop-down list in his options screen, and then can easily switch between them from a drop-down box in calendar views19:43
mgedminone timezone is the default19:43
gintasthe last one was wrong, don't listen to me19:43
mgedminif only one timezone is selected, we do not show drop-downs19:43
mgedminactually, we might start with 1 and allow interested open source developers contribute patches for 1a19:44
bskahanmgedmin: in that proposal how are we actually storing the date/time?19:44
mgedminbskahan, UTC19:44
Vobliaand add a hover on that would show times in up to 4 locations he has selected19:44
mgedmina wiki page for "short fun projects that you could work to get into schoolbell development"!19:45
gintassounds very nifty, but I'm not sure it's worth it19:45
mgedmin"ask friendly developers for advice on IRC"19:45
bskahanI think proposal one covers most use cases19:46
th1aWe should take the approach which will allow the easiest extension to handle some of the more complex cases (which we aren't going to worry about).19:46
tvonI agree19:46
mgedminif we store UTC timestamps as datetime objects with tzinfo != None, we're both backwards and forwards compatible19:47
th1aThat strikes me as the most reasonable way to do it.19:48
th1aBut I don't really know :-)19:48
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hazmatis there an initial user in schooltool?19:49
bskahanhazmat: manager19:49
bskahanpasswd: schooltool19:49
th1aSo how long should it take for the "storing time as UTC" scenario?19:50
mgedminit's mostly user interface work, I think19:50
th1aOK.  Nothing too hairy.19:51
mgedminone or two days work in the back-end to support timezone conversions and expression in iCalendar19:51
mgedminan options page for a user19:51
mgedminstorage for user's timezone (e.g., zope 3 annotations)19:52
bskahanits mostly putting translation methods into all the forms and views19:52
mgedminI hope it can be centralized somewhere19:52
th1aAre we comfortable having Etria doing that?19:52
bskahanI'm pretty comfortable, but I'm not sure I know of a centralized way to do it19:53
mgedminin general, all calendar views perform calendar composition19:54
mgedminI think we could bundle timezone conversion into that step19:54
mgedminI'd have to look at the specifics more19:54
th1aCould you take a look at it in the next couple days.19:55
hazmatumm.. silly enduser type question.. how do you add a calendar event?19:55
Vobliaclick on the icon  that is on the calendar itself19:55
th1aSince POV has done all the serious calendaring work, it makes more sense to have you handle it if you can do it without interrupting the overall Z3 work.19:55
Vobliasmall one, on each hour19:55
tvonin the day view19:56
bskahanhazmat: using a release tarball or subversion?19:56
th1aWith the little people.19:56
hazmatand btw. the default username should be in the readme..19:56
gintasnow I am thinking that we should add a clearly visible button 'Add an event'19:56
hazmatbskahan, svn ui branch19:56
mgedminhazmat, it is, isn't it?19:56
mgedmin+1 for "Add event" button/link19:56
hazmatmgedmin, doh it is19:56
bskahanadd event button where?19:56
bskahanin the sidebar?19:57
gintassomewhere in a very visible place19:57
mgedminmaybe next to "Edit permissions"?19:57
mgedminat the bottom?19:57
bskahanhm, ok19:57
th1aI'm not so much in favor of a separate "add event" button.19:57
* jinty is busy changing the default schoolbell ports, REST: 7101, web:7180...19:57
tvonand remove the 'add event' links per-hour ?19:57
tvonor in addition to (eg, for other views)?19:57
bskahanme either19:57
mgedminin addition19:58
th1aI'd rather make the links in the calendar clearer.19:58
Vobliaor even make the zones in the calendar clickable19:58
bskahanwhen we remove the booking link there it will make the zones clickable19:58
tvonI'd rather have a single add-event button and remove the hourly buttons19:58
bskahanand I believe that's more clear19:58
th1aAlthough I guess to add a separate link wouldn't really require making a new form.19:58
bskahanadding a new link adds to the clutter of the UI and takes you to somewhere you can allready get19:59
th1aMost desktop calendaring apps allow you to add an event by clicking (and dragging) on the calendar itself.19:59
tvonwhen we remove the icons and make the hour label clickable it will be a little better I think, though perhaps confusing since nowhere else does clicking a date allow you to create an event19:59
bskahanI think we can make the existing link more clear19:59
mgedminpalm has both20:00
mgedminthere's a button at the bottom, and you can also just click on a row and start typing20:00
