IRC log of #schooltool for Sunday, 2005-01-16

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hazmatmgedmin, incidentally i'm running a supybot here as well16:45
hazmatmgedmin, i put together a zope2 product for log searching and browsing as well16:45
hazmatsource in public repo16:46
hazmatits dtml though ;-(16:46
mgedminwhat are those U+0002 characters?16:48
mgedminthey look like the result of re.sub('(something)', '\2') instead of re.sub(..., r'\2')16:49
hazmati need to fix those..16:49
hazmatits something from their bot16:49
hazmatthat showed up after i deployed it16:50
hazmatthat i haven't gone back to fix yet16:50
hazmatcolor markers i believe16:50
hazmatactually its bolding16:50
mgedminiirc you can ask supybot to strip those16:51
hazmatactually the initial version was built to slurp up some custom logging format of a homegrown bot they have16:51
hazmati started work on a plugin for supybot logs, but i don't think i finished it, master plan was to do one of those for each of the projects that i'm interested in that rabidbt is listening in on16:52
hazmathuh.. i guess i stopped logging ubuntu16:53
hazmatthe search is the cool function, it does grouping/chat windows with automatic merging of adajenct windows16:53
hazmatcomes out to a fun test of the catalog.. each line is a separate record.16:54
hazmatand each line is rendered individually on a page.. hence the dtml for speed.. and the catalog actually does really well at 120k+ records.16:55
hazmatalso there is an svn browser in there as well if you want something with a better api and better querying features then viewcvs16:56
mgedminare logs stored in zodb?16:56
mgedminhow do you feed them in?16:56
* hazmat checks16:57
mgedminperiodically from supybot's text log files, or do you have a plugin that does that directly?16:57
hazmatsome sort of web push16:57
hazmatin a cron job16:57
hazmatits a cron poke which tells the log object to sync on a log directory16:58
hazmatit will re sync based on datetime encoding in the log file names16:58
hazmatviewcvs link
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