mgedminI am quite happy with palm's calendaring app20:00
th1aThe real UI problem is having two separate actions -- events and resource booking.  Once we merge them it'll be much better.20:00
th1aAnd I suppose having a separate "Add event" link is a good idea.20:01
Vobliawhy not add one more item to the navigation menu ?20:01
mgedminit's not navigation20:01
* bskahan nods20:01
mgedminbut maybe a separate "actions" box makes sense20:01
tvonHaving the hour clickable gives us an automagic dtstart for the event (so the user does not have to select it).  Though personally I don't think that is all that valuable20:02
Voblianavigation menu with 2 items looks kind of funny20:02
tvonThere is some kind ofplan for an 'actions' menu that is not in place yet20:02
bskahanVoblia: it will grow20:02
mgedminperhaps the "jump to" drop downs could be moved into the navigation box20:02
Vobliai see20:02
mgedminanyway, we're going off tangents20:02
mgedminI do not think redoing the whole UI before the release is a good idea20:03
gintasI'd like to leave in a few minutes20:03
mgedminsome more confusing things could be fixed, though20:03
Vobliaif we are talking about the ui fixes, then i guess manage site should be an item in the navigation menu too20:03
* jinty goes to remove that code that deletes the databases on upgrades.20:03
Vobliaymmv though20:03
th1aWe're not going to change the UI for 0.9.  Don't worry.20:03
hazmatanother end user question.. can i publish an ics file to schooltool? i thought some work was done on that...20:03
mgedmine.g. making the "manage site" link more visible, making the calendar names in the overlay portlet not clickable20:03
th1aWe'll make UI refinements before 1.0.20:03
mgedminhazmat, yes20:03
jintyI think we are never going to make 0.9 perfect. Lets get the critical things done and move on.20:04
mgedminhazmat, however the import does not preserve all information in ics files, only the bits that schoolbell knows about20:04
th1aOK.  Here's what does need to be done for 0.9.20:04
th1aEtria:  ASAP add upgrade hooks for the DB.20:05
th1aOther action item:20:05
* gintas runs off. (I'll have a look at the log later)20:05
th1amgedmin is going to decide if they can mix adding timezone support into their Zope 3 contract.20:05
hazmatmgedmin, the resource url to publish the calendar to? is /persons/userid/calendar ?20:06
mgedminhazmat, /persons/userid/calendar.ics20:06
mgedminsame url you use for downloading20:06
hazmathmm.. i get an error with that using ical20:07
* hazmat explores some more20:07
mgedminhazmat, you use ical? then specify URL /persons/userid and specify the calendar name on the server as "calendar"20:08
th1ahazmat:  there are some gotcha's with iCal.20:08
bskahanhazmat: should probably use trunk at this point, the schoolbell-ui branch is merged back now20:08
mgedminthen iCal will do an HTTP PUT to /persons/userid/calendar.ics20:08
th1aI need to write up the iCal HOWTO.20:08
* mgedmin reconsiders the idea of allowing HTTP PUT to /persons/userid/calendar.ics/whatevericalputshere20:09
th1aSo we'll release 0.9rc2 when the db upgrade is done.20:09
bskahanI think that can be tonight20:09
bskahanprobably late for jinty20:09
jintyyes, bskahan, tvon, send me a mail, as usual20:09
th1aThat's fine.20:10
jintyI'll release tomorrow20:10
th1aTuesday is going to be our default release day.20:10
hazmatmgedmin, ah cool, thanks.. i don't really use cal apps, but i'm trying to setup a cal server for a friend on a mac20:10
mgedminI'd like to review the db upgrade code before the relase20:10
tvonmakes sense20:10
jintyI want to raise a point for 1.020:10
hazmatbskahan, cool, thanks i didn't know that.20:10
* bskahan nods20:10
jintymoving the zope 3 external to a tag of the zope repository20:11
jintycould we try?20:11
th1ahazmat:  If your friend just wants a basic server to use with Apple iCal, SchoolBell might not be the best choice.20:11
mgedminhazmat, a friendly warning: schoolbell might be a bit rough in certain places; we haven't completely polished the user experience20:12
tvonis there a 3.1 branch?20:12
* jinty looks20:12
bskahantvon: it sounded like 3.1 was a few months off20:12
hazmatmgedmin, understood, twas why i wanted to try the ui branch20:13
tvonbskahan: yeah, but I think its all we can really target20:13
jintyno, no 3.1 tag20:13
mgedminafaiu, trunk is 3.1-in-development20:13
mgedminwhen 3.1 is released, the tag will appear20:14
mgedminI wonder what we'd lose if we decided to go back to 3.020:14
tvonwould there be any point in using 3.0?20:14
* jinty wonders for how much longer he has to carry zope in the packages20:14
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jintysecurity bugfixes?20:14
mgedmindoes Zope corp. provide security bugfixes for 3.0?20:15
jintyI can't find anything, but there is a better chance of that than a random trunk revision20:16
* tvon is asking in #zope3-dev20:17
hazmati doubt it20:18
* hazmat thinks you can count z3 production apps on one hand20:19
bskahanI'm going to have to run20:19
hazmater. companies deploying that is20:19
th1atvon & bskahan:  are you going to need to discuss the db migration with mgedmin?20:19
tvonyeah, I wasn't expecting any releases before 3.120:19
tvonth1a: Probably.  bskahan looked into migration a bit20:20
tvonbskahan: still there?20:20
jintyok, but until we are compatible with a released zope 3, we will not be going anywhere near ubuntu supported or debain stable.20:21
jintyso, it would be nice...20:21
th1aThis is the cost of living on the bleeding edge.20:21
th1aOn the other hand, we'll all look like geniuses in a year.20:22
th1aWell, that's everything, so feel free to leave if you need to.20:23
th1aI need to go dig out our car.20:25
* bskahan is still looking for Marius' email20:25
bskahanI need beagle20:25
bskahanth1a: how much snow did you get?20:26
th1aI had three foot drifts over the sidewalk in front of the house.20:26
*** bskahan has quit IRC20:30
mgedminare we finished with the meeting?20:32
tvonI do believe so20:32
jintyyep, a while back...20:33
jintyanyone tell me how I can put myself on the automatic forward list for roundup?20:39
mgedminyou can't, I'm afaid20:40
mgedminI can add you, though20:40
mgedminif I remember how20:40
jintyIf you would be so kind:)20:40
mgedminroundup is inconvenient sometimes20:40
*** bskahan has joined #schooltool20:54
* jinty is writing the release notes.20:54
jintybskahan: what database objects will be upgraded?20:55
jintyand what will happen to the rest?20:55
bskahanjinty: I'm trying to find that out now ;)20:55
bskahanI'll tell you as soon as I know20:56
jintythanks, will leave a space for it...20:56
bskahanthe plan as I understood it was too keep all the first class objects, people, groups, resources, etc20:57
bskahanI'm not sure how easy/hard it is to keep some things but not others20:57
jintyI think it was to stop people from having to re-enter all data again.21:00
jintymaybe they can survive some.21:00
tvonmgedmin: Do you recall sending bskahan or I an email about migration at some point?21:04
* mgedmin tries to remember21:06
* mgedmin looks at mail archives21:06
tvonwas unable to dig it up in my or bskahan's mail21:06
bskahanwe actually have a pretty good hook to test for ugrade states, the existence of community vs. root groups21:07
* mgedmin realizes he is trawling through the wrong mailbox21:10
mgedminthere are no recent emails that mention upgrading/migration in my sent-mail mailbox21:12
mgedminI recall talking about that on irc, though21:12
*** gintas has joined #schooltool21:12
bskahan    # Database schema change from 0.6 to 0.721:12
bskahan        if not hasattr(app, 'ticketService'):21:12
bskahanshould we keep that?21:13
bskahanfrom schooltool.main21:13
mgedminwe did not support upgrades from 0.7 to 0.821:13
mgedminso there's no point in keeping that21:14
mgedminalthough aborting with "database too old, can't upgrade" might be a good idea21:14
bskahanthat should really be 0.7 though, not 6 right?21:14
jintymgedmin: whoops!!!!21:17
jintyAfter what you just said, I think I might have to revert a patch21:18
*** Voblia has quit IRC21:32
tvonshould this bother me: schooltool.browser.tests.test_acl.TestACLView.test_update_add wrote to sys.stderr ?21:46
tvon./ schooltool21:46
mgedminside effect of that deprecation warning21:46
tvonah, okay21:46
mgedminit would be nice to hide the deprecation warning21:46
bskahanfirst step to making migration play nice, create a new group 'community', move everything from 'root' to 'community', delete root21:49
bskahansince __name__ can't be changed21:49
mgedminhow do you move everything?21:51
bskahanpondering that now21:51
bskahanwas hoping to just rename it21:51
mgedminreusing the same objects is risky, as they may have references to the group you tried to delete21:51
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*** tvon has joined #schooltool21:51
mgedminby the way, why can't __name__ be changed?21:52
mgedminoh, I remember, it is used for hashing21:52
bskahanthere's a comment in AppObjMixin21:52
mgedminstrawman proposal: create a new empty application object21:54
mgedminiterate over all persons/groups/resources in the old app object21:54
mgedmincreate new application objects with the same name and title21:54
mgedmin(skip all the root group, of course)21:54
mgedmincopy person info facets manually21:55
mgedmincopy calendars21:55
mgedminrecreate relationships21:55
mgedminignore timetables etc.21:55
mgedminthis way we are guaranteed to have valid data structures inside, and no references to stale objects21:56
mgedminwe lose some data and have to do a lot of manual copying21:56
bskahanth1a: back from shovelling?21:57
th1aJust this minute.21:57
th1aReading over the conversation up to this point.21:57
th1amgedmin's proposal sounds right.21:59
th1aI have absolutely no reason to think anyone is using SchoolTool for anything other than simple calendars.21:59
th1aCould we easily retain the acl info for calendars?22:00
tvonThe chances of us having this done by tomorrow are slim to none22:01
bskahanwe've got persons, groups, resources as IApplication objects22:01
th1aOK.  Wednesday?22:02
bskahanunless something tricky comes up I don't think its difficult, just time consuming, so wednesday is probably fine22:02
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*** hazmat has joined #schooltool22:03
th1aKeep it simple.22:03
bskahanwe also have addresses, dynamic facets22:04
th1aI just don't want to completely hose people.22:04
th1aScrew those.22:04
th1aThere's no reason to think anyone is using them yet.22:04
bskahanI'd like to get a definitive list of what we want to keep22:04
bskahanpersons, groups, resources, calendars, URIMembership and URITeaching relationships22:05
th1aIs the basic data about a person (name, birthday, etc) in a facet?22:05
mgedmincalendar subscription relationships22:06
th1aACL's and subscriptions are a toss-up.22:06
th1aI just don't want people to have to recreate their whole organization.22:07
th1aDepends on how much of a bother it is.22:08
bskahanall IApplicationObjects, all calendars, Membership Teaching Subscription relationships, PersonInfoFacets22:12
bskahancan probably skip the Teaching relationship actually22:13
th1aI agree.22:13
bskahanbut does that sound right?22:14
bskahanlosses: addresses, dynamic facets, notes, acl, ???22:15
th1aacl would be nice...22:15
th1amore important than subscription relationships.22:16
jintyThere is a problem with the debian database versioning..... (I broke it badly)22:16
jintyseems that I forgot to remove some old code before releasing 0.822:17
*** tvon has quit IRC22:20
*** mgedmin has quit IRC22:21
* bskahan wonders what that means22:21
jintyI left a section in debian/rules to set the database version for schoolbell.22:22
jintyActually, I'm not quite sure what will happen when a user upgrades from 0.8 to 0.9.22:25
bskahanwhat might happen?22:26
* bskahan knows nothing about debian packaging22:26
jintyThey might be asked if they want to delete their database.22:26
jintyThe easy alternative is to remove the code altogether. But then 0.7 > 0.9 upgrades will break.22:27
* jinty is tired and needs to think this through properly.22:28
bskahan0.7 -> 0.9 upgrades (should work I think) but aren't explicitly supported22:28
jintydatabase wise?22:28
bskahanyou mean just 0.7 -> 0.9 upgrades in general will break?22:29
jintyNo, I mean that if someone has a 0.7 installed and goes to 0.9 they should be asked to remove their database. They will not be22:30
jintyunless your code can handle that?22:30
bskahanI was looking to add code to ask them to do it manually22:31
jintyash how?22:31
bskahanright now 0.6 -> 0.7 asks22:31
bskahanwhen you run the server it says "Incompatible DB"22:31
bskahanand it should really do that for 0.7 upwards22:32
bskahansince 0.8 -> 0.9 is the first we're explicitly supporting22:32
jintyso, when the server is started, it just quits and says "incomatible database"?22:32
bskahanif the database was created with 0.622:33
bskahanand you try to run anything more recent22:33
jintyI think you are my saviour!!!22:34
bskahanheh, don't get too excited.  I know what changed from 0.8 to 0.9 to hook on, I have to ask someone from POV for something from 0.7 to 0.822:35
bskahanI know22:36
bskahanyeah we can do that, I think marius agreed that we should before he left22:36
jintyperhaps you can just get the server to say that message when going from 0.7 to 0.9?22:36
bskahanit would be 0.7 -> 0.822:37
bskahanit needs to for people who aren't using debs anyway22:37
bskahanI have to move back to the office because I'm out of battery.  Send me a mail if I need to know more22:38
jintyok, I'll sleep on it22:38
bskahanok, gnight ;)22:39
*** bskahan has quit IRC22:39
*** jinty has quit IRC22:40
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